5 Best Android Apps For Learning Science

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Download the Best Android Apps For Learning Science on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide a comprehensive review of some of the best Android apps available for learning science. This review will focus on apps that cover a wide range of scientific topics, including physics, chemistry, biology, and earth sciences. The apps included in this review are designed to be user-friendly, informative, and engaging, and offer a variety of features such as interactive simulations, videos, quizzes, and games. Whether you’re a student, an educator, or simply interested in learning more about science, this review will help you find the best apps to enhance your learning experience.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Android Apps For Learning Science for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Android Apps For Learning Science

1. Amazing Science Facts OFFLINE

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Amazing Science Facts is an app that offers thousands of interesting and unusual scientific facts and trivia, covering a range of subjects like physics, biology, astronomy, and more. Users can receive daily facts in their notification bar and can easily search for any term to access all relevant facts. The app works offline, and users can bookmark their favorite facts, read random facts, and even listen to them using Android’s built-in text-to-speech synthesizer. The app is easy to use and works in both portrait and landscape mode.

Users can share any fact from the list by pressing on it for 2-3 seconds, which pulls up a menu with available sharing options. The speech speed of the synthesizer is controlled by the TTS engine installed with Android and can be adjusted by going to Settings –> Voice input & output settings –> Text to speech settings –> speech rate. Users can also change the speech accent by going to Menu –> Settings and selecting the language. Currently, two accents are available: English (US) and English (GB).

The app requires two permissions: Full Internet access and View network state, which are necessary to load the ads that support the development of the application. However, the app works offline, and users can access all facts anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. Users who want to use the text-to-speech technology should check if their phone has the feature by going to Menu –> Settings –> Voice input & output –> Text-to-speech settings.

2. Periodic Table

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The Royal Society of Chemistry offers a customizable app that serves as a comprehensive periodic table. Intended for students, teachers, and those with an interest in the chemical sciences, the app contains a wealth of information and images. Users can learn surprising facts, such as how neodymium is used in microphones and europium is used in Euro bank notes to deter counterfeiting.

The app’s features include the ability to view elements in their natural state and in real-life applications, access podcasts and videos, and explore the history of element discovery. Additionally, an interactive slider displays how elements change as temperature increases. Users can customize the app to only show information relevant to their interests, and a simple table allows for quick access to data such as sorting elements by increasing density.


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The NASA app offers a range of features for users to explore the latest space-related content. These include access to over 16,000 images, a live NASA TV feed, news articles and feature stories. Additionally, users can watch over 14,000 NASA videos and stay updated on the latest mission information.

The app also allows users to view upcoming sighting opportunities for the International Space Station and receive notifications before they occur. Users can watch live streaming video from the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment on the ISS and display satellite tracking 2D maps and 3D earth models for the ISS and other Earth orbiting satellites.

In addition to space-related content, the app also offers the latest tweets from around the agency, the ability to rate images and check out top-rated images, and the option to select favorite images or missions for quick access. The app also provides a map, information, and links to all of the NASA visitor centers.

The featured content section of the app offers 3D planet models and related information, as well as access to the Earth as Art image collection and interactive map. Users can listen to Third Rock Radio, an alternative rock radio station, and easily share content with friends on social media.

4. Khan Academy Kids

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Khan Academy Kids is an award-winning app designed by experts in early childhood education to help young learners develop key skills in math, reading, phonics, writing, social-emotional development, and more. It offers thousands of age-appropriate lessons, activities, books, and games for preschool through second grade. The app also provides catchy songs and yoga videos to help children have fun while learning. Parents can choose lessons from the app’s library or use the personalized learning path that adjusts to each child’s level. Teachers can easily find lessons, make assignments, and monitor student progress through a suite of teacher tools.

Khan Academy Kids is completely free with no ads or subscriptions, and new content is continually added, including books, songs, and videos from Super Simple Songs, Bellwether Media, National Geographic Young Explorer Magazine, and Alo Gives. Users can download the app and start learning joyfully today. To learn more, visit khanacademykids.org or contact khankids@khanacademy.org.

The app offers hundreds of new lessons, including second-grade lessons, educational content designed to teach children their ABCs, discover space, practice mindfulness, and more.

5. All-In-One Calculator

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The All-In-One Calculator for Android is a free, comprehensive calculator and converter application. Its simple design helps users solve every day problems ranging from simple to complex calculations, currency conversions, percentages, proportions, areas, volumes, and more.

The developers of this app have combined passion with constant user feedback to create what they believe to be the best multi calculator available. It includes over 75 free calculators and unit converters, and is the only calculator needed for any device. Furthermore, the app is completely free for all users.

This app is perfect for students, teachers, engineers, handymen, contractors, or anyone who struggles with math and conversions. The app offers simple or complex calculations, unit or currency conversions in the same app, easier homework or school assignments, and step-by-step solutions to users’ calculations.

The app includes a main calculator with a simple or scientific layout, editable input and cursor, copy and paste support, calculation history, memory buttons, function graphing, dec, hex, and binary, floating calculator, and widget. There are also 75 calculators and converters included for algebra, geometry, unit converters, finance, health, and miscellaneous categories.

The algebra section includes calculators for percentage, proportion, ratio, average, equation solving, combinations, permutations, decimal to fraction, prime number checking, greatest common factor, lowest common multiple, and random number generation.