6 Best Vehicle Log Book App For Android

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Download the Best Vehicle Log Book App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThe use of electronic log books for vehicles has become increasingly popular with the advent of smartphone applications. These applications provide a convenient and efficient way for drivers to track their mileage, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance. Android users have access to a variety of log book apps that offer different features and capabilities. This article aims to review and identify the best vehicle log book app currently available for Android users. The selected app will be evaluated based on its user interface, functionality, accuracy, and overall performance.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Vehicle Log Book App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Vehicle Log Book App For Android

1. GOFAR: Mileage Tracker & More

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GOFAR is a connected car device that offers real-time feedback on driving performance to make driving more efficient, cost-effective, and enjoyable. The GOFAR app is connected with the GOFAR dongle and Ray, and uses patented algorithms and Formula 1 inspired technology to provide users with a range of benefits. These benefits include real-time driving feedback, the ability to learn how to cut fuel costs, automatic tracking of trip data and mileage, and tracking of fill ups. Additionally, users can see their driving score and track and reduce their emissions.

The GOFAR device is compatible with nearly all gasoline/petrol cars since 2008, and more information on this can be found on their website at www.gofar.co/cars. It is important to note that if users choose to enable the GPS function, it may significantly decrease the battery life of their phone while driving.

To learn more about the GOFAR product, users can visit their website at www.gofar.co.

2. Easy Car Logbook

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Easy Home Finance is a mobile application that allows users to record every ride made by car and track distance, fuel consumption, and traveled expenses. To record a travel, users must first add a vehicle to their vehicle groups. Consumption and money can also be tracked by adding refuelings and service expenses. Each travel record is calculated against the closest previous refueling date or time. All data are stored safely in the phone and can be backed up locally or in Google Drive.

Easy Home Finance can be used in all countries since users can freely define consumption and fuel price units in their vehicle groups. The application features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to switch between months and view the corresponding total distance, price, quantity, and average consumption for all or specific cars. Users can also add, edit, delete, and replicate travel records, search in notes, view lists of cars and refuelings, see a graphical overview of distance per year, backup/restore the database, export data to Excel, and use a simple widget for their home screen.

The application is completely free and does not contain any ads or microtransactions. It is compatible with Android v4.1-v12.0 (API 16-31) and uses Material Design for its graphics. Easy Home Finance is available in several languages, including Czech, Slovak, English, German, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi.

3. Vehicle Trip Logbook Tracker

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The app offers a convenient way to track personal or business trips for reimbursement or tax deduction purposes. It utilizes GPS tracking to automatically determine trip distance, travel time, start and end addresses, and display the driving route on a map. The dashboard provides real-time updates on current speed, elapsed time, and distance. Users can also manually create trip entries using templates or by entering data manually, and add notes to trips.

The app features automatic trip start, pause, and resume on Bluetooth device connect/disconnect events, and allows for the creation of filterable logbooks that can be grouped by day, week, or month. The logbook also automatically determines gaps between trips.

Reports can be generated in PDF, XLS, or CSV formats and include company, driver, car, and trip data. Users can choose report periods and include reimbursement or fringe benefit amounts. A subscription is required to use the reports functionality, but sample reports are provided for review before purchase.

The app requires location permission for GPS, full network access for automatic trip addresses, and access to modify the contents of the SD card for database backup. Bluetooth permission is also needed for automatic recording on Bluetooth connect/disconnect events. The app is available in English and Estonian.

4. Car Logbook

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Car Logbook is a mobile application designed to help vehicle owners keep track of their expenses, mileage, and fuel consumption. This app allows users to record their fueling details, including the odometer reading, fuel quantity, and price. The data can be graphed over time to help users visualize their fuel consumption and associated expenses. Additionally, Car Logbook can save records of business trips, which can be useful for tax purposes.

One of the app’s standout features is its ability to save fueling details, even while waiting for fuel to be topped up. Users can export their fuel history to their computer at their own convenience. For those who require more storage, upgrading to the Pro version will unlock unlimited records and export functionality.

Car Logbook is capable of recording expense details such as services, repairs, and clutch replacements. It is equipped to save data for multiple vehicles, making it a useful tool for individuals or businesses with a fleet of vehicles. The app can calculate fuel consumption and fuel price and graph this information over time. It is also capable of graphing expense and journey data and summarizing the information per month, quarter, or year.

Other features of Car Logbook include predictive text and backup data for Pro users. Overall, this app offers a convenient solution for vehicle owners to keep track of their expenses and fuel consumption, as well as record business trips for tax purposes.

5. Logbook – TripTracker

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TripTracker is an automated mobile driver’s logbook that uses GPS, Bluetooth-Detection, reverse Geocoding or OBDII data to track the user’s mileage. The app also offers vehicle cost management features to enable users to keep track of expenses. TripTracker is law conform and accepted by most public authorities.

The app comes with a range of features such as SSL Encryption, OBD2 Interface, Bluetooth Start/Stop, Automatic tracking, Excel, and PDF Export (In-App-Product), and WISO Export (In-App-Product). It also supports KML-Support (In-App-Product), OBDII Displays and Graphs (In-App-Product), GPS Tracking, Geocoding, Version control system, Sync (In-App-Product), Web interface, Calendar, Car cost management, Various Graphs and Diagrams, and Backup functionality.

TripTracker’s OBDII feature allows it to connect directly to the user’s car, read the odometer, and calculate the distance traveled, thereby synchronizing the mileage logbook with the car. The feature requires a Bluetooth adapter plugged into the car’s OBDII interface, with installation being easy since the OBDII interface is usually located beneath the steering wheel.

TripTracker ensures the integrity of the mileage logbook with various hash and encryption algorithms.

6. Logbook

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A user-friendly tool has been developed to aid in the tracking and analysis of gas and service expenses. The tool is ad-free and offers several key features that include the ability to track multiple vehicles, set independent settings for each vehicle, calculate fuel consumption, monitor upcoming events, and analyze expenses by using various charts. Additionally, regular updates with new features are available to enhance user experience.

In order to backup data to your device storage or SD card, it is necessary for the tool to have permission to modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. This permission ensures that data is securely stored and can be accessed when needed.