5 Best Android Irc App

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Download the Best Android Irc App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an overview of the best Android IRC (Internet Relay Chat) app available in the market. IRC is a protocol that enables real-time communication between multiple users in a chat room. A good IRC app should offer features such as easy navigation, customizable interface, reliable connectivity, and support for various IRC networks. This article will compare and analyze different Android IRC apps to help users make an informed decision based on their specific needs and preferences.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Android Irc App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Android Irc App

1. CoreIRC

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The CoreIRC Android app offers various features for secure IRC connections to multiple networks. Users can connect to IRC networks over SSL for added security and authenticate to configured servers with SASL PLAIN, SASL EXTERNAL, or SASL SCRAM-SHA-256, or just using NickServ. The app also supports receiving files over the DCC protocol with resume support and a notification system that allows users to configure notifications for each network by channel, sender, or message.

The app includes fun extras such as inline URL previews, a Now Playing script for posting what the user is currently listening to, and a System Information script for displaying device information in a simple format. CoreIRC supports common CTCP messages and features a modern design following the latest Material design principles.

Other features include background connectivity using Android services, command autocomplete, channel lists, chat logging with on-demand log file creation, chat message storage, ignore lists, IRC v3 CAPs, IRC/mIRC color support, network editor with multiple servers, proxy connection, raw commands using /quote, timestamps, UI themes, and more.

Users can share feedback or feature requests by chatting with the developers on #coreirc at irc.coreirc.com or by visiting https://chat.coreirc.com in their web browser. They can also post their issue or bug reports and feature requests to https://bitbucket.org/aureolinco/coreirc/issues.

2. Revolution IRC Client

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Revolution IRC Client is a modern Android application that has been designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. This client boasts a contemporary Material design and a host of impressive features such as background stay, message storage, and autocomplete for nicknames, channels and commands. There is also support for mIRC color formatting, an ignore list, SSL certificate exception list, and command list.

Furthermore, the client can be customized to suit users’ preferences, allowing for custom command aliases, notification rules, reconnection intervals, chat font, message format, and app colors. Despite the impressive range of features already on offer, Revolution IRC Client is still a work in progress, so if there are any additional features you believe should be included, feel free to suggest them.

Revolution IRC Client is also fully open-source, with its source code available on GitHub.

3. AndroIRC

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AndroIRC is an IRC client that offers a range of features to enhance user experience. These features include file transfer (DCC), mIRC colors, auto join channels on startup, nickserv auth, Android notifications, copy & paste, logging, sasl auth (plain and blowfish), multiple server connections (SSL support), easy access menu to kick, ban, change privileges, FiSH support, tablet support, SSL certificate support, /Ignore support, nick and channels completion, proxy support, shortcuts, handle irc:// links, and more.

Users can report any issues or bugs by accessing the support page on the AndroIRC website. Latest news and updates can also be found on the website.

A new permission is required to access the location feature of AndroIRC 3.2. This permission is exclusively for Share my location and does not allow access to precise GPS data. Instead, it provides access to the approximate network-based location.

4. IRCCloud

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IRC Cloud offers a mobile solution for staying connected while on the move. By utilizing their servers, users can maintain their IRC connections without relying on constant data access. The app also has the ability to sync the entire chat history to the cloud, allowing users to catch up whenever convenient. Push notifications are available for mentions and private messages, and users can upload and share files directly from their device. Additionally, the app supports the viewing and replying to highlights and private messages on Android Wear and Android Auto.

To provide feedback and suggestions for improving the app, users can join the #feedback channel on irc.irccloud.com, email team@irccloud.com, or find IRC Cloud on Twitter @irccloud.

5. IRC for Android ™

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IRC for Android is a popular mobile application designed for Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on Android devices. It was previously known as Android IRC and is considered to be the best in its category.

One of the main features of IRC for Android is its ability to connect to multiple servers, making it easy for users to manage and communicate across different platforms. Additionally, the app stays connected in the background, allowing users to receive messages and notifications even when the app is not open.

IRC for Android also supports SSL and SASL, which enhances security for users. It offers nick completion, notifications, blowfish encryption, IRC/mIRC/ANSI colors, and user list, among others. The app supports BNCs, including ZNC and PsyBNC, and offers individual windows for messages and channels.

Other features of IRC for Android include timestamps, logging to SD card, ignore system, quiet time, codepage support, DCC send and receive (with UPNP support), backup and restore, and multi-window support for Samsung devices. Overall, IRC for Android is a reliable and efficient application that offers a range of features to enhance the user experience.