6 Best Dry Fire Android App

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Download the Best Dry Fire Android App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonDry firing is an essential practice for any firearm owner looking to improve their accuracy and proficiency. With the rise of mobile technology, dry firing apps have become a popular tool for gun enthusiasts. These apps provide users with an interactive and customizable experience, allowing them to simulate various shooting scenarios and improve their trigger control. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the best dry fire Android app, which is designed to help gun owners enhance their skills and become more confident shooters.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Dry Fire Android App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Dry Fire Android App

1. LaserHIT

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LaserHIT dry fire training software is a tool that allows individuals to practice multiple drills and build their shooting skills while also reinforcing firearm safety. The software is designed by shooting instructors and inspired by military veterans, with the aim of making it fun and inexpensive to shoot like a professional. Users can practice with their own targets or actual objects and use augmented reality to reload and reset their practice right from the firing line.

A unique feature of LaserHIT is that the application can register hits on paper targets in real-time and display shot results onto a smartphone screen. The application is compatible with two types of LaserHIT training cartridges, high definition and generic, to cover a full range of Android phones on the market. Additionally, the application will run a phone hardware compatibility check to advise users before purchasing a LaserHIT training kit. LaserHIT is a universal application that is compatible with all common laser training cartridges on the market.

Users have the option to set up the software with a large screen TV to emphasize the visibility of their training results. For the best experience, they can connect a TV and phone directly through a Smart View option or visit the LaserHIT website for more options. The software is compatible with most Android phones, but there may be compatibility limitations with some models.

2. Dry Practice Drill

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Dry Practice Drill is a timer designed to aid in handgun training and practice. This app is particularly helpful for those planning a visit to FrontSight, as it comes pre-loaded with the recommended drills and times. The app is user-friendly, allowing users to easily select a drill and start timing.

Upon selecting a drill and pressing “Start,” the user will hear a warning sound, followed by a start tone. It is important to complete the drill before the whistle sounds. To repeat a drill multiple times, simply increment the “reps” counter.

The “Pro” version of the app offers additional features, such as the ability to edit, delete, and create custom drills. It also includes instructions for the pre-loaded drills. To access these features, go to the menu and select “Go Pro.”

Newest features of the app include string support, which allows users to gradually increase speed, and the ability to set a default number of reps per drill. Users are encouraged to suggest new features for future updates.

It is important to note that all safety precautions for dry fire practice should be observed, including removing all ammunition from the weapon and practice area.

3. Dry Fire Par Time Tracker

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Dry Fire Par Time Tracker is a tool that surpasses other Par Timers. It offers various features such as repetition of each exercise without the need to press the start button, retention of practice session history, computation of progress statistics over time, and supports a database of exercises.

The application has two formats – Basic and Advanced. The Basic format requires information such as Par Time, Delay, and number of reps. The Dry Fire Par Timer will then repeat the exercise. The Advanced format is more customizable as it allows you to tune the Par Times and Delay Times to your specific exercise. You can perform the repetitions at a decreasing par time, set an initial delay differently than the other delays, and randomize the delay times to limit anticipation of the beep.

The latest version of the application (1.97) offers an added feature. Increasing the number of reps decreases the par time, putting more focus on the faster par times. Additionally, the application supports grouping drills into sets. If you practice different drills each session, you can group your drills and recall the set to perform.

The Free Version includes all the features of the paid version, but displays advertising. The application comes with five pre-installed sample exercises. However, the exercises and stats shown in displayed images are not included in the application.

It is important to always ensure the firearm is unloaded and the magazines are empty.

4. MantisX – Pistol/Rifle

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MantisX is a shooting precision training system that provides real-time coaching to help users optimize shooting mechanics. The system requires a MantisX Sensor, which can be attached to any picatinny rail or rail adapter for firearms that lack a built-in rail. The Sensor’s internal electronics collect movement data before, during, and after a shot, and the app analyzes this data to diagnose shooting mechanics, provide real-time coaching, and identify areas for improvement.

The MantisX Sensor is available for purchase on the official MantisX website. Once the Sensor is attached to a firearm’s picatinny rail or adapter, its internal electronics collect and transmit movement data to the MantisX app. This data is analyzed by the app, which then provides real-time coaching to help users optimize their shooting mechanics. By identifying areas for improvement, MantisX allows users to train more efficiently and effectively.

MantisX is designed to improve shooting precision by providing real-time coaching and analysis of shooting mechanics. The MantisX Sensor collects movement data before, during, and after a shot, which is then analyzed by the app to provide users with real-time coaching and feedback. The app also identifies areas for improvement, allowing users to focus on the most important aspects of their shooting mechanics. By making training more efficient and effective, MantisX is a powerful tool for improving shooting precision.

5. G-Sight Laser Training Pro – Award-Winning App

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G-Sight Laser Training Pro App is a mobile device-based training application that employs cutting-edge technology to deliver instrument-level performance without requiring users to adjust any parameters. It works with most third-party paper targets without specialized hardware, and a full-feature Android 6.0 or above smartphone is necessary for its use. After virtually setting up any target and pressing the Train button, the user can begin training, complete with real-time hit location marking and auditory feedback for each shot. The user can review each hit or miss shot and continue training. The app is safe, convenient, and cost-effective, and it allows anyone to practice perfecting the fundamentals of firearm training, shooting, drawing, and marksmanship. Additionally, the Shot Timer feature times each shot and calculates the split time.

The G-Sight Laser Training Pro App has three modes: Laser Training 10 Shots, Laser Training Unlimited Mode (in-app purchase), and Shot Timer Mode (in-app purchase). The Laser Training 10 Shots mode allows the user to place their Android phone around one yard distance with the camera facing the target, press Start, and then return to the shooting position while the App automatically and instantly sets up the camera for training. When the session is complete, the user can review all their shots and restart the training with the Train Again button.

6. Mantis Laser Academy

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Mantis Laser Academy is a dry-fire laser training system that features smart targets, which allow for automatic hit detection, scoring, and shot time tracking through the Laser Academy app on your smartphone’s camera. The system is designed to help you train smarter and enhance your shooting performance in both marksmanship and speed.

With Mantis Laser Academy, you can set up a dry fire laser range that is powerful, safe, convenient, and inexpensive. You can also test your skills against friends using dueling drills that enable side-by-side shooting.

Key features of the system include automatic target detection, shot detection, and scoring, as well as drills focused on marksmanship, speed, and reaction time. Shooter-to-shooter dueling drills and a history-saving feature are also included.

To get started, you will need the Mantis Laser Academy app, smart targets, a laser cartridge or laser-enabled firearm, and a tripod with a phone mount. You can purchase any of these items separately or as part of a full training kit from MantisX.com.

When setting up your training area, it is important to ensure the safety of yourself and others by checking all firearms for unloaded status and removing live ammunition from the area. You can then place the smart targets in the desired location, avoiding areas with glare, and launch the Mantis Laser Academy app to begin training.