5 Best Synology Android App

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Download the Best Synology Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to managing one’s Synology network-attached storage (NAS) system, having a reliable and easy-to-use Android app can significantly enhance the user experience. With the proliferation of mobile devices, it is essential to have an app that can provide seamless access to all the features and functions of the NAS system. Users typically look for an app that is intuitive, feature-rich, and can offer reliable performance. This article delves into the best Synology Android app available in the market, highlighting its key features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Synology Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Synology Android App

1. Synology Photos

Download the App on the Google Store by clicking this Button
To make use of the features provided by the app, it is necessary to possess a Synology NAS system equipped with DiskStation Manager version 7.0 or higher. Additionally, the latest iteration of Synology Photos must be operational.

The app, in question, is a versatile management tool that enables users to back up and access their photo collections based on chronological order or folder structure. It automatically generates albums that can be used to browse through images of family members or favorite locations. Users are also free to group their photos according to their favorite themes or subjects.

With this app, cherished memories can be easily accessed from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

2. Synology Drive

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The Android Drive app enables users to access and manage Synology Drive files remotely. To use the app, users must have a Synology NAS and be running the latest version of Synology Drive (1.0.0). The app offers support for various file types, including documents, images, videos, music, and Synology Office document, spreadsheets, and slides. A user-friendly viewer is also provided for opening these files. Additionally, features for searching, sharing, moving, and applying labels to files are available on the Android device, enabling users to complete tasks efficiently from anywhere at any time.

3. Synology Moments

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Synology Moments is an Android app that enables users to view photos and videos stored in Synology Drive. To use this app, it is necessary to own a Synology NAS that runs DSM 6.2.X, and to install Synology Moments 1.3.0 for the complete features.

The app organizes photos and videos in time order and sorts them in topical albums, allowing users to easily refresh their unique moments in life.

4. DS finder

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DS finder is an app that allows users to set up and manage their Synology NAS, receive NAS-related notifications, and access various Synology apps directly from their mobile devices. However, it should be noted that a Synology NAS is required in order to use this app.

The app is compatible with most Synology NAS models, with the exception of rack mount models and desktop models of the FS and XS series, as well as the EDS14. Additionally, DS finder supports management of all Synology NAS models running DSM 5.2 and above.

Users who wish to use DS finder must have a mobile device running Android 5.0 or higher. More detailed information regarding the app’s features can be found on the Synology website, under DSM 6.0 > Mobile Apps > Software Specs. Alternatively, the information can be found at https://www.synology.com/zh-tw/dsm/software_spec/mobile#DSfinder.

5. DS file

Download the App on the Google Store by clicking this Button
DS file is an app that allows users to manage files stored on their Synology NAS. However, in order to run the app, users must own a Synology NAS and be running DSM 6.2 on their device.

This app provides basic features such as uploading and downloading files between the NAS and an Android device, as well as performing simple editing tasks. Additionally, the app includes HTTPS support to ensure secure file management.

Moreover, DS file is a versatile tool that can be used for browsing pictures, watching videos, and checking work documents on the go. A complete set of features for the app can be found on Synology’s website at: https://www.synology.com/dsm/6.2/software_spec/mobile#DSfile.