6 Best Android Apps For Paris

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Download the Best Android Apps For Paris on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an overview of the best Android apps available for tourists traveling to Paris. These apps have been selected based on their usefulness, reliability, and user ratings. By using these apps, travelers can easily navigate the city, find the best places to eat and drink, and discover the most popular tourist attractions. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, these Android apps are sure to enhance your experience in the City of Light.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android Apps For Paris for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android Apps For Paris

1. Paris Travel Guide

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The Ulmon Offline & City Guides Paris travel guide is a digital assistant that can be easily downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet. With detailed offline maps, up-to-date travel content, popular attractions and insider tips, this guide allows users to plan and have the perfect trip. Users can book their hotel and enjoy restaurant reviews and shared user content within the app.

The Paris Offline & City Guide offers a variety of advantages to its users. It is free to download and try out. The detailed map allows users to never get lost and keep their orientation. They can see their location on the Paris offline map, even without internet connection, and find streets, attractions, restaurants, hotels, local nightlife and other POIs. The in-depth travel content has comprehensive and up-to-date information covering thousands of places, attractions, points of interest and many hotel booking options within the Paris travel guide.

Users can search and discover the best restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels, bars, etc. by name, category or nearby places using their device’s GPS, even offline and without data roaming. They can also find tips and recommendations from locals and tourists, and browse offline in this Paris guide for the most popular attractions, restaurants, shops, hotels, nightlife places, etc. Users can even create lists of places they want to visit, pin existing places to the map, and add their own pins to the map. They can find and book hotels from within this Paris city guide.

2. Citymapper: The Ultimate Transport App

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Citymapper is a transportation app that offers real-time comparison of travel options across all modes of transport. Users can easily navigate their city with turn-by-turn directions for public transportation, walking, cycling, and scooter trips. The app combines bus, subway, train, ferry, cabs, ride share, car share, bike share, e-scooters, and walking for trip planning.

The GO button provides step-by-step navigation for all modes of transport. Users can choose from 3 different map views, see the charge levels of e-scooters and e-bikes, and avoid no-parking zones. The app’s smart route planner takes care of the logistical thinking, enabling users to enjoy their ride.

Citymapper is a one-stop-shop for mobility. Users can compare cab fares, hail a ride, hop on a shared bike, or get on the nearest scooter. The app partners with Uber, Lyft, JUMP, Lime, Bird, Spin, Skip, Scoot, Citi Bike, JerseyBike, Bluebikes, Indego, CaBi, Divvy, Metro Bike, Breeze, Bay Wheels, Healthy Ride, Relay, BCycle, SA Bike Share, GREENbike, Grid, RTC Bike, BIKETOWN, and Biki.

The app provides live wait times and ETA for public transportation, enabling users to beat the rush-hour crowd.

3. Moovit: All Local Transit & Mobility Options

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Moovit is an app designed to assist with urban mobility throughout the world. The app provides riders with a one-stop-shop experience to help them get from point A to B in the easiest and most efficient way. Moovit provides train and bus times, maps, live navigation, and real-time arrival information. The app guides more than 930 million users in over 3400 cities throughout the world.

Moovit provides commuters with updated bus times and train times, transit maps, and, where available, real-time line arrivals. The app also allows users to locate nearby bus stops and train stations, travel with on-the-go live navigation guidance and receive get-off alerts at their destination. Moovit has received numerous awards including being named one of the best apps of the year in 2016 and 2017 by the Google Play and App Stores, respectively.

The app offers several features such as real-time arrival updates, digital payment options, real-time alerts, live navigation, stops’ visualization, user reports, favorite lines, stations, and places, and bike routes. Moovit also provides users with access to maps view to help them view all stations, routes, and lines on the subway or bus map.

Moovit is a popular app that is widely used throughout the world.

4. Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips

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Tripadvisor is a travel guidance company that provides various services to make travelers’ experiences better, from planning to booking to taking a trip. The company’s app is designed to help travelers get the most out of their trips, whether they are planning ahead or on-the-go. It offers recommendations on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat based on millions of reviews from fellow travelers. The app also allows travelers to book experiences and reserve tables at great restaurants while discovering great places nearby. Furthermore, the Tripadvisor app makes it easy to plan all aspects of a trip and guide others on their way.

The Tripadvisor app allows users to access millions of traveler reviews about hotels, restaurants, tours, attractions, and other experiences. This feature enables travelers to make informed decisions by reading recommendations from travelers who have been there before. Additionally, users can discover traveler-recommended places nearby and view them on a map, making it easy to explore new destinations and plan activities.

To help users discover new ways to experience a destination, Tripadvisor offers Travel Guides that provide tips from travel experts. Travelers can also do all their travel planning in one place by booking hotels, tours, activities, experiences, and other things to do with free cancellation. The app helps users find great places to eat nearby and make restaurant reservations while comparing the lowest prices from over 200 booking sites worldwide.

5. Paris Metro – official metro map and train times

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The Paris Metro app is a navigation tool that provides offline routing, train times, and journey information for travelling in Paris. The app features an interactive map of the Paris metro system, tram lines, and RER lines within central Paris, making it easy to search for a metro station or view the nearest metro stations from anywhere in the city.

The route planner feature allows users to find the fastest way to get from point A to point B, showing the simplest and quickest route when there is more than one option available. Additionally, each route provides information on journey duration and the number of metro stations that will be passed through.

With step-by-step directions displayed on the metro map, travelling around Paris is straightforward and stress-free. Users can plan routes to popular Parisian landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame. The app also allows users to view train times and departure boards for each station.

Users can save their favourite routes for quick access when on the go, and the app includes a live Twitter feed with helpful travel information. The app offers exclusive features such as First and Last Train Times for stations on the map, Carriage Exits to help users find the nearest exit or platform when changing service, and the ability to remove adverts through a subscription.

Mapway, the company behind Paris Metro, offers similar metro maps for cities worldwide, including Hamburg, Berlin, and London. Users can connect with Mapway on Facebook and Twitter to provide feedback.

6. Google Maps

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Google Maps is a navigation tool that allows users to navigate around the world with ease. The platform maps over 220 countries and territories, and provides information on a vast number of businesses and places, enabling users to explore local neighborhoods and find places to eat, drink, and visit no matter where they are in the world.

One key feature of Google Maps is the real-time updates it provides, which enable users to save time and avoid traffic by receiving automatic rerouting suggestions based on live traffic, incidents, and road closures. Additionally, users can access real-time transit information to catch their bus, train, or ride-share, and can obtain real-time ETAs and traffic conditions to beat traffic and reach their destination faster.

Another useful feature of Google Maps is its local discovery capabilities, which allow users to explore local restaurants, events, and activities that are tailored to their interests. Users can also avail themselves of Your Match, a feature that rates how likely they are to enjoy a place, as well as group planning tools that enable them to share options and vote in real-time.

Google Maps also provides users with offline maps for navigation without an internet connection, as well as Street View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums, and other locations. Indoor maps are also available for large venues like airports, malls, and stadiums. However, it should be noted that some features may not be available in all countries, and Google Maps is not intended for use by oversized or emergency vehicles.