5 Best Android Barometer App

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Download the Best Android Barometer App on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonA barometer app is a tool used for measuring atmospheric pressure. It is commonly used by hikers, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to predict weather changes and plan their outdoor activities accordingly. With the increasing popularity of smartphones, barometer apps have become readily available for Android devices, providing users with a quick and convenient way to access reliable weather information on-the-go. In this review, we will examine some of the best Android barometer apps available on the market and evaluate their features, usability, and accuracy.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Android Barometer App for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Android Barometer App

1. Barometer & Altimeter

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Barometer and Altimeter is a straightforward application designed to measure atmospheric pressure and altitude. It utilizes the built-in GPS and pressure sensor/barometer of the device. If the device does not have a barometric sensor, data on atmospheric pressure is retrieved from the closest meteorological station via the Internet. The application also incorporates an automatic calibration algorithm for altitude and atmospheric pressure based on data from local meteorological stations.

The features of Barometer and Altimeter include accurate height measurement above sea level from GPS and other sensors, precise barometric pressure measurement (provided a pressure sensor is available, and data availability online is checked), GPS coordinates, location name, country, current weather data from the local weather station (if available), outside temperature, wind speed, visibility, humidity, and hygrometer (provided the device is equipped with appropriate sensors).

This barometer or altimeter tracker can be used for various purposes, including health and medical use, fishing and sailing, sports and tourism, determining, predicting, and checking weather, air temperature, wind speed, checking location, checking pressure and altitude for pilots, and checking the wind for sailors, seamen, and surfers.

Using the Barometer and Altimeter tracker is less complicated than an aneroid or mercury barometer. The app is free, user-friendly, straightforward, and helpful. However, some portable devices, such as tablets, phones, and smartphones, do not have a built-in pressure sensor.

2. Barometer pro – free

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A professional barometer is available to monitor atmospheric pressure trends in real-time, allowing for the prediction of weather changes. The device ensures absolute accuracy through the parallel operation of different sensors such as the device pressure sensor, GPS sensor, and the remote time connection to weather stations nearby.

The barometer features an analogue dial with the option to select different quadrants, available in various measurements including hPa, inHg, mmHg, and mbar. In addition to the weather forecast, users can view the current temperature and humidity percentage in the air. The device also includes a histogram graph to display the pressure variation in the last 24 hours and a graphic map to show the GPS position.

The device allows for the capture of photographs with the weather data superimposed, with certain effects that can be activated depending on the weather conditions. Users can share these photos on popular social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and email. Additionally, a widget is available to provide constant monitoring of the weather and atmospheric pressure.

3. Barometer Reborn 2022

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The Simple Barometer and Atmospheric Pressure Tracker is a monitoring tool that can improve daily life for people who suffer from migraines or headaches. This tool provides insight into how barometric pressure can impact mood, and also provides information that is important for fishermen to adjust their fishing techniques according to air pressure trends. Additionally, changes in atmospheric pressure can sometimes indicate weather changes.

This tool is designed with a nice and modern material interface and shows current atmospheric pressure according to information provided by phone sensors. It supports multiple units, including millibars, hectopascals, inches of mercury, torrs, and millimeters of mercury. Furthermore, it tracks history up to one week and offers a simple widget for your home screen.

Optional paid features include My Places functionality, which separates barometric data into multiple charts by location to prevent data outliers while traveling. Fine-grained configuration allows users to fine-tune the look and feel of the app, and weather change alerts notify users when important atmospheric pressure changes occur. This feature can be used to warn of impending storms or gales, or warn individuals with migraine or other health problems that their symptoms may worsen.

Using this app is more convenient than using aneroid or mercury barometers because it tracks history and can be calibrated to mean sea level air (MSLP). However, some phones do not have barometer sensors, which results in incompatibility with this app.

4. Barometer Plus – Altimeter

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The Barometer Plus app is a tool that measures air pressure and altitude through the device’s built-in barometric pressure sensor. It is applicable for both indoor and outdoor activities, including hiking, climbing, and trekking. The app can monitor and predict short-term weather changes by tracking air pressure changes, making it a useful tool for weather-sensitive zones such as near mountains, sea, or deserts. Additionally, the app can be used by fishermen and individuals suffering from barometric pressure headaches and migraines.

The app features a barometer, altimeter, and supports various units of pressure and altitude. It also provides a graphic personalization option in analog classic style and can calibrate output values by sensors, GPS, and nearest airport information/METAR. The app records pressure history and provides notifications about pressure changes. Users can export history in CSV format and customize notification change values.

Barometer Plus also offers customization options for widget design, including barometer housing colors, barometer disk background colors, app backgrounds, and needle types. Users can select transparent themes for widgets and adjust interval updates in settings.

While the app provides a weather icon that shows the trend from air pressure, it is not a weather forecast function. Users should take the phone far from computer cables and other magnet sources to get accurate results. The app may collect anonymous data and error reports for improvement purposes through Google Analytics. The Altimeter function always shows approximate results due to its calculation from air pressure with an equation.

5. Accurate Barometer

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An accurate barometer is available for those who wish to determine atmospheric pressure. The device features an elegant analogical dial which displays various pressure readings. Users can view their local pressure, the pressure reduced to mean sea level (the value that weather forecast services use), and the pressure obtained from the nearest airport. A 24-hour pressure chart is also included, making it ideal for those interested in fishing or weather trends.

The device’s sensor can be calibrated and users can enable automatic periodic pressure recording. Additionally, different barometric units can be selected including hPa, mbar, mmHg, inHg, and psi. It is important to note that if the device does not have an integrated pressure sensor, users will only receive the pressure reading from the nearest airport.

Overall, this barometer provides a reliable and user-friendly solution for obtaining accurate atmospheric pressure readings.