6 Best Logcat App For Android

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Download the Best Logcat App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to debugging Android apps, having access to detailed system logs is crucial. However, sifting through the logcat output on an Android device can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there are several logcat apps available for Android that offer advanced filtering and search options, making it easier to identify and troubleshoot issues. In this article, we will explore some of the best logcat apps for Android, highlighting their features and functionality.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Logcat App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Logcat App For Android

1. [Discontinued] Navigation Gestures–Swipe Controls

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This app is not compatible with Android 11 and later versions. Additionally, Navigation Gestures will not be receiving any more updates.

Navigation Gestures is a gesture control app that brings swipe gestures to any Android device. Users can replace the navigation bar buttons and get gesture controls without having to wait for the next Android update or buy a new phone. The app can also completely hide the stock navigation bar without root.

Navigation Gestures offers various ways to control your phone using different gestures such as swiping left, right, up, or down, tapping, double tapping, long pressing, and splitting the pill in three. Users can also customize the gesture bar and pill appearance.

The app offers many actions that are available for free or with a premium subscription. These actions include Home, Back, Recent apps, Toggle split-screen, Open previous app, Open Assistant, Hide pill, Toggle navigation bar, and many more. There are also Root actions available for users with rooted devices.

Navigation Gestures allows customization of the pill appearance, behavior, sensitivity, vibration duration, animation duration, and more. Users can also blacklist the pill or show the navigation bar in selected apps.

If users encounter any issues, they can troubleshoot them by setting up ADB, running specific ADB commands, or visiting the app’s page for more information. The app’s official XDA forum thread and GitHub page are also available for feedback and issue reporting.

2. Logcat Reader

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Logcat Reader is a tool that facilitates the viewing and saving of device logs. The app’s source code is available on github.com/darshanparajuli/LogcatReader.

The app comes with several useful features such as color-coded logs based on log priority, the ability to search through log messages and tags, and the option to select from available log buffers. Additionally, users can save the logs as a simple text file, which can be viewed via logcat. The app also includes a dark UI theme that switches on automatically at night by default.

The option to select from available log buffers may not work on all devices. In such cases, the option will simply not be present in settings.

To use the app, two specific permissions need to be granted. The first is android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, which is necessary for saving logs. The second is android.permission.READ_LOGS, which is required for fetching all of the logs, not just the ones produced by the app itself. Instructions to grant this permission will show every time the app is opened.

Logcat Reader has been tested on HTC One (m7) and HTC 10 devices. Those interested in learning more about the app can visit its GitHub page at https://github.com/darshanparajuli/LogcatReader.

Thank you for considering Logcat Reader as a tool for viewing and saving device logs.

3. Logcat Extreme

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Logcat Extreme is an advanced Logcat/Dmesg reader and Logcat recorder that has a comprehensive set of features and a user-friendly interface. It is important to note that this app requires root access or READ_LOGS permission to display accurate logs. For non-rooted devices, users need to grant the READ_LOGS permission by connecting to a computer and copying/pasting a specific ADB command. It is essential to keep in mind that since Android 4.1, all logcat apps need root access to display logs properly.

Version 1.5 introduces a new user interface that is highly improved and polished, providing a more user-friendly experience. The update features a pure material design that aims to deliver a top-quality app for logcats. Additionally, update 1.1 introduces a new feature known as Floating Logcat powered by StandOut, which enables users to keep the logcat on top right while using their device.

Logcat Extreme offers several features such as live logcat reading, pause/resume, recording (even in the background), sending logs via mail, and applying filters (priority level, format, etc.). The search box enables users to conduct quick filtering while several options configure the logcat. Furthermore, the app can read the kernel’s debug messages (dmesg), and its intuitive controls provide easy access to all its features.

4. Logcat [NO ROOT]

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The Android log reading app allows users to connect to phone local ADB daemon through remote debugging without the need for root access. However, configuring remote debugging on a phone can be challenging and requires some technical knowledge. The setup only needs to be done once but will require repetition after each device reboot.

To enable the feature, the user must first enable USB debugging on their device. This can be done by navigating to Settings > About Phone and tapping Build number seven times. Then, the user must access the Developer options menu and check the USB debugging option.

The next step is to enable remote debugging by installing Android SDK on the user’s computer and running the following adb command after connecting the phone via USB cable: adb tcpip 5555. It’s important to disconnect the USB cable before using the app, as some phones have trouble handling network ADB connection when connected via USB.

Sometimes, establishing a connection to ADB may hang, requiring the user to kill and restart the app. This issue seems to stem from the ADB daemon itself and not the app.

5. MatLog: Material Logcat Reader

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MatLog is an application that allows users to debug their apps, find error stacktraces and inspect the system log, also known as logcat. It features color-coded tag names and an easy-to-read column display that can be searched in real-time. Additionally, it has a recording mode with a widget, and the ability to save and open logs from an SD card.

Users can also send logs as email or attachment, and the app will automatically scroll to the bottom of the screen. It offers search autosuggestions and saved filters, as well as the option to select and save parts of logs. Furthermore, MatLog is an open-source and ad-free application that is designed with material goodness.

The application is based on a similar app and can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/plusCubed/matlog.

6. Logcat Reader Professional

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Logcat Reader Professional is a powerful and fast log reader for Android devices that allows users to filter, evaluate and save log files just like on desktop. The app enables users to filter log files by apps, processes, threads, tags, levels and messages, with unlimited number of filters at the same time. Additionally, the app provides full support for regular expressions, the ability to write log entries to a file, copy log entries to clipboard and import log files.

To use the app without ads, users can upgrade to the Ultra version, which is financed by discreet advertisements at the bottom of the screen. It is important to note that after installing the Ultra version, it may take a few minutes for the ads to disappear. As such, users are advised to close and open Logcat Reader Professional once a few minutes after installation.

Users can also offer suggestions for improvement or request for the app to be translated into their language by contacting the developer via email at info@conena.com. Overall, Logcat Reader Professional offers a comprehensive log reading experience for Android users.