6 Best Baby Names App For Android

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Download the Best Baby Names App For Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article presents an overview of a popular baby names app available for Android devices. The app provides a vast database of names, their meanings, and origins, allowing users to search and sort through various categories. In addition, the app offers features such as name generators, favorites list, and social sharing. The following sections will provide a detailed analysis of the app’s features and functionality, as well as its user interface and performance.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Baby Names App For Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Baby Names App For Android

1. Baby Names by Nametrix

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Baby Names by Nametrix is a comprehensive baby names app that provides users with an extensive database of over thousands of baby girl and boy names. The app offers a range of features, including name meanings and origins, name lists categorized by themes, audio pronunciations, recommendations based on user preferences, and countries where each name is most common. Additionally, users can view popularity graphs, suggestions for brothers and sisters, variations, and tags such as unisex, vintage, and biblical. The app also provides insight into male vs. female percentages, political party leanings, and profession leanings.

The app offers a unique perspective on baby names, utilizing real-world, data-driven analysis unmatched by other apps, websites, or books. It’s an excellent tool for expecting parents, writers, and anyone curious about the meaning behind a name. The app provides inspiration for pregnancy, writing, or imagination.

The app also offers a sampling of popular names, such as Emma. Users can view where the name is most commonly found, including Sweden, the UK, and Australia. In the US, the name peaked in popularity in 2003, but it’s peaking again now and is currently the most popular girl’s name in the country. Emma is a vintage name that was first popular in the early 1900s.

2. Babyname

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Babyname is a new solution that helps busy couples find the perfect name for their baby. It offers an enjoyable and straightforward approach to connect with the partner and select a name, regardless of location.

The application allows the couple to swipe through baby name cards simultaneously. If both partners like the same name, it is considered a match and automatically saved to their favorites list. This guarantees that the couple does not forget the name.

Babyname features an extensive database of over 30,000 unique names, each with its origin and meaning. For instance, Lucy means light, and Yunus means Dove. This feature makes the app educational and entertaining for users.

3. Baby Names / First Names 2022

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CharliesNames is an artificial intelligence-equipped app that assists parents in selecting the perfect first name for their newborn with the participation of their partner. The app has already helped a million parents choose a name, and its database includes 14,000 first names.

The app enables users to filter names according to gender and read the meaning and origin of almost all names. Inviting partners, older children, family, and friends to participate in the name search is possible via the app. The app also allows users to match their favorite names with their partner’s and enter their surname to find a first name that matches. Besides, CharliesNames includes the top names in numerous countries, such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia, among others. The app has no advertisement, has an excellent design, and follows privacy regulations.

CharliesNames Pro includes additional features such as filtering names according to first and last letters, excluding first and last letters, and searching with a preferred name length. Users can search for names starting with L and ending with a, which are no longer than five letters, and which their partner likes.

Parents who are looking for inspiration or want to select the perfect name for their baby can download CharliesNames and start using it. If users have questions, problems, or feedback, they can send an email to hello@charlies-names.com.

4. My baby´s name

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The app in question is designed to assist expecting parents in selecting a name for their future offspring. With a database of over 35,000 boy and girl names, the app offers three different search criteria to simplify the process. Users can search for names based on length, popularity, or origin. The origin options available include African, American, Arabic, Asiatic, Brazilian, Central European, Chinese, English, French, Germanic, Greek, Hebrew, Indian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Scandinavian, Slavic, Spanish, and Scottish.

Once a gender is selected, the app generates a list of names for both parents to individually choose their favourites from. When completed, the terminal is passed to the other parent. The app then takes both sets of preferences and narrows down the list to find the desired name.

In cases where both parents have the same preferences, the app generates a list of name pairs chosen at random. Users must select one name from each pair until their favourites are chosen. This process is repeated for both parents, and any matches are noted.

5. Baby Names

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The Baby Names application offers a user-friendly interface for exploring over 30,000 names, along with their corresponding meanings, pronunciation, gender, and origin. It allows the user to easily access information on any name, including how popular it was in any given year dating back to 1880. The application provides various search criteria, including name, gender, and origin, with an option to search by initial as well. Users can save and rate their favorite names, and sort them based on gender, date, spelling, and personal rating. Additionally, the application allows users to share names via email and Facebook, and view a map of any name’s origin.

The application offers additional features, such as the ability to add, rate, and share personal names through the My Names feature. Users can also receive periodic name suggestions, experience an ad-free interface, and ask Genie for name recommendations based on the parents’ names. Users can access these features by upgrading to the Premium version of the application.

6. Kinder – Find Baby Names

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Kinder is a name choosing app that allows users to swipe through suggestions and either dismiss or like them. One free set of name suggestions is provided based on the user’s location, but additional sets can be purchased for a small fee. The app has over 18,000 names in its library, with a variety of origins available to find a unique name for a child. Users can connect with their partners to find matches.

Frequently asked questions are also provided on the app. The reason for purchasing additional name sets is due to the need for sustainability within the Play Store. If users have trouble connecting with their partner, it may be due to an expired connection code or incorrect time settings. Matches are updated every 30 seconds, and if a user purchases a name set, it will be shared with their partner. Unfortunately, there is not yet a feature to save likes, dismissals, and matches when switching to a new device.

Kinder was created by Krijn Haasnoot, a Dutch individual who had the idea while discussing baby names with friends. He wanted to create a more fun and intuitive way to swipe through name suggestions and match them with partners. While Kinder may not be the end solution to choosing a name, it aims to inspire positive discussion and make the process a little easier for new parents.