5 Best Swarmandal App For Android

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Download the Best Swarmandal App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonSwarmandal is a traditional Indian string instrument that has been in use for centuries. With the proliferation of smartphone technology, there has been a rise in the number of Swarmandal apps available on Android platforms. These apps aim to provide users with a digital version of the instrument, allowing them to play and experiment with different ragas and melodies. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the most efficient and user-friendly app. In this article, we will discuss the key features and benefits of the best Swarmandal app for Android, providing readers with the information they need to make an informed decision.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Swarmandal App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Swarmandal App For Android

1. Swarmandal Pro – 106 Ragas

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The App offers the use of pitches according to the Equal Tempered Scale and also allows users to create a User Scale by shifting pitches within the range of +-50 cents with respect to the ET. Saving the aroh and avroh created by the user will be possible up to Android 8/9, but not above it, which may be possible in future versions.

In all manual modes, the user needs to tap on the ON button to start and tap on the OFF button to enable the EXIT button. To exit from every dialog box, the user should first stop playing and press the EXIT button, which is necessary for the stability of the App.

The User Scale applies on thaats, and for User Sequences/Raagas, users can optionally apply it on Aroh and Avroh by checking/unchecking the corresponding check boxes. On the front page, the software deals with 24 thaats/scales, and the two modes available are AUTO and MANUAL. In the AUTO mode, it plays by itself, and in the manual mode, the user can play using their finger. The user can select THAAT from the dropdown list and LOAD it. Change the pattern through the Pattern+ and Pattern- buttons and then SELECT it.

The Base Key of the swarmandal can be tuned accurately at the Cents level.

2. iShala – practice Indian music

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iShala is a mobile app designed for Indian classical music enthusiasts to provide them with seamless accompaniment during vocal, instrumental or rhythmic practice. The app features six tanpuras, tabla, swarmandal, harmonium and three manjeeras which can be fully customized in practice sessions and loaded on demand. iShala can replace a tabla machine, a lehra player and an electronic tanpura to make it an ideal tool for practicing Indian classical music or jamming with virtual Indian musicians on any other musical style.

iShala has over 60 rhythmic cycles, melodies in more than 110 ragas and seven different tempos. Users can also create their own ragas and fine-tune each of their notes at micro-tones or shrutis level, offering endless possibilities. Additionally, iShala includes pitch correction functionality allowing users to sing or play freely while the app detects and highlights any discrepancy from the correct note, making it an excellent tool to improve pitch accuracy.

iShala has a pay once, use forever policy, while a premium in-app purchase option provides additional functionality under the same terms. The premium option includes four additional tanpuras, a low pitch tabla, three more manjeeras, pitch detection to ensure users sing or play on the right note, and an autotune session by pitch recognition.

3. TaalMala

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TaalMala is an application designed for Indian musicians seeking personalized accompaniment for their daily practice or live concerts. It provides high-quality sounds of Tabla, Pakhawaj, Manjeera, Tanpura, SwarMandal, Santoor and Harmonium, sampled from real instruments. TaalMala offers a vast library of pre-composed Taals, Lehra/Nagma compositions and SwarMandal sequences in the most popular Ragas, making it a complete solution for any Indian musician.

TaalMala Composer allows users to compose their own Taals, Lehras/Nagmas and SwarMandal patterns by entering the notation. The powerful sequencer enables users to create their own sequences of Taal, Lehra/Nagma and SwarMandal patterns, with the option to import compositions from the Windows desktop version to the Android device.

The features of TaalMala include high-quality studio-recorded sounds, pre-composed Taals, Lehra/Nagma compositions and SwarMandal patterns, automatic Manjeera/Zanj accompaniment synchronized with the Tabla/Pakhawaj Taals, adjustable tempo and pitch control, pitch detector, and a powerful sequencer. Independent volume/level balance and the ability to import and use own Tanpura sounds and loops are also offered.

The trial edition of TaalMala has playback restrictions and a trial period of 14 days from first use.

4. SurSadhak: Tabla & Tanpura

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SurSadhak is a free app designed for practicing Indian Classical music. It features built-in instruments, including Tabla, Tanpura, Sur Peti, Swar Mandal, and Manjira, allowing users to do their daily practice or riyaaz by playing percussion instruments offline. The app’s highlighting features include composing, recording, adding tracks, creating songs, listening, and sharing music.

To use SurSadhak, users select the musical instrument(s) of their choice, and the app provides the instruments to play and practice conveniently. For Tabla, the app offers 22 Taals, such as Teentaal, Ektaal, and Jhaptaal, among others, and users can adjust the scales by using the Tuner section. The short information section displays the chosen taal, scale, and speed, and users can change and adjust the tempo from 25-300 bpm.

Tanpura comes with three Swar (Pa, Ma, and Ni), and users can adjust the scales and volume control. Other Indian musical instruments like Sur-Peti, Swar-Mandal, and Manjira can also be regulated for volume control. The MasterMixer enables the play/pause button, and users can use the Composer screen to record and save music. Users can record external sounds or instruments instantly using the mic, improving their music.

5. Tabla Studio – Tabla App with Tanpura & Swarmandal

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Tabla Studio is an android application that provides real tabla and tanpura sounds for Indian classical music practice and performance. It is equipped with a mixer that allows users to listen to authentic tabla loops, practice harmonium skills, and sing with rhythm. Additionally, the app has a metronome and swarmandal raags that are essential for creating amazing music. Tabla Studio supports various instruments, including harmonium, sarangi, bansuri, and vocals, as well as different genres, such as Indian classical music, fusion, or Bollywood.

The app features live recorded tabla loops, an extensive library of taals and genres to choose from, and a tempo changer for selecting the metronome or tabla beats. The tuner function allows users to tune their instruments, such as sitar or sarod, to the exact pitch, while the swarmandal feature accentuates the raag being practiced. The mixing panel allows users to adjust the volumes of the tabla, tanpura, swarmandal, and metronome to their desired levels.

To use Tabla Studio, users need to download the app, pair their phone with any Bluetooth speaker for optimal sound output, select their musical scale, and choose the genre, taal, rhythm, and speed they prefer.