5 Best Wine Cellar Android App

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Download the Best Wine Cellar Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article will explore the features and benefits of a wine cellar management application that is available for Android devices. This app is designed to assist wine enthusiasts in organizing and tracking their wine collections. The app offers a range of features, including inventory management, wine tasting notes, and cellar organization tools. Additionally, users can access a database of wine information, which includes ratings and reviews from other app users. Overall, this app provides a comprehensive solution for wine collectors who wish to easily manage and track their collection.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Wine Cellar Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Wine Cellar Android App

1. Delectable Wine – Scan & Rate

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Delectable is a free app that allows users to take a photo of a wine label and receive ratings and descriptions from leading winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics. The app also offers the ability to keep track of personal favorites and buy wine directly from the user’s phone. Delectable can also be used for beer and spirits.

Users can follow top sommeliers, winemakers, and wine pros while exploring curated lists to discover new wines. The app offers the ability to buy wine directly from the user’s phone with delivery to their doorstep.

Delectable offers a personal wine journal where users can add their own ratings and tasting notes to keep track of their favorites, as well as tag people and locations to remember great times and tastes. Users can also share recommendations with friends.

The app has received acclaim from multiple sources, including being referred to as The Essential Wine App by James Beard award winner Jordan Mackay, The Only Wine App Worth a **** by Alder Yarrow of vinography.com, and A wine app that could revolutionize drinking by David White of terroirist.com.

For those interested in experiencing the latest version of Delectable before its release, a beta program is available for sign-up.

2. OENO by Vintec

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OENO By Vintec is a virtual cellar management app and personal sommelier powered by Vivino. With OENO, wine lovers can effortlessly manage their wine collections by tracking their wines, knowing their location, and receiving expert recommendations on serving temperatures, decanting, and glassware. The app allows users to create a replica of their storage space, whether it be a wine cabinet, cellar, rack, or any other location where wine is stored.

OENO is made for wine lovers and is constantly being improved with the first version already available. User feedback is vital in continuing to improve the app.

The app works in five easy steps: configure the virtual replica of the wine cellar; scan and explore labels to see detailed wine information; place bottles in the virtual cellar and keep track of the collection; receive recommendations for wine pairings and tastings; and directly order and restock wines through the app, powered by Vivino Market.

The app is named after the Goddess of Wine, Oeno, from Greek mythology. The name is commonly used as a prefix for words related to wine, such as oenology or oenophile. The correct pronunciation of OENO is eno with a silent o, although in American English, it is written without the initial o as eno.

3. Vivino: Buy the Right Wine

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Vivino is a wine app and marketplace with 50 million users, making it the largest of its kind in the world. The platform offers access to unbiased information about wine through a community of millions. Users can take a photo of any wine label, search by wine, or browse a restaurant wine list to instantly see the wine’s rating, reviews, price, tasting notes, and suggested food pairings. Additionally, users can purchase their favourite bottles on the app or website, add their ratings and reviews, keep track of wines they like, and discover new recommendations.

Vivino boasts impressive statistics, including 50 million downloads, over 13 million wines from 231,000+ wineries, millions of unbiased ratings and reviews, and hundreds of thousands of wines available for purchase in 17 markets worldwide.

Key features include unbiased ratings and reviews, wine buying made easy, personalized recommendations based on unique scanning, rating, and purchase behaviour, quick compare for picking the best wine on the shelf, a wine list scanner for selecting the right wine at restaurants, taste characteristics for knowing what a wine tastes like before buying it, and taste profile for tracking and organizing wines to determine personal taste profiles.

Vivino values privacy and provides a comprehensive privacy policy, as well as terms of use. Those with support-related inquiries or needing assistance can reach out to support@vivino.com as comments or questions left in App Store reviews cannot be replied to.

4. CellarTracker

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CellarTracker has made its wine review, tasting notes, and personal stories available for Android users. With over 3 million wines in its database, it offers access to more than 8.5 million tasting notes (community and professional), and users can share their opinions with a community of over 611,000 members. CellarTracker is also integrated with professional reviews from various publications, including Antonio Galloni, Stephen Tanzer, Allen Meadows, Jancis Robinson, and Decanter.

The online cellar management tool enables users to track their collections, including the value of their wines. Users are currently managing over 96 million bottles. With label recognition, users can photograph the label of a wine or capture notes and photos of multiple wines for later reference. CellarTracker also allows the scanning of UPC/EAN barcodes on wines, making cellar management easier.

With CellarTracker, users can track their consumption history, including what they’ve been drinking and their own tasting notes, ratings, and label images. The app requires internet connectivity to operate, and some functionality such as managing the cellar or tracking consumption history requires a free CellarTracker account. Additionally, certain professional reviews require separate subscriptions to the publications for integration.

Overall, CellarTracker for Android provides wine enthusiasts with an extensive wine database, cellar management tool, label recognition, barcode scanning, and consumption history tracking.

5. My wine cellar

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Wine enthusiasts who own a collection of wine bottles may find the following app helpful in terms of managing their stock. This free app allows users to add their bottles of wine by providing relevant information such as a photo of the bottle, its name, year, category, origin (country, region, sub-region, appellation), price, quantity, score, comment, cellar location, date added, and maturation time.

The app has a clean design and is easy to navigate, making it simple for users to import all their current wines as an Excel file and export the database to the application as an Excel file. Additionally, the app does not contain any ads and is completely free for users to utilize.

Users can benefit from the app’s comprehensive statistics which facilitate the analysis of the composition of their cellar, ultimately guiding them on how to re-supply it. Overall, this app streamlines the process of managing wine bottle collections and allows users to organize their stock effortlessly.