5 Best Tally App For Android

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Download the Best Tally App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn the world of business, keeping track of financial transactions is vital for success. Accounting software like Tally has become widely popular for its ability to simplify complex financial processes. With the increasing use of mobile devices, the demand for Tally apps for Android has also grown. Such apps provide an efficient way to manage financial data on-the-go, allowing businesses to stay on top of their finances anytime, anywhere. This article explores the best Tally apps for Android and their features, helping users make an informed decision when choosing the right app for their needs.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Tally App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Tally App For Android

1. Tally Counter

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The input is a tally counter that is powerful, flexible, and free of charge. It is an improvement over paper tally sheets and can be used to score points of games, count visitors and people at events, keep track of drinks consumed, monitor training sessions, or any other numerical task.

The user can manage multiple tally counters simultaneously, and each tally sheet can contain several individual counters. Additionally, each counter can be assigned a different color to facilitate organization and ease of use.

One major advantage of this tally counter is its ability to export and share data. Users can export their tallies to Excel or forward them to friends, which enhances the utility of the tool.

Overall, this tally counter is a helpful and efficient way to track numerical information. Its versatility and simplicity make it a useful tool for a wide range of applications.

2. Thing Counter

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Thing Counter is a free app that allows users to count clicks similar to a tally counter. It caters to individuals who wish to count any item, such as kisses, sheep, cigarettes, laps, and points, to name a few.

The application boasts features such as being 100% free of charge and free of ads, a homescreen widget with multiple instances and variable sizes, an overview of all active counters, and adjustable labels and colors for each counter. Moreover, advanced settings for reset value and step size, click sound, count with the volume buttons, speech output, history for each counter, simple statistical data, and landscape mode are also available.

Thing Counter does not require any harmful permissions and only uses the vibration motor of the user’s device. It is designed for users to enjoy counting with ease.

3. Biz Analyst: Tally on Mobile | From Khatabook

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Biz Analyst by Khatabook is an app that allows users to access their Tally data from their mobile device. This app provides real-time data and reports from Tally, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Additionally, users can send outstanding reminders to debtors, collect payments faster, and make data entries on Tally from their mobile device.

The Biz Analyst app offers several features such as creating sales and purchase invoices, sharing access with the sales team, tracking sales team location with Check In – Check Out, viewing sales analysis in graphs, scheduling follow-up reminders, generating GST invoices, managing inventory, connecting with inactive customers, generating ledger reports, live-keeping of Tally data on mobile, customizing invoices with the company logo, and 7 levels of data security.

Users can benefit from the app by improving their business performance with party-wise information of sales, outstanding receivables, purchase orders, and more. Over 90,000 users trust the Biz Analyst tally app to increase their productivity, profits, sales and cash flow. The app is made in India and is an all-in-one solution for business growth.

For any queries, users can call +91-8879890798 or email help@siliconveins.com, or visit bizanalyst.in.

4. Tally On Mobile [TOM-PA 4.5]

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This app is designed to help users maintain their business or personal accounts on an Android device using a Tally Way approach. Even individuals without prior accounting knowledge can utilize this app due to its simplicity and user-friendly interface.

The app makes managing day-to-day accounting transactions on mobile or tablet easy, as the screens and operations are similar to the popular Indian accounting software, Tally. Users can also easily zoom in from the final report to the voucher entry.

The app offers various features, including the creation of masters for different types of accounts, such as capital, assets, debtors, and creditors. Users can also enter and maintain daily transactions such as payment, receipt, sales, and purchase, as well as manage contra entries, journal vouchers, and final settlement entries. The app generates reports such as Daybook, Ledger, Registers, Trial Balance, and final reports like Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Ac. Users can also configure the app’s settings and backup data for safety.

Users can send SMS or email to party accounts for balances and ledgers, and can also export reports to Excel and PDF formats for later viewing or printing. The app offers a free trial license with full features for 30 days or up to 100 vouchers entered. After the trial period, the app becomes a limited license with restrictions, but data can still be used.

5. Counter

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Counter is a tally counter application available for Android that aims to simplify the counting process. Unlike other similar applications, this app does not feature any advertisements or require unnecessary permissions.

One of the standout features of Counter is its ability to support multiple counters, each with their own names and values. Users can change these values using their device’s volume buttons. Additionally, the application allows for the export of all counters into a CSV file, making data management easier.

Counter is open source software that anyone can contribute to. Those who notice a bug or have an idea for a new feature can visit the project’s GitHub page. Those interested in helping with translations can visit the Crowdin project page.

In conclusion, Counter is a straightforward, no-frills tally counter application for Android that provides users with a reliable tool for keeping track of data.