5 Best App Hider For Android Without Root

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Download the Best App Hider For Android Without Root on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn the modern age of digital privacy, the ability to conceal sensitive information from prying eyes has become an essential requirement for many smartphone users. In this regard, Android users have a wide range of app hiders to choose from, but most of them require rooting the device, which can be a daunting task for many users. For those who prefer to avoid rooting their Android device, there are several app hiders available that do not require root access. This article explores the best app hider for Android without root that offers a reliable and secure solution for concealing apps and sensitive information from unauthorized access.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best App Hider For Android Without Root for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best App Hider For Android Without Root

1. Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher is a highly versatile and customizable home screen replacement that offers advanced features to enhance your home screens. It is user-friendly and remains a great choice for anyone looking for a faster, cleaner home launcher or wanting to completely overhaul their home screens. Nova brings the latest Android launcher features to all other phones and supports thousands of icon themes available in the Play Store.

One of the key features of Nova Launcher is Night Mode and Dark Theme, which can come on automatically at a specific time, or be left on for a dark theme. Additionally, Nova offers a customizable app drawer with options such as vertical or horizontal scroll, page effects, and card or immersive options. With subgrid positioning, icons and widgets can be snapped in between grid cells, providing a precise feel and layout that is not possible with most other launchers. Nova’s backup and restore feature allows for easy transfers between phones or when trying new home screen setups. Nova is highly optimized, with smooth and snappy animations that even older phones can benefit from.

Nova Launcher Prime unlocks the app’s full potential with features such as Gestures, App Drawer Groups, and the ability to Hide Apps. Custom Icon Swipe Gestures allow for assigning swipe gestures to home screen icons or folders for custom actions. Other features include scrolling effects and unread counts.

It is important to note that Nova Launcher uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.

2. Apex Launcher – Customize,Secure,and Efficient

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Apex Launcher is a popular launcher app with over 10 million users. It offers personalized customization, app lock security, and efficient speed. The app lock feature can protect various apps, including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Messenger, and can hide pictures and videos. The app also has a customizable home screen and app drawer grid size, scrollable dock with up to ten icons per page and up to five pages, and fancy transition effects.

Users can hide elements such as the status bar and dock, choose different folder preview styles and background, and sort drawer apps by title, install date, or most used. The app also allows users to hide apps from the drawer, lock the desktop to prevent accidental changes, and use convenient home screen gestures.

The app’s advanced theme engine offers icon packs, skins, and other customization options. Users can also backup and restore settings and data. The app is optimized for both phones and tablets and has many other customization options.

The paid version of Apex Launcher, Apex Launcher Pro, offers additional features such as powerful drawer customizations, unread count notifications, and enhanced folder support. Users can also use convenient icon gestures, and more gesture options are available.

Tips for customization include creating a folder by dragging one icon over another, customizing icons and labels by editing from the popup menu, and setting Apex Launcher as the default home screen app to create icon shortcuts from other apps. The app uses Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.

3. GO Launcher – 3D parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers

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GO Launcher is a mobile app that provides users with the ability to customize their home screen, menu, and lock screen interface with 3D effects. It offers over 10,000 free mobile themes for Android and daily updates for various sorts of HD wallpapers, including beauty, pet, and landscapes from all over the world. GO Launcher also features 20+ screen and drawer animation effects, APP management, and Dr. Clean to boost phone speed. Users can even DIY their live wallpapers with massive stickers, animations, and wallpapers.

GO Launcher offers an independent developed 3D Engine that ensures extremely fast and secure operating experiences with simple, smooth, and awesome 3D effects. It aims to become the best partner for users who use Android mobiles in their life and work. GO Launcher Z is available for download and provides the best design of Android themes from Go Launcher.

GO Launcher is deeply convinced that users’ support has driven its development. The app may display ad content in certain scenes, and users can visit https://m.facebook.com/ads/ad_choices for more details. Users can contact GO Launcher at golauncher@goforandroid.com and visit their website at http://www.gomo.com. They can also follow GO Launcher on Facebook and Instagram at https://www.facebook.com/golauncher and https://www.instagram.com/golauncher_/, respectively.

4. App Hider- Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts

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App Hider is an app available on Google Play that allows users to hide other apps, particularly for popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. It also serves as a cloner for users to access multiple accounts from a single device and can hide photos and videos, as well as hide itself by turning into a calculator.

Users can import the app they wish to hide into App Hider, uninstall it from their home system, and then launch it from within App Hider. The app is optimized for social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

App Hider’s clone feature allows users to access multiple accounts of the same social media app (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook) from one device without installing the original app. This feature is unique because App Hider’s clones can run without the original app installed on the device.

App Hider also lets users hide photos and videos by importing them into a hidden gallery within the app. Users can view and play these hidden items directly from App Hider. Users can also use App Hider to protect their privacy by turning it into a calculator vault with a password.

Some users may need to install a support library to run WhatsApp and Telegram when using App Hider. The app is supported on Android 8 Oreo and 64-bit operating systems.

5. Notepad Vault-AppHider

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Notepad Vault is an application that allows for the hiding of other applications, providing privacy and security for users. The application’s features include the ability to open hidden apps in either the Notepad Vault or the phone’s interface. Additionally, the app provides a hidden picture function, which allows for the importation of pictures into the gallery that cannot be seen by others. Users can browse protected pictures in the hider’s gallery.

This app has several characteristics that make it unique. It allows users to hide all installed applications without the need for ROOT obtaining. It also provides password protection, requiring the creation of a password upon first use. The application allows for the hiding of any applications used on mobile phones, making it easy to hide apps. The hidden app can be used in the Notepad Vault or on the phone’s main interface. Additionally, the app can be opened like a standard calculator, and if the correct password is not known, the Notepad Vault cannot be accessed.

Notepad Vault also provides additional features such as the ability to hide notifications or provide them in three modes (all, just the number, or none). The app also allows for the hiding of apps from recents. A gallery module is provided to hide photos and pictures, protecting users’ secret photos and preventing others from seeing them. A shortcut to the hidden camera is provided, allowing users to take private photos using the hider’s built-in camera. Lastly, the app provides the ability to hide and play videos.