6 Best Android Apps For Xiaomi

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Download the Best Android Apps For Xiaomi on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonXiaomi is a Chinese electronics company that has gained popularity in recent years for its high-quality, affordable smartphones. One of the key features of these smartphones is their compatibility with the Android operating system. As such, many users of Xiaomi smartphones often seek out the best Android apps to enhance their device’s functionality. In this article, we will explore some of the best Android apps for Xiaomi users, highlighting their key features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android Apps For Xiaomi for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android Apps For Xiaomi

1. Nova Launcher

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Nova Launcher is a highly versatile and customizable home screen replacement that offers advanced features to enhance your home screens. It is user-friendly and remains a great choice for anyone looking for a faster, cleaner home launcher or wanting to completely overhaul their home screens. Nova brings the latest Android launcher features to all other phones and supports thousands of icon themes available in the Play Store.

One of the key features of Nova Launcher is Night Mode and Dark Theme, which can come on automatically at a specific time, or be left on for a dark theme. Additionally, Nova offers a customizable app drawer with options such as vertical or horizontal scroll, page effects, and card or immersive options. With subgrid positioning, icons and widgets can be snapped in between grid cells, providing a precise feel and layout that is not possible with most other launchers. Nova’s backup and restore feature allows for easy transfers between phones or when trying new home screen setups. Nova is highly optimized, with smooth and snappy animations that even older phones can benefit from.

Nova Launcher Prime unlocks the app’s full potential with features such as Gestures, App Drawer Groups, and the ability to Hide Apps. Custom Icon Swipe Gestures allow for assigning swipe gestures to home screen icons or folders for custom actions. Other features include scrolling effects and unread counts.

It is important to note that Nova Launcher uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.

2. SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

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SD Maid is a tool designed to enhance device cleanliness and organization by providing various applications and file management features. Android operating systems may not be error-free, leaving behind residual software remnants like logs, crash reports, and other unnecessary files. This tool offers a solution to this problem by clearing out unwanted files and directories from your device.

SD Maid enables users to access a full-featured file explorer to manage files across the entire device. It also provides the ability to remove unwanted files from the system and manage installed user and system applications. Additionally, the tool can detect files previously belonging to uninstalled applications and perform searches based on name, content, or date.

With SD Maid, users can obtain a detailed overview of their device’s storage, optimize databases, and perform actual app cleaning to remove expendable files. This feature improves upon the typical cache cleaning process that other tools offer. Furthermore, users can detect duplicate pictures, music, or documents regardless of their name or location. They can also schedule tools to run automatically or use widgets.

If users have any further queries about the tool’s functionality, they can contact the developer via email.

3. Mi Store

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Mi Store is an official Android app developed by Xiaomi that helps users shop for their products on-the-go. The app has an intuitive interface that enables users to search, browse and purchase all Mi products, including phones, tablets and accessories. Additionally, users can register for flash sales, pay securely using multiple payment options, and track their order delivery status. By using the app, customers will have early access to all new product launches and special discount offers.

The app provides multiple payment options to its customers to facilitate easy transactions. Users can pay using all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express. Moreover, the app supports Net banking with over 40 leading banks integrated into its payment system. For those who prefer paying cash upon delivery, the Cash-on-Delivery option is also available. Additionally, the app offers a flexible EMI option with leading banks.

Mi.com has an easy replacement policy that ensures customers receive a replacement in case of any defects in the original product. Customers can contact the customer service team through the ‘Service’ tab in the Mi Store app to report any issues they face with their mi.com purchase. If the issue is not resolved, the company will ship a replacement product at no extra cost.

To provide a personalized service, the app requires some permissions from the user.

4. Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editor

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free photo editor and camera app that allows users to capture and edit high-quality images. The app provides easy-to-use editing tools like sliders and filters for pictures, making photo editing simple and efficient. With Lightroom, users can edit and transform raw photos using intuitive tools like sliders and presets. The app also offers crop and rotate tools to adjust the size and aspect ratio of images. Users can compare photo edits without losing the original and access all their presets across multiple devices.

Lightroom’s advanced picture editor allows users to finesse details and remove unwanted elements with a touch of the Healing Brush. Users can create masks to edit specific areas of a photo without affecting the rest of the image. The app also offers guided tutorials to help users fully utilize the photo editor. Lightroom presets simplify photo editing, allowing users to achieve professional-looking results with just one tap. The app offers over 150 hand-crafted presets with Lightroom Premium.

Lightroom also features unique camera controls to unlock users’ photography potential. Users can choose exposure, timer, instant presets, raw, and more to control their photography. The app’s organizational tools use Adobe Sensei AI to tag and organize photos based on the objects or people in them. Users can easily share their work with others using Lightroom’s advanced photo sharing features, including group albums and Lightroom galleries.

5. [Discontinued] Navigation Gestures–Swipe Controls

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This app is not compatible with Android 11 and later versions. Additionally, Navigation Gestures will not be receiving any more updates.

Navigation Gestures is a gesture control app that brings swipe gestures to any Android device. Users can replace the navigation bar buttons and get gesture controls without having to wait for the next Android update or buy a new phone. The app can also completely hide the stock navigation bar without root.

Navigation Gestures offers various ways to control your phone using different gestures such as swiping left, right, up, or down, tapping, double tapping, long pressing, and splitting the pill in three. Users can also customize the gesture bar and pill appearance.

The app offers many actions that are available for free or with a premium subscription. These actions include Home, Back, Recent apps, Toggle split-screen, Open previous app, Open Assistant, Hide pill, Toggle navigation bar, and many more. There are also Root actions available for users with rooted devices.

Navigation Gestures allows customization of the pill appearance, behavior, sensitivity, vibration duration, animation duration, and more. Users can also blacklist the pill or show the navigation bar in selected apps.

If users encounter any issues, they can troubleshoot them by setting up ADB, running specific ADB commands, or visiting the app’s page for more information. The app’s official XDA forum thread and GitHub page are also available for feedback and issue reporting.

6. Xiaomi Community – Xiaomi Forum

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Xiaomi Community is the official community forum for Mi Fans to interact with each other and get answers to their questions about Xiaomi products. The forum also provides the latest news and happenings about Xiaomi. The app offers a mobile-optimized reading experience, easy thread publishing tools, a built-in messenger, weekly contests, and updates on new products.

The forum is rich in content, with sections dedicated to different products such as Mi 11, Redmi Note 10, and Mi Smart Band 6. Additionally, there are sections for MIUI-related tips and tricks and a Mi Fan Club section. With diverse content, users can find their interests catered to on the site.

The app requires certain permissions, including access to Wi-Fi networks for faster browsing, identifying screen size and Android version, caching images for better performance, and push notifications for upcoming threads, news, replies, and private messages.

Users have given positive feedback on the Xiaomi Community app, citing its usefulness for Mi mobile users, helpfulness, and quality information on Xiaomi products and MIUI. Suggestions, questions, and comments can be sent to the provided email address.