6 Best Android Sync App

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Download the Best Android Sync App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAndroid Sync Apps are essential tools that allow users to synchronize data between their Android devices and other platforms like cloud storage, desktop applications or other devices. With the increasing need for seamless synchronization of data across different platforms, Android Sync Apps have played a critical role in enabling users to manage and transfer data with ease. As such, finding the best Android Sync App can be crucial in ensuring that users can quickly and efficiently synchronize their data across multiple devices and platforms. In this article, we explore some of the key features that define the best Android Sync App and provide insights on how to choose the most suitable app for your needs.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android Sync App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android Sync App

1. Dr.Fone -Data & Photo Recovery

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Wondershare Dr.Fone is a mobile device solution for Android devices that offers a comprehensive range of services, including data loss recovery and phone transfers. Dr.Fone can help users recover lost data from Android phones, transfer phone data between iOS and Android devices, and manage phone data conveniently.

The software features a simple interface and concise instructions that enable users to solve their problems more efficiently. Dr.Fone offers data security by encrypting user data from beginning to end, ensuring that no vulnerabilities or sensitive information are at risk.

One of Dr.Fone’s key features is its photo and video recovery function, which allows users to safely recover deleted photos and videos with just a few clicks. Additionally, Dr.Fone values its users’ privacy and ensures that all data is secure and protected.

Wondershare, the developer of Dr.Fone, is a global leader in application software development with six offices worldwide and over 1000 talented employees. With 15 leading products used in over 150 countries and more than 2 million active users monthly, Wondershare is a trusted brand in software development.

If you’re interested in trying Dr.Fone, the software is available for a free trial. Once installed, users can get started with Dr.Fone and enjoy the benefits of its efficient and comprehensive mobile device solution. If you have any further questions, you can follow Wondershare Dr.Fone on Facebook and YouTube to stay connected and informed.

2. Google Drive

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Google Drive, an integral component of Google Workspace, is a secure platform for storing and accessing files from any device. Its user-friendly interface allows easy sharing and editing of files with others, along with the option to receive notifications on significant activities related to these files. With Drive, users can also access their content offline, search for files by name or content, and scan paper documents using their device’s camera.

Drive provides various functionalities to its users, including secure storage and accessibility of files, quick access to recent and significant files, and the ability to share and set permissions for files and folders. Google Workspace subscribers have access to additional features like creating a shared drive, managing users and file sharing, and sharing files and folders directly with groups or teams within the organization to meet data compliance needs.

Google accounts come with 15GB of free storage shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. For additional storage, users can opt for Google Workspace or Google One as an in-app purchase. Subscriptions start at $1.99/month for 100 GB in the US but may vary by region. Users can learn more about Google Workspace Drive and Google Apps update policies through the links provided.

Google Privacy Policy and Google Drive Terms of Service provide details on how user data is collected, used, and protected by Google. Users can follow Google Workspace on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for more updates on its features and functionalities.

3. Files by Google

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Files by Google is a file management app that allows users to free up space, find files quickly, share files offline, and back up files to the cloud. It offers features such as cleaning recommendations to free up space, checking storage to see the amount of free space available, and allowing users to be in control of what they delete. Additionally, the app provides smart recommendations of files to delete before running out of space, and filters to find files faster. Users can also easily manage files by searching, categorizing, and filtering them.

Files by Google also offers offline file sharing with WPA2 encryption, allowing users to share pictures, videos, documents, or apps with others nearby who also have the app. The app uses Bluetooth to set up encrypted and direct Wi-Fi connection, making file transfer safe and secure. Furthermore, users can back up files to Google Drive or any other cloud storage app, and backup files to the SD card to free up space on their phones.

With a file size of less than 10MB, Files by Google takes up very little space on phones and does not affect phone performance. Additionally, the app serves as a three-in-one tool app by cleaning junk files and cache, finding files quickly, and sharing files. Overall, Files by Google provides efficient and effective storage management for users.

4. FolderSync

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FolderSync is a file synchronization app that facilitates syncing to and from cloud-based storage and local folders on device SD cards. It supports various cloud providers and file protocols, and the list of platforms it supports is continuously increasing. Root file access is supported on rooted devices.

With FolderSync, users can easily sync their files and back up music, pictures, and other crucial files from their phones to their cloud storage or vice versa. The app supports automation through Tasker and similar programs, providing fine-grained control over syncs.

The app contains a full file manager that allows users to manage their files both locally and in the cloud. Users can copy, move, and delete their files in their cloud/remote accounts and create/delete buckets in Amazon S3. They can also upload and download files from their phones.

FolderSync supports several cloud providers, including Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and pCloud, among others. It also supports various protocols, such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Samba1/CIFS/Windows Share, SMB2, and WebDAV.

The app has a free version that contains ads, and users can upgrade in-app to the pro version, which has no limitations. In all other regards, the pro and lite versions are identical.

The app’s change log, support, and FAQ can be found on the tacit.dk website.

5. Autosync for Google Drive

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The Autosync for Google Drive app is a file sync and backup tool that allows for automatic synchronization of files and folders with Google Drive cloud storage and other devices. Users can sync photos, documents, and files, and perform automatic file transfers and sharing between devices.

New files in the cloud account are automatically downloaded onto the device and vice versa. Two-way automatic synchronization across multiple devices is possible if folders are synced with the same cloud account.

Google Drive offers two-way automatic synchronization on computers, but not on Android devices. Autosync for Google Drive fills this gap. File transfers and communications between user devices and cloud storage servers are encrypted and do not go through the app’s servers, ensuring file content privacy.

The app includes features such as full two-way automatic synchronization, efficient battery consumption, and easy setup. Autosync intervals can be customized and the app adapts to changing network conditions, monitors battery level and connectivity, making it reliable for phone use.

Upgrading to the premium version offers additional features such as syncing multiple pairs of folders, uploading files larger than 10 MB, syncing entire cloud accounts with a device folder, syncing with multiple accounts, syncing with shared drives, protecting app settings with a passcode, and no ads.

Users can access support through the app’s website, including a User’s Guide and FAQ. Any issues or suggestions for improvements can be sent to the developer’s email.

6. Autosync – File Sync & Backup

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Autosync is a tool that enables automatic file synchronization and backup. It syncs a folder on a device with a folder on a cloud storage account, based on the user’s preferences. This synchronization takes place seamlessly without any additional effort required from the user.

It is worth mentioning that official cloud storage apps may not have automatic sync capabilities, or have only limited options. Therefore, Autosync is an ideal solution for automatic file synchronization between a device and a cloud storage account.

Autosync can perform a variety of tasks, such as automatic file sharing between user devices, backing up selected folders from a phone to cloud storage, and creating backup copies of essential documents from cloud storage, which can be saved in a device for offline use.

All file transfers and communication between user devices and cloud storage servers are encrypted and secure. No outsider, including the developer, can access or modify any file contents.

Autosync supports multiple storage services and protocols, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and FTP. It also supports WebDAV, which is widely used among many storage service vendors. Additionally, it is compatible with LAN/SMB network drives, and can sync with them via local networks.

For users who only require one cloud storage service, Autosync offers single-cloud Autosync for… apps that are simpler and easier to use than the all-in-one Autosync Universal app.