5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover App For Android

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Download the Best Duplicate Contact Remover App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonDuplicate contacts can be a common issue for Android users who frequently transfer data between devices or sync their contacts across various accounts. Having multiple copies of the same contact can cause clutter and confusion, making it difficult to find the right contact when needed. To tackle this problem, various third-party apps have been developed that claim to remove duplicate contacts from the device. In this article, we will explore the best duplicate contact remover app for Android and its features, advantages, and limitations.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Duplicate Contact Remover App For Android

1. Duplicate Contacts Fixer and Remover

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Duplicate Contacts Fixer & Remover is an application that can be used to scan and remove duplicate contacts on Android. The app is designed to help users keep their contacts library organized by deleting duplicate entries or merging contacts to create a neat list. Manually organizing contacts can be a nightmare, and errors are likely. This application can swiftly scan contact lists and eliminate duplicates from a phone, making it a tool to help manage and optimize a phone address book.

The app comes with advanced scanning algorithms that help identify and delete or merge duplicate contacts in one go. The application has several features to assist in identifying and deleting identical contacts with a single tap. It is simple, light on device resources, and battery-friendly. It also has the ability to create a backup of all contacts before scanning and can eliminate similar contacts as well. The backup folder is stored in a .vcf format for easy restoration in case of any issues.

With the extensive features offered by Duplicate Contacts Fixer & Remover, users can delete duplicate contacts in their phone book. The app can organize contacts by eliminating duplicate contacts, displaying contacts from all accounts in one app, and grouping scanned duplicates for easy deletion. The application also offers backup and restore capabilities, allowing users to backup their contacts and restore their original contacts list.

2. Contacts+

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Contacts+ is a widely used contacts and dialer app that also provides caller ID and spam blocking features. It is loved by over 10 million users across the globe and is developed by the Contacts Plus Team.

The app is designed to help users connect with their friends while also allowing them to block unwanted calls and messages from telemarketers and spam. With Contacts+, users are always in control of their calls and messages.

Contacts+ also offers personalization through its customizable themes, which enables users to make the app more private and personalized.

In addition to its basic features, Contacts+ also provides caller ID, calls and SMS spam blocking, white/dark themes, speed dial, fast dialer search, smart contacts sort, birthday reminders, and duplicate contact merging.

For any queries or feedback related to the app, users can contact the Contacts Plus Team at support@contactsplus.com or visit their website https://www.contactsplus.com/faq.

3. Cleaner – Merge Duplicate Contacts

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Simpler Merge is a free app that allows users to merge duplicate contacts in their address book with just one tap. It has been trusted by over 3 million users worldwide. The app offers several features to help users clean up their phone book, such as merging duplicate contacts, finding and removing duplicate contacts, and backing up contacts with a single tap.

To merge duplicate contacts, the app identifies contacts with similar names or identical phone numbers and email addresses. This feature is helpful for users who have switched phones or imported contacts from other sources, resulting in duplicate contacts in their address book.

In addition to merging duplicate contacts, Simpler Merge also allows users to clean up their phone book by removing contacts with missing data, such as missing names or phone numbers. This ensures that users only keep contacts that are useful to them.

The app also offers a backup feature to keep users’ contacts safe and secure on a cloud storage service. Users can backup their address book online or export VCF files via email, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other services.

Simpler Merge is available in 15 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Hebrew. The app welcomes feedback from users and encourages them to share their thoughts about the app on the Simpler Merge website.

4. Duplicate Contacts Remover

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Duplicate Contacts Remover is an application designed to automatically scan, detect, and delete duplicate contacts on smartphones. The app addresses the issue of syncing functionality across various social media platforms, which can cause multiple entries for the same contact.

Users can take backups of their contacts from SIM cards, phone memory, Google, or any other social media accounts linked to their phones individually. Backup files can be saved and shared via email in formats such as .vcf, .csv, and .text.

When migrating to a new phone or social media account, these platforms fetch all the contacts stored in the user’s cloud storage. Duplicate Contact Merger detects these duplicate contacts and offers users an opportunity to keep only one copy of their number.

Duplicate Contact Remover is designed to remove duplicate contacts and merge identical copies of each number. Additionally, deleted duplicate contacts are stored in a .vcf file, allowing for future recovery.

This application has several features, including Duplicate Contact Detector, Duplicate Contacts Remover, and Recover Contacts. It also allows for the backup of all contacts in CSV, TEXT, and VCF formats, the import and export of contacts to different phones, and the transfer of contacts to different accounts. Users can share or save backup files in Gmail.

It is important to note that the app does not store any user information or contacts in any form. The developers encourage users to rate and review the application to help it grow.

5. Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App

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The Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App is a user-friendly tool used to sort out and manage contact lists with ease. The app utilizes an advanced search algorithm to detect and remove duplicate contacts from the address book, resulting in a more professional overall look. Additionally, the app optimizes phone numbers, providing users with an efficient phone contacts list management system.

With just a few taps, Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App can arrange and optimize piles of multiple contacts, freeing up unnecessary phone storage space. The app offers a highly optimized duplicate remover and contacts merger functionalities, allowing users to backup, merge, and remove unnecessary contacts easily. Organizing a phone book has never been so effortless.

The app offers an elegant and smart user interface designed for easy contacts management. It offers an effortless access to contacts for optimized contact management. Duplicate Contacts Cleaner App detects, scans, and identifies duplicate contacts in the phone’s contact list. The app offers free up space recommendations with contact cleaning and duplicate remover functionalities for a clutter-free phone book.