6 Best News App Android Reddit

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Download the Best News App Android Reddit on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article will discuss the top news applications for Android users that utilize Reddit as a primary source for news content. The apps listed in this review have been selected based on their popularity, user ratings, and features such as customization options, easy-to-use interfaces, and quick access to breaking news updates. We will explore the key features and benefits of each app, as well as their potential drawbacks, to help readers make an informed decision when selecting the best news application for their Android device.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best News App Android Reddit for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best News App Android Reddit

1. Plenary – RSS feeds, Podcasts

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Plenary is an Android app that functions as an RSS reader, news aggregator, podcast player, and offline reader. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds of their choice and receive updates automatically, as well as download articles to local storage for offline reading. The app is designed to follow blogs, magazines, news publications, YouTube channels, podcasts, and more, providing a great user experience as an RSS feeds and article downloader app.

Plenary has two main advantages: there is no login required, and there are no ads or trackers. The app does not track user activity, and all data is stored locally on the device. Additionally, Plenary has full offline support, and synced feeds can be accessed anywhere without an internet connection. Users can save entire articles to use the app as an offline news reader.

Some core features of the app include podcast support, an offline reader, multiple themes, auto-syncing of feeds, backup and restore options, and notifications. Other features include full OPML support, online feed searching through the Feedly API, feed categories, and full customization of the reading experience (font, text size, themes, etc.).

To add feeds, users can subscribe to local news feeds from over 15 countries, create their own RSS feeds from popular sites, or choose from over 400 recommended feeds curated by Plenary in 30+ categories.

2. Microsoft Start: News & more

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Microsoft Start is a versatile app that allows users to personalize their news feed and stay connected with the latest entertainment, sports, tech and science, lifestyles, and health and fitness trends. It also provides shopping rebates and enables users to discover nearby food and drinks. In addition, it can be used as a translator and unit converter. Users can access Microsoft Start as a search engine and earn Microsoft Rewards. They can also connect to OneDrive and enjoy wallpapers. However, functions mentioned above may not be available in all markets, and actual features and display contents may vary.

One of the key features of Microsoft Start is its ability to connect users with breaking world, national, and local news. Users can get custom daily updates on topics they follow and discover popular stories from hundreds of trusted sources. They can also receive local weather reports and instant forecast updates.

Another feature is Microsoft Start’s easy access to more than 1,000 premium publishers. Users can get local, national, and global news from over 4,500 media outlets. They can explore more and find their favorites.

Microsoft Start also provides games and entertainment options. Users can play thousands of mini-games with only one tap and get the latest celebrity, fashion, and music news.

The app also enables users to explore health and fitness trends and stay up-to-date with fashion, decor, and lifestyle trends. Additionally, it helps users find great deals and get product insights. They can shop curated lists, compare prices, and much more.

3. BBC News

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The BBC News app provides users with news from the BBC and its global network of journalists, along with live streaming of the BBC World Service Radio, social features, and personalization options. The app’s Top Stories feature shares the latest breaking news from trusted sources, while the My News feature allows users to personalize their news feed by adding topics of interest. Users can also find content quickly through a search function that suggests topics based on location, recently viewed stories, and current news.

The app offers a fuller selection of stories from the newsroom, including popular stories and videos updated throughout the day, access to journalism from BBC correspondents, video and audio content, and photo galleries with full-screen images. Other features include push notifications, My News tab, video over 3G and wifi, improved offline experience, font controls, and related stories and topics for further reading.

If users choose to receive push notifications, a unique identifier for their device will be stored by Airship on behalf of the BBC. No other personal data, such as usernames or email addresses, will be processed. The BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy ensures users’ information is kept secure and not shared with anyone else. To unsubscribe from push notifications or read the full Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, users can access settings within the app.

4. gReader | Feedly | News | RSS

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gReader is an RSS reader for Android that supports Feedly, The Old Reader, Inoreader, and local RSS feeds. It offers a variety of features, including synchronization, offline reading, podcast support, and customizable themes. It also has a user-friendly interface optimized for tablets and offers search filters, folders/tags for organization, and quick/swipe actions for faster access to useful functions.

Users can synchronize their feeds, tags, and shared items between gReader and Feedly/The Old Reader, or they can use gReader without any online services. The app offers auto synchronization and supports 2-way sync for read items. Users can also mark articles as read while scrolling, listen to their news with voice-reading (text-to-speech), and search/filter keywords to save search results.

gReader offers a variety of services, including translation, mobilizer (Google, Instapaper, Readability), and the ability to save articles to Pocket, Instapaper, or Readability. It also has a list view with sorting options (by newest, oldest, or feed) and a rich article list with snippets and thumbnails. Users can customize their reading experience with themes, night mode, and easy reading mode, and can enlarge their reading space with fullscreen mode.

gReader requires certain permissions, such as GET_ACCOUNTS and USE_CREDENTIALS for quick login access, and READ_LOGS for the feedback feature.

5. Bundle Breaking News

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Bundle is a global news aggregator that provides access to over 10,000 news outlets, publishers, magazines, newspapers, columns and blogs from 18 countries. The platform is designed to provide personalized and unbiased news content that is relevant to the user. Bundle’s unique search feature allows for efficient searches of articles and sources from various categories.

The app also offers a reader mode that removes clutter from web pages for easier reading, as well as an offline mode that enables access to articles even without internet connectivity. Users can browse content from various topics, delve into 20+ categories, trending topics and discover the most popular stories.

With Bundle, users can create and access their collection of favorite and most trusted sources via ‘My Bundle’. The app also offers daily editorial picks, ‘Daily Bundle,’ that is compiled by editors to spotlight well-sourced, fact-based stories to provide users with relevant and reliable news from a wide range of publishers. Additionally, ‘Hot Bundle’ offers a fine selection of inspiring, enlightening and empowering content curated daily by editors.

Bundle provides an easy-to-use interface with two viewing modes, grid view and card view, and various customization options, including disabling article thumbnails when low on data, using dark mode to preserve battery life and allowing users to login with their social media accounts. The app is available for free and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

The app’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can be accessed through their website.

6. Feedly – Smarter News Reader

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Feedly is an organizational tool that enables users to effortlessly compile and share information from various sources. Millions of professionals and learners utilize the app on their mobile devices to keep up with relevant blogs, magazines, and other content. With Feedly, users can easily organize all of their publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more in one place, presenting content in a clean and easy-to-read format. Users commonly use Feedly to read blogs, learn new skills, and track keywords, brands, and companies.

Feedly allows users to gain faster access to numerous sources of news and information, making it easier to stay informed on important industry trends and topics. Additionally, because the platform is connected to over 40 million feeds, it offers a much deeper range of niche content than its competitors.

One of Feedly’s key features is its open system. It’s powered by RSS, and users can add any RSS feed and read it wherever they go. Moreover, Feedly offers integration with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more, making sharing stories with networks and teammates effortless.

Feedly prides itself on its simplicity and speed. With a simple and clean reading experience, the app is easily the best free reader available on Android phones and tablets. To start, users can search for a blog, magazine, or newspaper they enjoy and add it to their Feedly.