5 Best Drum Tuner App For Android

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Download the Best Drum Tuner App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonDrum tuning is a crucial aspect of producing quality sound in a drum kit. Tuning the drums can be a difficult task, especially for novice drummers. To overcome this challenge, drum tuning apps have been developed to help drummers tune their drums effectively. These apps provide a digital tuning experience that enables users to adjust the pitch of each drum lug to achieve their desired sound. In this article, we will discuss the best drum tuner app for Android, its features, and how it can be used to tune drums.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Drum Tuner App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Drum Tuner App For Android

1. Tuner & Metronome

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The featured app includes various innovative and easy-to-use features such as the most accurate chromatic tuner and professional hands-free metronome. The app is designed by musicians, resulting in a fast and simple interface. In addition, users can access over 4,000 free sheet musics. With just one touch, users can begin and stop the metronome, turn on the tuner, toggle between flash light, vibration, and visual-mode metronomes, record playing, select rhythm patterns, and use battery-saving mode with a black screen.

The app has customizable A4 frequency and allows users to record their playing with an integrated one-touch recorder. Additionally, users can upload their own sheet music through the app and record and practice playing while watching uploaded or provided sheet music. The metronome never lags beats, providing an accurate and reliable source of tempo for musicians.

The app features a flash light metronome mode for situations where the metronome’s sound may be difficult to hear due to volume limitations or loud background noise. Users can feel the beats with flashes of light projected onto the wall. The app also includes a large and simple button for starting and stopping the metronome.

Other features of the app include support for all instruments and transposed instruments, scales practice, precise beats per minute control, BPM detector, practice time tracker, high precision tuner, visual metronome mode using the flash light of the camera, tuning fork, and pitch pipe.

2. Drum Tuner – iDrumTune Pro

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iDrumTune Pro is a drum tuning system that provides assistance and education to drummers. It is regarded as the most advanced and accurate system for drum tuning and is widely used by drummers worldwide. Sound on Sound Magazine praised the app as an invaluable aid for drummers, studio engineers, and producers, while expert drummers’ website, www.mikedolbear.com, considered it indispensable due to its simplicity, accuracy, and tuning information.

iDrumTune Pro offers features that were previously impossible to achieve in drum tuning. It includes Pitch Tuning, which helps in finding the perfect tone of each drum, Lug Tuning, which ensures that the drumhead is evenly tuned to give a smooth and warm tone, and Resonant Head Tuning, which allows both drumheads to work together and create rich overtones. It also has a Spectrum Analyzer that helps in understanding the frequencies that are heard when playing the drums. Additionally, it provides an extensive manual that explains the science and art of drum tuning.

iDrumTune is the first and most intelligent system for analyzing drum sounds and tuning, developed by drummers, music producers, and acoustics research professors. It measures the frequency of drumhead vibrations to create a readout, much like an acoustic guitar tuner. This readout shows the recorded sound waveform and gives the strongest frequency recorded.

3. Drum Tuner | Drumtune PRO

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Drumtune PRO is an app that turns your phone into a drum tuner, allowing you to fine-tune your drums to perfection. The app shows the precise lug pitch of your drum, eliminating guesswork when tuning drums. With a 7-day free tuner trial upon logging in, subscribers can enjoy the ultra-fast and accurate drum tuner feature, which is the only paid app feature. All other app features are free, and there are no automatic subscriptions or hidden costs.

Drumtune PRO is more than just a drum tuner, as it is a complete multi-tool that assists you with exploring the full potential of your drums. The app’s features include basic/preset/lug tuner modes, the widest tuning range out there, sustain/full kit-interval calculator, customizable drum tuning presets with cloud backup, and predefined kits. The app’s drumhead expansion packs feature drumheads from Remo, Evans, and Aquarian.

The app analyzes pitches, helping you clear your drum heads and eliminate the hassle of guessing lug pitches by ear. It has a learning curve to master drum tuning, and you should take your time to experiment and absorb insights. Once mastered, Drumtune PRO empowers you to fine-tune your drums to perfection, consistently. Tune as you like until the drum sounds and feels right for your needs, and you can make the tuning decisions to maximize your sound.

4. Drum Tuning Calculator

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The Tune-bot tuning calculator is a tool designed to assist drummers in achieving their desired sound. By taking into account the specific drums being used and personal preferences, the calculator recommends settings based on musical intervals. These suggested settings can be used with the Tune-bot drum tuner to achieve the exact sound desired. Alternatively, users can experiment with different tunings or try pro tunings from Tune-bot artists. The pitches of all drums can be saved for easy recall and re-tuning.

The tuning calculator app includes calculators for drum sets, snare drums, bass drums, and single toms. It also offers the ability to store and recall multiple drum sets, access pro tunings and a tuning guide, and view tuning videos. It is important to note that the Tune-bot tuning calculator is not a drum tuner itself, but rather is intended to be used in conjunction with the Tune-bot drum tuner.

The Tune-bot drum tuner is available for purchase worldwide at music stores and online. A list of dealers can be found at www.tune-bot.com.

5. drum tuner EZ > drum tuning made easy!

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DRUM TUNER EZ is a smartphone app designed to simplify drum tuning. With its hit & tune feature, drum tuning is made ridiculously easy, epically fast, rad accurate, and dirt cheap. The app eliminates the need to use a tuning fork and saves valuable time.

To use DRUM TUNER EZ, users simply need to follow four steps: hit near a lug, press ‘SET’ to make the lug pitch into the tuning target, make all lugs match the target pitch, and play. This app features normal view, lug overview, swift tuner response, pitch resolution up to 1 Hz accuracy, and pitch detection range from 30 Hz to 550 Hz.

However, it is important to note that this app does not support rooted, hooked, debug mode, or otherwise modified devices. Modifying, rooting, hacking, etc. is performed at the user’s own risk. In case of any concerns or queries, users can reach out to the DRUM TUNER EZ support team via email, website, or Facebook.