6 Best Fastag App For Android

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Download the Best Fastag App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn recent years, the implementation of toll plazas across highways has been on the rise, with the aim of cutting down on traffic congestion and ensuring seamless passage of vehicles. Fastag is an electronic toll collection system that enables commuters to pay toll fees without the hassle of cash transactions. With the increasing popularity of Fastag, several Android apps have sprung up in the market aiming to provide the best user experience. This article will explore the features of the best Fastag app for Android, offering insights into its functionality, usability, and overall performance.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Fastag App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Fastag App For Android

1. My FASTag

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The My FASTag App now allows for instant recharge of any issuer bank’s FASTag through Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment. Users can create a new UPI ID and pay using any bank account or BHIM UPI App on their mobile. The money is then transferred directly from the user’s UPI linked bank account to their FASTag Wallet/Account. Note that only the FASTag issuer banks live on the UPI platform will appear in the list of banks in the App.

Customers who have purchased an IHMCL FASTag can use the My FASTag App to link their tag with their bank account. When the user clicks Link IHMCL FASTag, the system will ask for a reference number received on email/SMS at the time of buying the tag from the vendor. The mobile number and email ID provided by the customer at the time of purchase must be active and available for linking the tag. Additionally, the customer’s bank must be live on NETC platform for linking with IHMCL FASTag.

2. Fastag Partner

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FASTag Partner is a service provided by Sarvodaya Infotech Private Limited that offers various banks’ FASTag for sale and recharge. The company is authorized banking partners for several banks, and customers can purchase FASTag through their app, which will be delivered to their doorstep in 2 to 3 working days via Speedpost. The FASTag Partner app facilitates easy purchasing and recharging of FASTag with simple steps.

The Indian Government has mandated the affixing of FASTag on all new vehicles sold since December 1, 2017. The FASTag Partner App will be accessible to over 10,000 dealers throughout the country, allowing them to access a single platform and activate the FASTag at the time of vehicle delivery.

FASTag is mandatory at over 600 National Highways toll plazas and selected 54+ State highways toll plazas. From December 15, 2019, all lanes at National Highway toll plazas will be considered dedicated FASTag lanes, except for one hybrid lane. Non-FASTag users will be charged double the fee if they pass through FASTag lanes.

FASTag is a reloadable tag that uses RFID technology to enable cashless payments for toll taxes, saving time on toll plazas. FASTag recharge is made easy via the FASTag Partner app, which enables customers to buy FASTag for commercial vehicles with a click.

3. eToll by ICICI Bank – Buy & Manage FASTag

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ICICI Bank offers a mobile app called eToll for their FASTag service. This app provides several features to users for easy and convenient transactions.

Users can recharge their FASTag anytime and from anywhere with the help of eToll. The recharge options available include internet banking and payment gateway. This allows for fast and hassle-free transactions.

The app also provides a secure OTP based login system for added security. With this feature, users can easily access their accounts while ensuring the safety of their personal information.

Users can view and transact on all their FASTags through the eToll app. The app also allows users to check their balance and generate statements for their transactions.

In addition, eToll helps users find toll fares for trips they plan to take. This feature helps users plan their journeys and budget for their expenses accordingly.

For further information on ICICI Bank’s FASTag service, users can visit their website at www.icicibank.com/fastag.

4. Fastag Suvidha

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Toll plazas have become a significant concern in India due to various issues such as long queues, pollution concerns for the toll collectors, extra fuel costs, honking at the booths, and frequent incidents of crime. These issues are often observed at the toll points.

Every day, around 15 Crore vehicles use national highways across India. On average, each vehicle idles for about 10 minutes at toll booths and octroi posts. This results in a significant loss of approximately Rs 1,272 Crore every day.

The loss incurred due to idling vehicles is a result of both fuel wastage and time loss. Apart from this, the long queues at toll booths also contribute to increased fuel consumption and air pollution, which further add to the costs.

To address these concerns, various measures such as the implementation of electronic toll collection systems, dedicated lanes for emergency services, and the deployment of security personnel have been introduced. These measures aim to reduce the waiting time at toll booths and improve the overall experience for commuters.

5. FaSTAG – Buy, Active, Recharge, Help 2020

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The app is designed to cater to individuals who are interested in purchasing and making inquiries about FaSTag. Once an account for FaSTag is activated, the Ftag is affixed onto the windscreen of the vehicle. This enables the driver to pass through toll plazas without stopping their vehicle, thereby saving time that would have been spent on cash transactions.

FaSTag is currently operational across 400+ toll plazas situated along national and state highways. The benefits of using FaSTag include the ability to access In-App toll plaza transaction statements, 24/7 operational support on tolls, and customer support on payment-related assistance on all days. Additionally, SMS alerts for toll transactions, low balance, and other relevant information are available.

Users of the FaSTag app can enjoy several features, including a mobile application that is accessible and user-friendly. Other features include the ability to replace FaSTag, update vehicle numbers, watch help videos, and close FaSTag accounts. However, it is important to note that terms and conditions apply to the use of the app and its features.

6. WheelsEye: FASTag,GPS,Fuel

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Our Super FASTAg system enables the management of tolls and offers automatic refunds for incorrect or duplicated toll deductions. Furthermore, we provide a 24-hour tag replacement service for broken or damaged tags.

Our GPS technology is designed specifically for truck operators and offers advanced tracking capabilities to safeguard against theft and prevent overspeeding. This technology allows for increased control and oversight over vehicle operations.

We offer cashback options for purchases of diesel, CNG, or oil at over 18,000 HPCL pumps. This incentive program provides an additional benefit to our customers and offers potential cost savings.