5 Best Typography App For Android

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Download the Best Typography App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonTypography is an art form that involves arranging type to make written language readable, appealing, and recognizable when displayed. Android users who enjoy creating beautiful and professional-looking documents may be interested in exploring the best typography app available on the market. This app is designed to offer a range of features that allow users to adjust font styles, size, color, and spacing to achieve their desired typography effect. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, this app makes it simple for anyone to create beautiful typography designs on their Android devices.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Typography App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Typography App For Android

1. PixelLab – Text on pictures

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Pixel Lab photo editor is a software application that allows users to add stylish text, 3D text, shapes, stickers, and drawings to their pictures. The app has a simple and clean interface that enables users to focus on their work. It features a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, and more than 60 unique options that can be customized. Users can unleash their imagination to create stunning graphics and amaze their friends straight from their phone or tablet.

Additionally, the app has several features that allow users to create impressive graphics. Users can add and customize text objects as much as they want, create 3D texts, and overlay them on top of their images. The app also has dozens of text effects, such as shadow, inner shadow, stroke, background, reflection, emboss, mask, 3D text, and more. Users can set their text to any fill option, choose from over 100 hand-picked fonts or use their own fonts.

Moreover, users can add and customize stickers, emojis, shapes, import images from their gallery, and draw anything they want. The app allows users to change the background to a color, gradient or image, save anything they do as a project, remove the background or perform perspective editing. Users can also enhance their pictures’ look by applying some of the available effects, such as vignette, stripes, hue, saturation, and export their image at any format or resolution they want.

2. PicLab – Photo Editor

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PicLab, also known as Photo Editor, is a design studio app that has over 20 million installs, making it a popular choice for photo editing needs. This all-in-one editor allows users to easily edit photos of different kinds, such as selfies, food, architecture, scenery, and fashion. In addition, one can add beautiful typography, artwork, and stunning filters and photo effects. PicLab provides a growing collection of shapes, light FX, textures, borders, patterns, and more to enhance photos, which can then be shared to favorite social networks.

The app is designed with usability in mind, aiming to make photo editing fun and effortless. PicLab’s features include typography, choosing from a collection of text fonts by world-renowned designers, resizing and rotating text, adding drop shadows, multiple text layers, stickers and artwork, photo filters, photo effects, image overlays and masks, drawing tool, collage tool, and crop photos. Users can create unlimited fun, quirky or professional photo edits on their phone, without any previous design experience or knowledge required.

PicLab Pro Premium Features include unlocking all filters, discovering 65+ premium overlays, accessing 60 premium fonts, adding 25+ sticker packs with over 1,000 sticker options, instant access to new photo editing features, removing watermark, and ad-free experience.

To use PicLab, simply download, create, and share photos on social media.

3. WhatTheFont

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WhatTheFont is a font identification tool that allows users to identify fonts from an image. It caters to designers, crafters, typography enthusiasts, and individuals who are curious about the fonts used in a particular design. It is especially useful when clients provide images without font information.

The tool works by taking a photo of a design and using AI to identify the fonts used in it. Once the fonts are identified, users can try them out by typing out words of their choice. Additionally, the tool provides font options for users to browse and get inspiration from.

WhatTheFont is driven by AI technology, making it a fast and user-friendly tool. It is developed and maintained by MyFonts.

4. Fontest

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Fontest is a typography tool and development application that allows users to preview a selection of fonts on the Android platform. The tool offers 6 high quality fonts for free and supports the addition of TTF and OTF fonts. Fontest also provides users with the ability to customize the display text and resize the font smoothly. In addition, the tool includes a one-tap switch function between uppercase and lowercase characters for convenience.

5. Creative Typography Design

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CTDesign is a mobile app designed for typography enthusiasts who are looking for professional-grade tools to aid in their designs. With CTDesign, users can create stunning typography on their photos with complete control, resulting in amazing results. The app offers a complete set of typing tools and is easy to use, making it the best app for typing on photos.

The app has several key features, including the ability to choose photos from the gallery and crop, rotate, or flip them easily. Users can also create a clear canvas with solid or gradient coloring, add unlimited text with different styles, and modify stickers using the app’s layering system. Projects can be saved to edit designs later with the Autosave feature, and designs can be easily saved and shared from within the app.

CTDesign offers a range of tools for writing and typing styles, including the ability to align, change the weight, and underline text, add gradient fill to text, highlight text with any color, control the opacity of text, add shadow and stroke to the text, and control text line height. Users can also choose from over 300 English/Arabic fonts or import their own font. The app also features simple 3D effects and blending modes.

CTDesign also offers pre-made wordart styles, different speech bubble styles, and more than 2000 stickers. The app also includes a range of professional photo effects and filters, including brightness, contrast, saturation, sepia, hue, and invert.