6 Best App For Malaysia News Android

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Download the Best App For Malaysia News Android on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article reviews the top Android applications that provide news related to Malaysia. The applications are evaluated based on their user interface, content quality, and reliability. The review aims to provide readers with an unbiased assessment of the best app available for Android users seeking reliable news coverage of Malaysia. The analysis considers the features that make each app stand out and the overall user experience. This review is intended to assist readers in selecting an Android news app that is best suited to their needs.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best App For Malaysia News Android for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best App For Malaysia News Android

1. Sinar Harian – Berita Terkini

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Sinar Harian, a renowned news publisher in Malaysia, offers the latest Berita Malaysia news, more than 50 news topics, exclusive breaking news, and live videos with advanced features and AI technology. The app ensures fast surfing with speedy app loading, providing a pleasant surfing experience.

Users can stay updated with the latest national and world breaking news through the app’s smart push notification system, which delivers notifications to their mobiles quickly. The live videos feature allows users to watch live news anytime and anywhere.

The app’s AI news localisation system enables users to check the latest happenings in their surroundings. It offers an intelligent news menu with over 20 news topics, allowing users to select their favourite topics. The news personalisation feature allows users to customise their love reading section by clicking on the + icon for a quick glance at the news they care about.

Sinar Harian provides unlimited content with more than 50 topics, including trending news and stories, updated throughout the day. Users can also read the publisher’s best journalism topics and news. The app promises more features to come and can be downloaded now to start enjoying reading.

Sinar Harian promises to keep users’ information secure and not share it with anyone else, in accordance with the publisher’s Privacy and Cookies Policy. To read more, users can visit https://www.karangkraf.com/polisi-data-peribadi/.

2. Newswav – Latest Malaysia News

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Newswav is a news platform that allows Malaysians to read both local and international news in real-time. The platform is user-friendly and contains news and content from major publishers and blogs in Malaysia and around the world. The app offers users the choice to read in three different languages: English, Malay, and Chinese. In addition to news articles, Newswav also offers podcasts and videos covering topics such as Politics, Business & Finance, Food, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Lifestyle, Health, Home & Living, and more. The interface is user-friendly and the app offers a night mode and compact mode for user convenience. The app is free to download and use.

It is important to note that Newswav is an online content aggregator and does not own the content that is displayed on the app. The opinions expressed in the content are those of the original authors and publishers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Newswav or its staff. Users of the app should be aware of this information and accept it as part of their use of the platform.

3. Malaysia News

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The App offers a quick and convenient way to stay updated with the latest news in Malaysia. It provides a recommended list of popular news sources that can be customized by the user. The app is designed for people with limited time to follow news and periodically sends relevant content notifications based on the user’s settings. The app also allows users to mark articles to read later or in offline mode.

The App offers several features such as news grouping in one tab, news filtering by source, and a clean user interface. The app is easy to use and provides search capabilities, periodic enhanced notifications, and the ability to read articles in offline mode. Additionally, users can add/edit/remove news sources, subscribe to any valid RSS or ATOM feed URL, and share articles with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or email. Advanced settings are available under the Settings menu.

If a user’s preferred news source is not listed, they can manually add it by searching for the RSS feed URL or share the link with the app from the source website. The app is a RSS feed reader that allows users to add/edit/remove RSS or ATOM feeds from any source. The development team welcomes feedback and encourages users to rate the app. The app uses Google Analytics to anonymously collect access data to improve the application continually.

In summary, the App is a customizable RSS feed reader designed for people with limited time to follow news. It provides a recommended list of popular news sources that can be customized as needed.

4. Malaysia News – All Malaysian Newspapers

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Malaysia News is a free and easy-to-use news reader app that provides access to various news sources. The app features a ranking system generated by social media popularity, showing the most trending articles on top. No personal information is required to use the app, and there are no hidden fees or subscriptions. Users can access multiple news sources through the app, which has a technology to categorize articles, ensuring that users can easily find what they are interested in.

The app focuses on delivering news to all Malaysians, with a particular emphasis on local news. It covers various categories, including top news, Malaysia, world, entertainment, sports, business, fashion, beauty, celebrity, tech, Peninsular, Borneo, lifestyle, car, food, otaku, and miscellaneous. The app also provides local news coverage for different regions, including Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Putrajaya, Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negeri, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor, and Terengganu.

The app supports English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Mandarin (coming soon). It has pre-integrated news sources such as AsiaOne, BERNAMA, Carlist.my, Daily Express, Free Malaysia Today, Gizmodo, Malay Mail, Malaysiakini, and many more.

5. Lumi News Malaysia

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Lumi is a news-sharing application that offers real-time news from over 40 trusted publishers. The app provides a fast and smooth app experience where users can follow headlines and see the latest news from popular publishers, including New Straits Times, Free Malaysia Today, and The Vibes. Users can receive notifications as soon as journalists break the news, allowing them to be the first to know.

In addition to the latest news, Lumi offers an Explore feature where users can browse new and interesting topics and keep up with the hottest stories that everyone is talking about. The app also allows users to turn their home screen into a feed of good news, providing inspiring, wholesome, optimistic, humorous, and heartwarming news as soon as they open Lumi. Users can also choose to receive notifications whenever there’s good news to share.

Lumi enables users to share news quickly and easily with friends, family, colleagues, and interest groups. Additionally, the app’s Verify feature allows users to search for topics and verify the legitimacy of viral posts they may have seen on social media. By searching how journalists and editors have reported on the same topics, users can discern the accuracy of stories.

Users can customize their Lumi experience by choosing their preferred language and interests, including politics, lifestyle, entertainment, world, sports, food, and more. Notification settings can also be customized to increase or decrease the amount of updates users receive on their phone.

6. FMT News

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The FMT News App offers users access to breaking news happening in Malaysia and around the world. It allows users to stay up-to-date on news, opinion, sports, lifestyle, and more from wherever they may be. The app offers breaking news alerts across all topics, quality opinion pieces, and a fully redesigned interface with multiple news flavors.

Users can explore stories, Malaysian headlines, and content on a range of topics, including business, sports, politics, recipes, and more. The FMT News App is free to download and is supported by advertisements to keep its content free.

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