6 Best Full Battery Alarm App For Android

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Download the Best Full Battery Alarm App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonA full battery alarm app for Android is a popular tool among smartphone users. It enables users to keep track of their phone’s battery life and avoid unexpected shutdowns due to low battery levels. In this article, we will discuss the best full battery alarm app for Android, highlighting its features, functionality, and benefits. The app is designed to provide users with timely battery level notifications and alerts, thus ensuring their devices are always powered up and ready for use. Whether you are a heavy or casual smartphone user, this app is an essential tool that can help you stay connected and productive throughout the day.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Full Battery Alarm App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Full Battery Alarm App For Android

1. Battery Charger Alarm

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The Battery Charger Alarm (BCA) app is designed to monitor the battery status of Android phones. It includes features such as low battery alert and full battery alarm for user convenience. The full battery alert helps protect and save mobile battery from overcharging, thereby extending battery life and conserving energy. The low battery alert reminds users before their phone battery is completely drained.

The app comes with several key features, such as full battery charging alert, battery saver, battery percentage monitor, lower battery reminder, ability to set a favorite alarm ringtone, set alarm ringing frequency, control vibration settings, control silent mode settings, control night mode settings, and do not disturb.

BCA helps extend battery life by preventing overcharging. To improve battery efficiency, it is recommended to keep the full or maximum battery alert to 90% and low or minimum battery alert to 30%. Users are advised to avoid charging their phone to 100% as it can kill battery life.

The Vibrate and Silent Mode features consider the activated user profile on an Android device. When these modes are turned on, the battery alert will not ring while the phone is on vibrate or silent mode. Turning these modes off will ring all battery alerts, even in vibrate and silent profiles.

The Night Mode feature prevents any battery alert from ringing between 11 PM to 8 AM. Users can use this feature to stop alarm and battery charging notifications during these hours.

2. Full Battery & Theft Alarm

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THEFT alarm is an Android app designed to protect the battery of your phone and Android Wear Smartwatch from overcharging. The app notifies you when the battery is fully charged and allows you to set the battery level and customize various settings.

However, users should note that if they use any task killer app, they need to add THEFT alarm to the ignore list or white list; otherwise, the application may not function correctly. Additionally, OnePlus users above 7.0 need to go to battery optimization settings on their Android settings and uncheck battery optimization for this app to use auto start features. Xiaomi users need to include the app for auto start and give permissions to use auto start features in the security settings given by the Xiaomi default.

THEFT alarm supports Android Wear Smartwatches and offers an anti-theft alarm feature. This feature sounds an alarm when your phone is unplugged or fully charged, allowing you to leave your phone charging unattended while keeping it safe. The app also includes a charger alarm feature that alerts you with audio and vibration when your phone is fully charged, making it useful when you want a quick charge without having to check your phone every minute.

THEFT alarm offers various features, including battery percentage, charge history, charge time, remaining time to 100%, and sound and vibration alarms when the charger is unplugged or fully charged.

3. Battery Alarm

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The Battery Alarm app is a useful application that alerts the user when the battery is either charged or discharged at a specific level. The app is designed to extend battery life and is easy to configure, requiring no critical Android permissions. The app does not display ads, nor does it use the internet, GPS, or GSM, ensuring that no user data is collected or compromised.

There are three types of warnings available, including voice warning, sound warning, and notifications warning. Users can control the alert volume on their phones, and the PRO version supports voice alert in 32 languages. The user can set the minimum and maximum battery alarm, and the alarm recurrence period is 10 or 30 seconds until the PRO version supports alarm recurrence from 5 seconds to 12 hours.

The Battery Alarm app provides detailed battery status information, including temperature, current, battery status, percentage of battery charge, battery health, current battery temperature, and current battery voltage. Users can also check battery consumption from the app by clicking on the Battery Usage button. The app supports multiple languages, including English, Dutch, German, and Japanese, among others.

For phones from Android 8.0 and newer, some phones may need to be set up, such as turning off battery optimization for the Battery Alarm app and enabling the Lock app in recently used apps and allow option auto start options. Users can find more information on the app’s website.

4. Full Battery Charge Alarm

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Full Battery Charge Alarm is an application that alerts a user when their phone or tablet has reached a full battery charge, indicating that it is time to unplug the device. This functionality helps to prevent unnecessary charging, preserve the device’s battery life, save on electricity and ultimately take care of the device.

In addition to the full battery charge alarm, the application contains an optional beta feature called the low battery alarm/charge reminder. This feature is intended to help users charge their devices on time and it can be activated in the app’s settings.

Users of Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi or Meizu devices may need to follow specific instructions to avoid issues with unwanted termination of the app/alarm. Links to these instructions are provided within the app.

The alarm options are configurable, including the ability to select a custom ringtone and to enable or disable vibration. The app is designed with simplicity in mind to ensure ease of use for anyone.

Using Full Battery Charge Alarm is straightforward. After opening the app, users can enable the alarm, adjust settings such as ringtone and vibration, and then the app will take care of the rest.

Some features of the Full Battery Charge Alarm include helping users unplug their devices on time, the optional low battery alarm/charge reminder, configurable alarm settings, a material design look, simplicity and ease of use, fast and lightweight nature, a clean and simple user interface, and the fact that the app is free.

5. Battery 100% Alarm

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A new app called Battery 100% Alarm has been developed to promote energy conservation. This app is designed to notify users when their phone battery is fully charged, with an alarm, to encourage them to remove the charger and save energy. Users will also be kept updated on battery charging status through home screen widgets and notifications. In case of any issues or feature requests, users are encouraged to write an email to appeteria@gmail.com.

It is important to note that due to the vast number of Android devices available, users may experience varying levels of stability with the app. However, the developers are working diligently to ensure its stability across different devices. MIUI users, in particular, are advised to enable the app in Settings -> Permissions -> Autostart to ensure it auto starts when the charger is connected.

6. Full Charge Alarm

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The Full Charge Alarm is a mobile application that notifies the user with a high volume alarm when the battery is fully charged. This app is designed to help prevent overcharging, which can damage the battery. It is a unique and convenient way to ensure that the phone is not left on the charger for an extended period, especially in today’s busy schedule.

The Full Charge Alarm app is automation-based, which means that there is no need to turn on the battery alarm. It will automatically notify the user when the battery is fully charged. This feature is especially useful for those who find it hard to check the battery status repeatedly throughout the day.

However, if the user has any task killer or RAM cleaner app on their phone, they must add the Full Charge Alarm app to the ignore list or white list. Otherwise, the battery alarm may not work correctly. Additionally, for some phones, users may need to turn on the auto-start option in background run settings to include the app in the security settings for auto-start.

The application is highly efficient in terms of performance and battery usage. The sound of the battery alarm is specifically designed to be easily heard by users without causing irritation. When running on battery, the app will be closed automatically to save battery life.

This app provides valuable information about the battery, including battery alarm, temperature, health, technology, charging status, and notification bar options. It supports all major languages, making it accessible to a diverse range of users.