6 Best Beep Test App For Android

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Download the Best Beep Test App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to measuring one’s cardiovascular fitness, the beep test remains a popular and effective tool. In recent years, mobile apps that simulate the beep test have emerged as a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional beep test equipment. For Android users, there are several options available, each claiming to be the best beep test app. In this article, we will evaluate the features, usability, and accuracy of some of the most popular beep test apps for Android to help you make an informed decision.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Beep Test App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Beep Test App For Android

1. Beep Test

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This app is designed to help users determine their fitness level. The app offers both the original Luc Leger’s protocol (1984) as well as the most popular at-least-60-seconds alternative. Users need a pair of running shoes, a flat 20 meter running pitch, a modicum of enthusiasm, and the app to get started. The app is not GPS-enabled but is a timer app that allows users to easily conduct the beep test.

The app is simple, non-intrusive, and highly accurate. It prompts users with beeps or ringtones that they select and displays seconds to beep, seconds to next level, distance covered so far (including shuttles), and time elapsed. Users can choose a 15m or 20m lap and the app offers an autostop feature. Once users are done, the app estimates VO2_Max and calorie consumption, which can give them bragging rights, allow them to compare their fitness to that of the general population, and chart their progress.

While using the app, users may experience some side effects such as runner’s high, becoming fitter, and becoming leaner. The app also offers a pro version, which offers sophisticated group and advanced individual testing options, graphical analyses, save and export results, level and shuttle voice cues, and more.

2. Beep Test Pro

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The Beep Test Pro app is a sophisticated tool that allows for group testing as well as advanced individual testing. It includes both the original Luc Leger’s protocol from 1984 and the popular at-least-60-seconds alternative. Users are encouraged to examine the app, watch the demo video, and perform a few test runs before going live with it.

Beep Test Pro is an enhanced version of the free basic Beep Test app available on the Google Play Store. It offers features such as multiple user support, the ability to maintain lists of names, edit, delete, save and reload results, graphical analyses, and the option to switch between Enclosure and Name mode. Users can import names, store them on an sdCard or Gdrive, and enjoy enhanced voice cues and practise options.

The app features the ability to sort results by name, VO2Max, or date, and users can view progress graphically with group options. Exporting results is made easy with options to email them, send them to Gdrive, and paste them directly into GoogleSheet. Users can also load them into other spreadsheets.

The app features super-accurate timings, an option to run the first level at 8 kph, and an option to run 15-meter laps instead of the default 20 meters. Users can use the app to stay fit, work out, and enjoy life more.

3. Bleep Test – UK Police

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This app provides a simple and reliable way to practice the Multi Stage Fitness Test (MSFT), also known as the Bleep Test, specifically designed for police officer recruits according to the College of Policing standards. To use the app, all you need is a pair of running shoes, a flat 15 meter running pitch, and the app itself. Note that this is not a GPS-enabled app, but rather a timer app that enables you to conduct the bleep test with ease.

The app is straightforward, unobtrusive, and highly accurate. It includes no ads, tracking, or special permissions. It prompts you with beeps or ringtones of your choice, displays the remaining seconds of the shuttle, indicates the seconds to the next level, displays the distance you’ve covered so far (including shuttles), time elapsed, and offers an autostop feature. Once you’ve completed the test, the app will show you your attained Level and your estimated VO2_Max. You can also compare your results with the fitness standards for 13 specialist posts, including firearms officers, dog handlers, and police cyclists.

The app does not store your results; however, you can save your progress by taking screenshots of the result screen. If you want additional features and want to express your appreciation for the app, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

4. Beep Test SF

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BeepTestSF is an application that forms a part of the StudentFit research program. This program aims to provide intervention and support to students in various fields of study, both in Poland and abroad. The BeepTestSF is a physical fitness test that can be taken by anyone who doesn’t have any medical restrictions to engage in intense physical activity.

The BeepTestSF test is designed to evaluate a person’s cardiovascular endurance and fitness levels. The test requires the participant to run back and forth between two markers, with the increase in speed over time. The test is conducted in stages, with each stage becoming increasingly challenging. The test continues until the participant can no longer keep up with the increasing pace.

The BeepTestSF application is an easy-to-use tool that can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet. It is designed to provide real-time feedback to the participant during the test, including the current stage and the number of runs completed. The results of the test are saved in the system, which can be accessed and analyzed by the researcher. The application can be used in various settings, including schools, universities, and fitness centers.

5. BleepFit

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The Bleep Test, also commonly referred to as the Beep Test or Pacer Test, is a popular fitness testing tool that evaluates one’s level of fitness. Participants are required to run back and forth between two posts that are a distance of approximately 20 meters apart upon hearing a ‘Beep’ signal. Initially, the signals have a long interval between them, but over time, they become increasingly frequent, with the frequency increasing at each of the 12 levels.

The Bleep Test is an effective and straightforward way to assess one’s endurance capacity. It is a useful tool for athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts to monitor their progress and identify areas where improvement is needed. The test is relatively easy to administer, and the results are easily quantifiable. The test can be administered in a variety of settings, including sports clubs, schools, and fitness centers.

To conduct the Bleep Test, the participant is required to run back and forth between the two poles, with the speed increasing incrementally at each level. The test is designed to push the participant to their limits, and it is not uncommon for individuals to reach their maximum capacity before reaching the final level. The test is an excellent way to evaluate one’s cardiovascular fitness, and it is often used by coaches to assess their athletes’ readiness for competition.

Overall, the Bleep Test is an effective and reliable way to evaluate one’s fitness level.

6. Beep Test Leger Running FREE

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This application is a unique tool designed specifically for the Leger Test, also known as Course Navette or Beep Test. Users are able to change the language to English, French, or Spanish and configure the starting level of the test, even choosing levels below 0, while maintaining proportional values for each test speed. The distance for the test can also be modified by adjusting the 20m between cones. Additionally, the application offers 11 different beep sounds to choose from, providing a unique testing experience. Users can optimize VO2max calculation based on the age range of test participants using formulas created by Luc L├ęger, the creator of the test.

During the test, users can save an unlimited number of results at any time and add information by voice when saving the results. The test can be paused and restarted as needed. Once the test is finished, the application offers options to send the results, including copying them to the clipboard for pasting into any other application, sending them by Gmail with a single button press, or saving them to the device in a .csv file format.

This application was created by professionals in Physical Education who required these specific features and found them lacking in other applications designed for the same purpose.