6 Best Bluetooth Controller App Android

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Download the Best Bluetooth Controller App Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis technical document presents an analysis of the best Bluetooth controller app available for Android devices. The purpose of this analysis is to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the features and functionality of the app, as well as its compatibility with various controllers. This document is designed to help users make an informed decision when selecting a Bluetooth controller app that best suits their needs. The analysis takes into consideration factors such as ease of use, reliability, customization options, and pricing.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Bluetooth Controller App Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Bluetooth Controller App Android

1. 8BitDo Ultimate Software

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The 8BitDo Ultimate Software is designed to provide users with complete control over their controller, allowing for customization of button mapping, stick and trigger sensitivity, vibration power, as well as the creation of macros.

The software is compatible with two types of controllers, namely the 8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller, and the 8BitDo Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox.

For additional information and support, users are advised to visit support.8bitdo.com.

2. BT Controller

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The BT Controller is an application that can turn an Android device into a controller for any emulator that supports custom buttons. This application allows users to play console games anywhere and control emulators on their TV, tablet or phone. It supports up to four players and can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect devices. Additionally, users can create their own controllers or download from thousands of user-made controllers.

It is worth noting that the BT Controller requires location permission to be granted, as mandated by Google, for Bluetooth scanning. Additionally, this application is only capable of controlling Android apps and games that have keyboard controls and cannot control physical consoles.

To use the BT Controller, users must first open it on the device that will run the emulator and click Create Host. Following the directions that appear, users must enable the BT Controller Keyboard and activate it. Afterward, users must open BT Controller on another device that will be used to control the emulator and select the Host device in the Wi-Fi or BT Host list. Once an emulator is opened on the Host device, users can map the BT Controller buttons to the emulators buttons using the emulator settings.

Instructions on how to use the BT Controller can also be found on YouTube, with separate videos available for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Finally, the end-user license agreement (EULA) for the BT Controller can be accessed on the website at http://soft-igloo.com/eula.html.

3. Arduino Bluetooth Controller

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The ARDUINO BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER is an Android application that can establish a connection with any Arduino/microcontroller project that involves a Bluetooth module. The application allows the user to set a UUID of his own Bluetooth module in order to connect the Android application with his projects. The default UUID that comes with this application is for the HC-06 Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module RS232. The application is comprised of four command modes: Vehicle Mode, Fader Mode, Controller Mode, and Terminal Mode.

In Vehicle Mode, the user can remote control a vehicle by pressing the joystick button and using specific gestures. The application uses the built-in accelerometer sensor of the smart device to interpret gestures to commands. The mode provides via the menu options the option to change the orientation of accelerometer axises (X->Y, Y->X) in order to operate properly in Android phones with different default orientation. Additionally, there is a STOP and an ANDROID button that can be assigned with custom commands. This mode is specifically designed to remote control a vehicle which uses a Bluetooth module and a microcontroller.

In Fader Mode, the user can experiment with servos, LEDs, motors, and more with a fader-seekbar that can send commands from 0-9.

In Controller Mode, the user has access to a standard controller layout with 10 buttons in total that can be assigned with custom commands.

4. Mobile Gamepad

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The mobile app in question allows users to transform their mobile devices into virtual multi-touch gamepads, which can be used to play PC games via WiFi or Bluetooth connection. It should be noted that in order to use the app, a windows application must be installed on the PC. This can be downloaded from the provided link.

The app offers a number of features, including easy-to-use traditional buttons, the ability to access a list of games and launch them directly from the mobile app, customization of keys for each game, and the option to use the device’s accelerometer. Additionally, users can control the volume of their PC using their mobile device’s volume buttons, and emulate mouse movements and clicking.

It is important to note that the server application is only available for use with windows. Users looking to conserve battery life should utilize the app’s dark mode feature.

5. BlueTooth Serial Controller

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The app in question is not intended to function as a game controller, but rather for use with robots. It is an updated version of the Bluetooth Serial Controller with a new icon and updated name (previously known as BT Serial Controller). The app utilizes Bluetooth SPP to enable wireless serial communication with AVR, PIC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and similar devices.

Users have the ability to adjust button size to better fit their device screen size by going to PREFERENCE, OPTION, and selecting Button Size. Additionally, users can customize button names, commands, visibility, and repeat. The controller allows for up to five different set-ups to be stored by selecting the corresponding letter (A-E). The app also includes a terminal mode where communication logs can be saved and copied. Enabling PREFERENCE – OPTION – CONTROLLER+TERMINAL allows users to view sent and received data.

Users are able to backup the value of the controller. The storage location for this backup is displayed upon saving, and the data is stored in the Controller Backup folder, which is a common folder utilized by all controller apps (such as WiFi TCP/UDP Controller). Data is saved in the CSV file format. However, it should be noted that if the name or command contains a comma, the data may not be able to be fully read. Permissions required for backup include WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, while permissions needed for advertising include INTERNET and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE.

6. Bluetooth Controller

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The Bluetooth Serial Controller version 2.0 (20170507) has been updated with an auto mode feature. This feature allows for the repeated sending of commands a specified number of times. The delay function allows for the specification of the time to send the command.

The previous version (1.0) of the Bluetooth Serial Controller had a GUI mode which allowed for the creation of custom position command buttons, as well as a command mode which allowed for the direct transmission of commands to a Bluetooth module. This version also supported STX, ETX, CR, and LF. The controller was tested with an LG G3 Cat 6 and HC-06 Bluetooth module.