5 Best Bangla Quran App For Android

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Download the Best Bangla Quran App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFor those seeking a comprehensive digital Quran experience on their Android devices, a variety of apps are readily available in the market. Among these, one stands out for its user-friendly interface, rich features and reliable performance – a Bangla Quran app that delivers an immersive reading and listening experience to its users. With its extensive collection of Quranic verses in the Bengali language, coupled with advanced features such as audio recitation, bookmarks, and search functionalities, this app is a popular choice for those looking to engage with the holy book on their mobile devices. In this article, we will explore the key features of this app and assess its suitability for those looking for the best Bangla Quran app for Android.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Bangla Quran App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Bangla Quran App For Android

1. Bangla Quran -উচ্চারণসহ (কুরআন মাজিদ)

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The Arabic Bangla Quran app allows users to recite the Quran in Arabic and Bangla, complete with audio recitations and translations. The app also features background audio players that are customizable to the user’s preferences. Surah information is provided as well, including Arabic pronunciation and various translations in Bangla, English, and transliteration. The app uses a smooth font and includes a collection-based bookmark system and subject-wise search function. Users are encouraged to report any errors to the developers, who will promptly address them. Overall, the app has been positively received and appreciated by its users.

2. Al Quran Bengali (কুরআন বাঙালি)

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The Digital Al Quran with Bengali translation is a user-friendly app that allows users to read Quran in portrait or landscape mode. It features an easy-to-use design that allows users to slide the screen to move to Surah or Juz. The app offers light and dark themes, Surah and Juz Index, and Uthmani or IndoPak script style. It also includes a transliteration with Bengali text, word-by-word translation, and colored Tajweed.

Moreover, the app provides an audio mp3 murattal of 30 Juz with eight reciter choices, along with an audio control that allows users to play, pause, stop, next or previous verse, and repeat. Additionally, users can copy or share verses, bookmark or mark verses as last read, and search for words from translation. The app also offers prayer times and Imsak, supports adzan alarm, Qibla direction from the user’s location, and Hijri calendar.

The app has several ads to help with its development, but the placement does not interfere with reading the Quran. All features of the app are free without any restrictions, and the revenue from ads is used for the app’s development, including monthly rental of three servers and the fee consumption of programmers and designers in developing features and fixing bugs. If users do not want ads to appear, they can make a donation from the app.

3. Quran Mazid (Tafsir & ByWords)

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Quran Mazid – কুরআন মাজীদ is a widely used Quran application that boasts over 34,000 reviews and an impressive 4.8/5 rating. This app offers numerous essential features that include multiple translations, multiple tafsirs, word by word with audio, Quran recitation, Quran index, and more.

The application’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) have a clean and visually appealing design. There are over 40 translations and 10 tafsirs available, including Tafseer Ibn Kathir. The word by word translation with audio is available in English, Indonesian, and Bangla based on Quran. There is also a Quran index that facilitates subjectwise Quran orientation.

Users can listen to several recitations by over 30 reciters, including Mishary Al Afasy, Abdur Rahman As-Sudais, and many others. The application also offers the Nurani and Hafezi Quran. Users can arrange bookmarks and favorites in user-made categories. The search engine is powerful and includes highlights.

The app offers the Uthmani or IndoPak script style and color-coded Tajweed. Multiple themes, including night mode, are available. There is also an autoscroll feature, and users can copy and share verses.

The Quran Mazid app is accessible via their website at www.quranmazid.com.

4. Quran Bangla

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Quran Bangla is a Smartphone application that provides native speakers of Bangladesh with access to the divine teachings of Quran. The application features an authentic translation, transliteration, and audio recitation of all 114 Surahs of Quran e Kareem.

The main screen of the application includes several features for the convenience of users. The Quran option allows for friendly recitation with easy-to-use features such as font size and style selection, English language translation, Bangla translation, and mp3 audio recitation.

Bookmarks are included in a separate folder for easy and quick access to previously bookmarked chapters and verses of Quran. The Sajdas feature highlights the 14 places in Quran where prostration in front of Allah is compulsory.

The Stop Signs feature is an additional tool to help Muslims understand and properly recite the teachings of Quran with its proper divine rules (Tajweed of Quran). It guides users on the rules to follow in order to avoid invalidating the recitation of Quran Kareem.

The Search option is incorporated to allow users to easily search for particular chapters or verses of Quran. The Go To option is included for quick access to specific chapters and verses of Quran Kareem.

Overall, Quran Bangla is a free Android application that provides complete guidance to its users and innumerable bounties upon recitation.

5. Quran Bangla (বাংলা)

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The Quran Bangla app offers users the ability to read the Quran in bengali language. The app includes color tajweed to assist the reading and reciting of the holy Quran, with the first two surahs available for free. Users can also read a selection of verses on various topics covered in the Quran.

With the app’s prayer reminders, users can subscribe to notifications of local prayer times, with auto-setup available. Additionally, the settings section allows for easy configuration of the app. Users can swipe from left to right to go to the previous surah or from right to left to go to the next surah.

The app features a new design with ActionBar and allows users to copy ayat to clipboard. Users can also resume surah audio playback from any ayat, and browse suras, Ajiza’, and ayat. A long click over a verse will add it to bookmarks, share it on social media or messaging apps, or attach notes to it. Users can listen to the arab recitation by Abdullah Basfar inside each surah and use the Audio Manager to easily download and delete the recitations.

The Advanced version of the app offers additional functionality, including color Tajweed in all 114 surah, three different contrast modes for comfortable reading, unlimited favorites, no ads, and improved speed. Users can also download all recitations with a single click. The Note section allows users to read all their notes at once.