5 Best Vibration Notification App For Android

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Download the Best Vibration Notification App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s fast-paced world, staying on top of notifications is essential for many Android users. Vibration notification is one popular method of alerting users to incoming messages, calls, and other notifications. With the wide range of notification apps available in the Google Play Store, it can be challenging to navigate and identify the best ones. This article aims to provide an overview of the best vibration notification app for Android, highlighting its features, benefits, and user experience.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Vibration Notification App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Vibration Notification App For Android

1. MacroDroid – Device Automation

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MacroDroid is an Android application that enables users to automate tasks on their smartphones or tablets. With its user-friendly interface, MacroDroid allows users to build fully automated tasks in just a few taps. The app offers over 70 triggers, such as GPS, cell towers, battery level, and notifications, to start a macro. It can perform over 100 different actions, including connecting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices, speaking text, starting a timer, and dimming the screen. Constraints can also be configured to let the macro fire only when needed, such as specific times or days.

MacroDroid is compatible with Tasker and Locale plugins, allowing for more comprehensive solutions. For beginners, the app offers a Wizard that guides step by step through macro configuration, and templates can be customized to meet specific needs. For more experienced users, the app offers advanced routing like IF, THEN, ELSE clauses, use of AND + ORs, and system/user-defined variables and scripts. The free version allows for up to 5 macros, while the Pro version, available for a small one-time fee, allows for an unlimited number of macros.

The app includes a basic Wear OS companion app that enables users to launch macros from their smartwatches. The in-app forum can be used for all usage questions and feature requests, or users can access the forums via www.macrodroid.com.

2. Vibration Notifier

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Vibration Notifier is an Android app that offers a solution for situations where a user might miss a call or notification due to their phone being out of earshot. The app keeps vibrating at pre-set intervals for a specific number of times or until the device’s display is turned on.

The app supports all apps that generate notifications in the Android status bar, such as WhatsApp, GoogleTalk, Twitter, and Facebook. However, access to the notification bar is required. Silent mode settings and other features that mute apps may prevent the app from working.

The app offers an optional in-app purchase feature of 0.99 EUR to enable repeating vibrations on an Android Wear smartwatch.

If the app fails to work, it may be because of the device manufacturer’s implementation of features that prevent apps from running, such as Samsung’s Battery Optimizer or Sony’s Stamina.

Setting up silent hours intervals in the app only affects Vibration Notifier, and not other apps. The app vibrates or beeps after the time set in the app, not immediately when a notification is received. The initial vibration can be set to occur on the connected Android Wear device.

Compatibility of the vibrate on connected Android Wear devices feature requires an Android Wear smartwatch, and it does not work with a Pebble or a Samsung Tizen watch.

The app uses Accessibility services to be notified about new notifications on Android versions prior to 4.3.

3. Vibrons

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Vibrons is a mobile application that enables users to create personalised vibration notifications for their mobile device. The app is designed to help users identify which application is sending them notifications without having to look at their phone.

One of the key features of Vibrons is the ability to create and save custom vibration patterns. Users can create unique patterns for different applications or contacts, making it easier to identify who is trying to get in touch. Additionally, users can set custom vibration patterns for specific application notifications, further enhancing their ability to distinguish between different alerts.

Vibrons also provides users with the ability to manage their phone notification settings within the app. Users can easily turn notifications on or off for specific applications, or adjust notification settings for sounds, vibrations, or alerts. This feature allows users to customise their mobile experience according to their preferences.

Finally, Vibrons offers users the option to create their own custom notification patterns using morse code. This feature allows users to create unique vibration patterns that correspond to specific messages or alerts, providing an even greater level of personalisation.

4. Vibrate App

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The provided input is a brief message promoting the use of a feature-rich mobile device tool. The tool enables users to test the vibration of their phone, massage, and choose from several vibration modes. The promotional message highlights that the tool has been tested on Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, and Xiaomi mobile devices and has demonstrated efficient functionality. The message concludes by encouraging users to enjoy the benefits of the tool.

The tool’s features are categorized into three distinct functions. Firstly, the tool allows users to test their phone’s vibration functionality. Secondly, the tool includes a massage feature that can be used for relaxation purposes. Lastly, the tool has an assortment of vibration modes that users can select from. This feature-rich tool can be used on several mobile devices, including Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, and Xiaomi models.

The message concludes by thanking users for choosing the product. No additional information is provided.

5. Vibration Center for Wear

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An app has been created to address the issue of notifications on Android Wear devices being easily missed due to their short vibration duration. By adding a second vibration to each notification, users can more easily notice when they receive a notification.

This app offers several features to enhance the user experience. It includes an alarm mode for the most urgent notifications, with a snooze option. Customization is also a key aspect of the app, allowing users to set different settings for different apps, as well as offering spam filtering options.

To further improve convenience, on-watch options are available for quickly muting vibrations when they are not necessary. The app also integrates with Tasker, allowing for even more customization options.

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