6 Best Sms Auto Reply Android App

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Download the Best Sms Auto Reply Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonSMS auto-reply apps are becoming increasingly popular among Android users who wish to efficiently manage their incoming text messages. These apps allow users to set automatic responses to incoming messages when they are unable to respond manually. The best SMS auto-reply apps are those that are easy to use, offer a variety of response options, and provide customizable settings. In this article, we will review the features and capabilities of one such SMS auto-reply app.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Sms Auto Reply Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Sms Auto Reply Android App

1. WhatAuto – Reply App

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WhatsAuto is a messaging app that allows users to easily turn on auto reply with a single touch. There is no complicated setup required. Users can choose to whom they want to send an auto reply, ensuring that contact matters. WhatsAuto supports groups, allowing users to send auto replies to any group in their messaging app. Furthermore, the app supports all popular social messaging apps.

With WhatsAuto, users can easily create their own chat bot without requiring any technical skills. The app also offers a backup feature that allows users to save their bot messages to their phone storage or Google Drive storage, which can be restored later on.

Users can customize the reply time and set the app to send auto reply continuously, after a time delay, or only once. Additionally, WhatsAuto allows users to schedule their time to turn the app on and off automatically to send auto reply to incoming messages. This feature is particularly useful when users are out of business hours.

WhatsAuto also includes a driving mode that uses AI to detect when users are driving and takes care of all their incoming messages by letting them know they are driving. This feature can help avoid accidents and ensure hassle-free driving.

It is important to note that WhatsAuto is not affiliated with WhatsApp, which is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

2. IM Auto Reply

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IM Auto Reply is a tool that allows users to automatically reply to messages on various chat platforms with personalized text. The application supports multiple platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and more. However, if the application is not supported on the device, users are advised to reach out to the support team to resolve the issue.

To ensure that IM Auto Reply can detect and respond to messages, it is important to receive notifications from the specified applications and to not mute them. If notifications are not received, the application will not be able to respond automatically.

The application now supports SMS automatic replies, but due to Google Permissions policies, it cannot access SMS directly. In such cases, users are advised to install an SMS application that supports replies to notifications.

Using IM Auto Reply is simple and involves specifying the desired applications, adding personalized text, and hitting start. Users can set up the application to reply to messages in three different ways – every time, once only, or after a specified time. Additionally, users can exclude certain contacts from receiving automatic replies by selecting the ‘Exclude Contact’ tab and specifying the contacts they want to exclude.

IM Auto Reply also offers the option to send customized messages depending on the message received and the contact and application involved. Users can add a contact, specify an application, and add a message for a customized response. Once a message is received from the specified contact, IM Auto Reply will send the custom text.

3. Drivemode: Handsfree Messages And Call For Driving

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Drivemode is a mobile application that aims to simplify the management of calls and messages while driving. Its streamlined interface enables users to safely answer calls or send and hear messages using voice-enabled commands and large buttons, allowing them to focus on driving. The app offers several features, including text message auto-replies, the ability to overlay a music player on top of a navigation app, and a Do Not Disturb mode for ignoring calls or messages. Drivemode can also be configured to launch automatically when driving or when paired with a Bluetooth device. Additionally, users can view their driving history and receive personalized recommendations over time based on their activities, calendar, and favorite places.

Drivemode’s simple interface can integrate with several favorite apps, including navigation, music, messaging, and voice assistant apps. This makes it easy for users to upgrade their current car to a smarter one, even when using rental or loaner cars, and maintain their preferences consistently from vehicle to vehicle. The app is suitable for all types of drivers, including commuters, professional or part-time drivers, car-sharers, and road-trippers.

Drivemode is an automotive-grade interface designed and developed to adhere to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety guidelines for driving apps. However, it is important to note that Drivemode requires comprehensive permissions to access and integrate apps into its interface. The app may also store information about installed apps to provide recommendations and save settings between devices.

4. SMS Auto Reply /Autoresponder

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The SMS Auto Reply Text Messages app is an automation tool that allows users to set up automatic text message replies for incoming texts/sms when they are busy, away, in a meeting, on vacation, on leave or out of office. The app also provides an option to reply with private messages or block sms messages from certain contacts. The PRO functionality offers an elaborate away message or a short busy message like text me later through an app menu.

Due to Google Play restrictions on SMS and Calls permissions, this app can now only auto-reply to incoming SMS texts. It works with sms text messaging apps that have a reply option in their notifications. The app offers the ability to build fully automated auto reply tasks based on different triggers and change different system settings like silent mode and Do Not Disturb.

The SMS Autoreponder app offers the ability to set up multiple text auto replies for incoming SMS, customize automated text messages and create personalized lists of contacts or groups of contacts to respond to with a custom message. The app features a Don’t Auto-Reply list to block messages from certain people, the ability to auto-respond to messages only from contacts, and the option to set recurring auto-reply texts for specific days and times. The app uses minimal battery power, CPU time and RAM.

The PRO version of the app removes ads and allows users to manually set a default status and turn it on/off manually.

5. AUTO MESSAGE send & reply SMS

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Auto Message is a scheduling app that allows users to automate tasks such as sending messages, replying to messages, and answering calls by scheduling them for a future user-specified time. The app offers a simple solution for automating daily tasks on Android devices through a user-friendly interface.

With Auto Message, users can customize their automated tasks to suit their needs and save time by automating activities they previously did manually. The app also allows users to keep their tasks on the cloud and share them with others.

The app includes various features such as the ability to schedule automated SMS messages and replies, as well as automated email sending to one or multiple recipients. Users can also switch on/off WiFi and volume automatically and create complex triggered conditions for group alarm tasks.

Auto Message’s automated SMS sending feature allows users to compose the text of their SMS and set the time for sending it. The app ensures that the SMS sending is triggered later with the user’s consent, making it a completely user-driven process.

The app’s auto-reply SMS task enables automatic replies with a pre-set text or SMS message to incoming texts when users are busy, away, or in a meeting. Additionally, the auto-reply phone call task sends an automated text message to the sender when users miss or reject a call.

Auto Message provides users with the ability to schedule sending emails automatically to one or more recipients. This feature is especially useful for users who want to ensure their emails are sent at a specific time without the need for manual intervention.

6. Do It Later: Auto Text Message

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Do It Later is a messaging app that automates the process of sending, scheduling, and replying to messages for various messaging apps, including SMS, RCS, calls, emails, and social messaging apps. Additionally, it allows users to send mass texts, set reminders, and create fake incoming calls.

Do It Later offers several features that make it stand out from messaging apps with automated text functionality. Users can schedule messages to be sent at a later time, set variables to personalize mass texts, and choose from a variety of recurring options. The app also provides a countdown before sending, templates for frequently sent messages, and multiple ways to automate text messages.

The app’s auto-reply feature automatically responds to incoming text messages and missed calls. Users can set when the app should send the reply, reply to specific contacts, and create reply rules for each contact, among other options. The app also supports groups and detects keywords in incoming messages.

Do It Later includes a reminder feature that allows users to set up talking reminders for themselves. Additionally, the app can be used to set phone call reminders.

Lastly, the app allows users to create fake incoming calls for various messaging apps to rescue themselves from awkward situations. Users can connect with Do It Later on their website, through email, Facebook, and Twitter.