5 Best Inclinometer App For Android

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Download the Best Inclinometer App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonInclinometers are a critical tool in various industries, including construction and engineering, where precise angle measurements are required. With the advent of smartphones, inclinometer apps have become popular, providing a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional inclinometers. This article discusses the best inclinometer app for android, highlighting its features and capabilities. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY enthusiast looking for accurate incline measurements, this app is worth considering.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Inclinometer App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Inclinometer App For Android

1. Clinometer + bubble level

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The Clinometer is a professional slope measurement tool that can measure slopes using all sides of the device and the camera. It can be used for simple applications such as aligning frames or in more sophisticated fields where an arbitrary slope needs to be measured accurately. Reviews for the tool are available for users to read and write. If users have any questions or suggestions, they can use the support link provided.

The Clinometer has several features including three modes: Clinometer mode (activated automatically when holding upright), Camera mode (manual activation in any direction), and Bubble level (activated smoothly when holding flat). The relative angle between device positions can be measured, and two-way calibration is available for every four sides plus the bubble mode. This allows for calibration on non-level surfaces to achieve optimal precision. The device can display the slope in five different unit modes, including degrees, percentage, rise over run, and 1V:H. The background dial can also be smoothly rotated to define which side of the device represents 0° and 90° degrees.

The tool offers a motion-sensitive lock feature and a fullscreen mode that can be toggled for accurate measurements. Different color schemes are available, including day and night color schemes for both the bubble and clinometer modes. The device’s auto-lock feature can be adjusted to prevent it from turning into sleep mode. However, it is important to note that the Clinometer is intended for recreational use only and may not be accurate for all measurements, depending on calibration.

2. Laser Level

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The Laser Level is a versatile measurement application that includes a laser pointer, spirit level, and clinometer for measuring vertical angles and determining horizontal planes. The app features three main modes: innovative laser leveling, a regular spirit level, and a clinometer. These modes are equipped with precision digital and analog indicators that present data in degrees, percentages, and other units of your choice.

Additional features include the ability to calibrate your device’s level, adjust measurement precision, lock orientation, take pictures while measuring, and send measurement results to others. The app does not require internet access.

The Laser Level app has many practical applications, including measuring objects like roofs, buildings, columns, mountains, and trees, setting the angle of inclination of surfaces, installing appliances and devices, and using it as a digital or laser measuring tape. It is also useful for interior and exterior design work, in-house and in the garden, and many other applications.

Overall, the Laser Level app is accurate, intuitive, and easy to use. It is a valuable tool for handymen, DIYers, and professionals alike.

3. Multi Clinometer

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The Input of the product includes a 2D spirit level, a 2D clinometer, and a roll & pitch clinometer (inclinometer). It is suitable for measuring the roll and pitch of vehicles, leveling hobby constructions, leveling pictures on walls, and other similar uses. The device can be accurately calibrated without the need for exactly vertical or horizontal surfaces. The clinometers feature both analogue and digital displays. For the analogue displays, the resolution can be continuously adjusted by using pinch gestures. The digital display resolution can be chosen between degrees or tenths of degrees. Additionally, the noise level/time constant can be adjusted.

Users can select any orientation of their phone/tablet as zero for their display. After zeroing, accurate measurements of small angle changes can be made. Furthermore, users can select portrait or landscape orientation, backgrounds, and colors according to their needs and preferences. All settings, including calibration, are saved when the app is closed.

For support or feedback, users can contact apps@physicssolutions.info.

4. Simple Inclinometer

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The Free Inclinometer / clinometer is an application that can be used to measure the angles or steepness of a slope. It can also serve as a plumb line, a bubble level, and an inclinometer / clinometer. This app is very simple to use, free, and provides immediate and clear indication of steepness / angles.

Using the edges of the phone, the inclination in degrees can be determined, making it as easy as the use of a bubble level. This app is user-friendly and reliable.

5. Clinometer

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A Clinometer is an instrument used to measure vertical slopes, typically the angle between the ground or the observer and a tall object. Its motion range is 90 degrees, allowing for use of any side of the device. Precision is adjustable up to 3 decimal places using the toolbar menu or settings screen. Users can access the navigation menu by touching the hamburger button on the top left of the screen. The Help Screen provides access to the user manual, information about sensors on the device, and privacy policy.

The Clinometer app comes with a range of features, including precise angle or inclination measurement with a clinometer, bubble level, laser level, or protractor. It also includes a compass with light and magnetic field computation features. Users can choose from various unit systems such as degree or percentage. With the relative angle mode, the app can measure the angle or slope on surfaces that are not parallel to the ground. Users can even take measurements with the camera via laser level or protractor, depending on their preference. Additionally, the app includes a to-do list, option to capture images with measured values, and save measurements to a database. Users can also display their measurement history on the Record Screen or visualize it with graphs. The app even allows for exporting a hard copy of the history as an xls file.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the app developers. If users encounter a bug while using the application, they are encouraged to write to smarttoolfactory@icloud.