5 Best Vocal Remover App For Android

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Download the Best Vocal Remover App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonVocal removal technology has been widely used in the music industry to create karaoke tracks and remixes. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, there has been a demand for vocal remover apps that can be installed on Android devices. These apps use complex algorithms to analyze audio files and remove the vocals, leaving behind the instrumental tracks. In this article, we will explore the features and capabilities of the best vocal remover app available for Android devices.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Vocal Remover App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Vocal Remover App For Android

1. FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker

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FilmoraGo is a comprehensive video editor with an array of features such as text, audio, emoji, special effects, filters, backgrounds, and more. It is designed for both amateurs and professional directors alike, making it an easy and practical video editing app. The video editor allows users to create videos with photos, pictures, music, and sound effects easily. The videos can be shared on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

One of the primary reasons for using FilmoraGo is its powerful video editing tools. The app’s pro video trimmer & cutter and video crop tool make it easy to trim and cut video scenes. Users can also apply different color filters to their videos, crop them, and export them in HD quality. Additionally, subscribed users can use the app without any watermark or ads.

FilmoraGo’s keyframe animation tool allows users to adjust the direction, speed, and orientation of the layer as it moves from point to point. This feature makes videos more interesting and outstanding. The app also provides over 1000 different styles of music, from brisk to healing, and users can add their own music and voice-overs. The app’s text styles and fonts are varied, allowing users to create artistic subtitles. Furthermore, FilmoraGo’s blurred background, voice enhancement, and audio speed adjustment features are available.

2. SonicMelody: AI Vocal/Instrument Karaoke Remover

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The Vocal Remover app, Sonic Melody, is a free-to-use Instant Karaoke Making app that removes voice from songs using AI to isolate or eliminate vocals, piano, bass, drums, and other musical instruments. With this app, users can convert any MP3 Song into Karaoke and save the output files on their devices. The app offers features such as audio joining, tempo change, pitch detection, pitch change, audio cutting, audio recording, 3D and 8D audio, equalizer, reverse audio, autotune effects, and more. Users can also record and share their work with friends, family, and followers or upload them to popular apps such as Starmaker, Sing Smule, Make Song covers, Make Acapella Duets, and TikTok. The Sonic Melody app is a useful tool for music celebrities who want to practice singing and is available for free for up to two conversions.

Users who have feedback or encounter problems with the app can contact the support team via email. Additionally, if users enjoy using the Sonic Melody Vocal Remover and Karaoke Maker app, they are encouraged to rate and share it on the Play Store. Overall, the Sonic Melody app offers a user-friendly interface and useful features for those looking to create Karaoke tracks.

3. Acapella Maker – Video Collage

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Acapella Maker is a mobile application that enables users to create acapella videos with ease. The application offers a user-friendly interface comprising three key features: choosing a layout, filling it with videos, and combining and sharing the acapella video with friends.

The first step is to select a layout that suits your video needs. The application provides a range of layout options to choose from, including 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4. These options allow the user to select the number of videos they want to include in their acapella video.

Once the layout has been selected, the user can upload their videos into the selected frames. The videos can be recorded within the application or imported from the user’s photo gallery. The application allows users to preview each video before adding it to the layout, ensuring that the video quality is up to standard.

After all the videos have been added to the selected frames, the user can combine them to create a final acapella video. The application allows the user to adjust the volume and pitch of each video, ensuring that the final product is of high quality. Once the final video is complete, the user can share it with friends on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In conclusion, Acapella Maker is a user-friendly mobile application that allows users to create acapella videos effortlessly.

4. Vocal Remover for Karaoke

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The Vocal Remover app is designed to transform any music in a user’s library into an instant karaoke experience. Version 1.2 includes new features such as the ability to save processed songs into an audio file, improved performance and audio quality, and adjustable save file bitrate ranging from 96 to 320 kbps.

The app’s adjustable vocal remover effect strength and real-time vocal remover effect allow users to customize their karaoke experience based on their preferences. Other features include the display of album cover from the user’s library, playback control support seeking, and the ability to save processed songs as audio files.

It is important to note that the results may vary according to the type of music and device performance. Additionally, the song itself is not included with the app.

5. SplitHit: Vocal Remover, Karaoke Maker, Backtracks

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Sphereo’s Split allows users to control music by splitting any song into separate tracks in top quality. With its advanced AI technology, Sphereo’s Split can isolate vocals or instrumentals from any mp3 file, allowing users to make a karaoke version or an instrumental remix. Sphereo’s Split also provides a unique listening experience by allowing users to boost or reduce the volume of each instrument in real-time.

For singers, Sphereo’s Split provides a state-of-the-art voice removal feature that enables them to record themselves singing along with the original song and then remove the vocals to create a quality backing track. DJs can take advantage of Sphereo’s Split by mixing and mashing up songs as it separates them into vocals, piano, bass, drums, and harmonics.

Sphereo’s Split is also useful for practicing any musical instrument. The instrument can be removed or amplified from any song, and the volume can be adjusted as needed to promote better practice. Users can also record themselves playing to see how much they have improved. Sphereo’s Split has features such as a voice remover, instrument remover, and instrument booster that can isolate or amplify the sound of any instrument.

Overall, Sphereo’s Split offers a comprehensive music control solution for anyone who wants to create unique listening experiences or practice any musical instrument.