6 Best Free Aac Apps For Android

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Download the Best Free Aac Apps For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article provides an overview of the top free AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) apps available for Android devices. AAC apps are designed to assist individuals with communication challenges, providing alternative methods for expressing themselves. These apps offer a range of features and functionality, such as picture communication symbols, text-to-speech capabilities, and customizable vocabularies. By exploring the best free AAC apps for Android, users can find a solution that meets their unique communication needs.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Free Aac Apps For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Free Aac Apps For Android

1. Aac Talking Tabs

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Aac Talking Tabs is a straightforward assistive communication tool designed for individuals with speech disorders, primarily children but useful for anyone with this type of challenge. The application includes over 9000 ARASAAC images in six languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese) that users can utilize to create tables, tales, and books.

ARASAAC symbols, which are pictographic symbols, are the property of CATEDU (http://catedu.es/arasaac/) under a Creative Commons License and are created by Sergio Palao. Users can build simple phrases or tap-and-talk using the eight categories of tables available, such as people, actions, emotions, objects, food, places, adjectives, and other. The application also includes a new feature that enables users to send created sentences through WhatsApp.

Users can choose to have the device tell tales or tap each image to listen at their pace. They can also create books and add questions and answers to verify whether the child has understood what they read. Building tables and tales is simple, and users can insert, delete, and modify any images in the edit mode. They can also copy and paste text to create symbol books quickly.

The application is compatible with smartphones and tablets running from 2.2 to 4.4 O.S. Backup and restore options allow users to save their work and transfer it to other devices with Aac Talking Tabs.

2. CoughDrop AAC

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CoughDrop is a comprehensive communication and support tool designed to cater to the needs of individuals with complex communication needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Angelman syndrome, Rett syndrome, and others. The app can be accessed through a paid account on coughdrop.com, and a two-month trial period is available before functionality becomes limited.

The app comes equipped with starter boards for different communication levels, and users can customize their boards using a rich symbol set, user-provided images or camera photos, user-recorded audio, and speech synthesis. The app is highly flexible and configurable to cater to the unique access and comprehension needs of individual communicators.

CoughDrop is compatible with multiple devices, enabling users to access the same communication tools and interface on their phone, tablet, and computer. Users can also link their accounts, allowing parents, therapists, and supervisors to access a communicator’s boards from their own devices to facilitate modeling and board modification. The built-in reporting and messaging tools foster consistency in strategy and knowledge sharing across locations and times.

3. SecureME – Launcher, Lock

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SecureME is an Android Kiosk Launcher that restricts user interaction and limits activity to the defined execution scope. It replaces the default home screen with a customizable screen, allowing access to only selected apps and preventing users from exploring other apps on the device. This feature helps control unnecessary data usage and unprofessional use of the device.

SecureME offers various features, including single or multiple kiosk modes, secure access, auto launch, hidden apps, daily time limits, restricted times, personalized home screen for different users, and allow/block contacts options. It also provides a secured kiosk mode that blocks users from altering system settings with a password.

SecureME has several use cases, such as parental supervision, educational institutions, enterprise use, customer payment, feedback and engagement, and delivery applications in logistic companies. It offers advantages such as increased productivity, enhanced user experience, and improved data safety and security.

To avail of the benefits of SecureME, users can download and install the app. Enterprises can customize the app to suit their needs by contacting the developers at unfoldlabs@gmail.com.

4. Voice4u AAC Communication

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Voice4u is a user-friendly application that offers a wide array of fun and memorable images to assist and enhance language skills. The application caters to individuals who may have communication difficulties due to various reasons such as autism, stroke, language barriers, or traumatic brain injury. It offers a solution to bridge the communication gap between the individual and their surroundings. Voice4u is lightweight and convenient, making it easy to use anywhere and anytime. The application has been well-received by special education teachers and speech therapists worldwide.

Voice4u offers over 180 icons with corresponding words, including clear and easy-to-listen audios, making it an effective tool for language communication. The user can customize the icons by arranging them in alphabetical order or by grouping them into different categories such as greetings, actions, and feelings. Voice4u also allows users to create their own icons using personalized pictures and voice.

With Voice4u, users can create visual schedules, tell stories, explain events or occasions, and share delicious recipes. The application has been recognized for its excellence and has won the grand prize for the Android Application Award (A3).

5. Speech Assistant AAC

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Speech Assistant AAC is a text-to-speech (TTS) app that caters to individuals who have speech impairments due to Aphasia, MND/ALS, Autism, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy or other related speech issues. The app allows users to create categories and phrases, which are then placed on buttons to form messages that can be shown or spoken through text-to-speech. Users can also type text using the keyboard. The app is available on smartphones and tablets and offers a portrait and landscape layout for all devices.

The app comes with various features such as categories to organize phrases, an auto complete feature for quick phrase access, and a full screen button that displays messages in a large font. Users can also customize the app to suit their needs and preferences. They can adjust the size of buttons, text, and text box, choose from various color schemes, and assign different colors to individual buttons.

Additionally, users can share their messages via mail, text, and social media. The app also supports the use of a Bluetooth keyboard, allowing users to create shortcuts for functions such as Speak, Clear, Show, and Attention Sound. To prevent double tapping, the app offers an option to disable a button temporarily after touching it, and a button to undo unintentional clear button taps is also available.

Users can access different voices for the app, depending on the voices installed on their devices. They can also download other voices from the Google Play Store.

6. SymboTalk – AAC Talker

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SymboTalk is an app that provides augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for people who cannot speak due to physical or mental conditions such as autism, Down Syndrome, apraxia, or stroke. The app uses symbols, either pre-made or custom-designed, to build communication boards that users can click on to have the app speak for them. SymboTalk offers 14 predefined boards based on ARASAAC symbols translated to 23 languages, with options to add images to symbols, record audio, and group symbols into sentences. This app also supports all Android text-to-speech languages and offers cloud services for sharing, syncing, and backing up data.

SymboTalk can be personalized with a flexible board design, sub-boards, and symbol color choices. Users can also lock their screens to prevent modifications to their boards. The app includes offline support and allows for searching of boards and symbols. The app provides cloud services for sharing, syncing, and backing up data, which are paid for options. SymboTalk can be used on any device or platform with any screen size, and data can be accessed from any device with real-time syncing.

SymboTalk is an AAC system designed to provide communication boards for any use. The app allows users to make their own symbols or choose from an online library of over 60,000 images from ARASAAC, Mulberry, and Sclera symbols.