5 Best Android Apps For Developers

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Download the Best Android Apps For Developers on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an objective overview of some of the best Android apps that can support the development process for software developers. The apps featured in this article have been selected based on their usefulness, usability, and overall popularity within the developer community. From code editors to debugging tools, this list covers a range of essential apps that can assist developers in creating high-quality mobile applications.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Android Apps For Developers for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Android Apps For Developers

1. AndFTP (your FTP client)

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AndFTP is a versatile client that supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP), FTPS, Secure Copy (SCP), and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). It allows users to manage multiple FTP configurations and features a device and FTP file browser for easy navigation.

The client offers a range of functionalities including download, upload, synchronization, and sharing with resume support. It also enables users to perform actions such as opening (local/remote), renaming, deleting, updating permissions (chmod), running custom commands, and more.

In addition to these features, AndFTP supports SSH RSA/DSA keys for added security. Users can share files directly from the gallery and take advantage of intents for third-party applications.

While folder synchronization is available in the Pro version only, the client offers a comprehensive set of features for those seeking a reliable FTP, FTPS, SCP, or SFTP client.

2. Programming Hub: Learn to code

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Programming Hub: Learn to Code is a coding and programming app that facilitates learning with HTML, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence, and CSS, among others, for free. The app features 5000+ programs or code examples, 20+ courses, and is developed through research and collaboration with Google experts. Users can learn programming languages like an expert and enjoy it like a game. The app is recognized and backed by Google launchpad accelerator and is rated Google Play’s Editor’s Choice and Best of the Best of 2017. Moreover, the app is free of ads.

Programming Hub offers tutorials for multiple programming languages, including Java, C Programming, C++, HTML, Javascript, and R Programming. Java, for instance, is an object-oriented, general-purpose, high-level programming language used to develop a range of software like web applications, J2ME Apps, Embedded Space, Android, Big Data analytics, etc. Meanwhile, C programming is a powerful general-purpose language and an excellent choice for beginners to start their programming journey. C++ is used for numerous applications, such as systems programming, numerical and scientific computing, web development, and writing compilers. HTML, on the other hand, is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications, while Javascript is a web programming language that most browsers run. R is a programming language and software environment for statistical analysis, graphics representation, and reporting.

3. CppDroid – C/C++ IDE

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CppDroid is an IDE designed for learning programming languages and libraries, with a focus on C/C++. The application offers a range of features, including code completion, real-time diagnostics for warnings and errors, static analysis, and a file and tutorial navigator. Additional features include smart syntax highlighting, auto indentation and auto pairing (configurable), and configurable code syntax highlighting (themes). CppDroid also allows users to compile C/C++ code without requiring root access or an internet connection, with a built-in compiler for offline use.

Furthermore, CppDroid includes detailed C++ tutorials and learning guides, as well as a range of C/C++ code examples. Users can access these resources from the menu, where they can select either Examples or Tutorials. The application also offers an add-ons manager and auto updates, along with support for Dropbox and Google Drive.

Upon first launch, CppDroid will extract the SDK (approximately 150Mb) and download and extract examples and tutorials, requiring approximately 215Mb of internal storage space. However, the application cannot be moved to an SD card due to Android security restrictions.

For advanced features, users can review the paid options (marked with *) by visiting the Advanced Features page on the CppDroid website. Additionally, users may be interested in the ArduinoDroid app, which can be found on the website at www.arduinodroid.info.

4. DroidScript – JavaScript IDE

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DroidScript has announced a new feature for 2022, which allows users to incorporate NodeJS and NPM modules into their apps. With DroidScript, users can quickly and easily develop apps for their phone, tablet, or Chromebook using industry-standard JavaScript. The app offers a browser-based WiFi editor as well as a built-in code editor, providing users with the flexibility to edit their code from anywhere.

DroidScript is an excellent tool for learning JavaScript, the most popular computer language globally, with an extensive community ready to offer support. The app features clear and straightforward examples, along with active documentation.

DroidScript simplifies coding and makes it ten times faster and more manageable than using the standard Android API. The app’s API is user-friendly and designed to protect users from hardware variations and differences in Android versions, making it suitable for use on the multitude of phones and tablets available.

DroidScript utilizes Android’s built-in Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, which Google frequently updates and improves to stay current with modern internet standards. For larger projects, DroidScript recommends utilizing the built-in browser-based IDE, which connects via WiFi to a user’s device for wire-free coding.

DroidScript allows users to develop native or HTML5 apps, or Hybrid Apps using the built-in WebView control, utilizing the power of the modern Chrome browser engine in every type of app.

5. Sololearn: Learn to Code

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Sololearn is an online platform that offers free, fun and bite-sized coding courses in more than 20 programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL and C++. Each course is created by experienced programmers and tailored to the learner’s level. Additionally, Sololearn provides real-world practice opportunities that can help users advance in their professional careers.

Sololearn has received several awards, including the Best Computer Coding Education Solution at the EdTech Breakthrough Award 2021, App of the Year 2017 for FbStart by Facebook, and the Editor’s Choice on Google Play. The media has also praised Sololearn for its down-to-earth approach to teaching programming concepts.

With a community of over 40 million coding students worldwide, Sololearn provides a platform for learners to solve problems and discuss interesting concepts. The community also creates new content to help users practice coding daily and become better programmers.

Sololearn offers personalized content tailored to the user’s progress, preferences, and the most in-demand market trends. The courses use short, simple lessons that take only a few minutes each and include quizzes and daily practice exercises. Additionally, Sololearn provides continuous user support and knowledge exchange opportunities for users to share their expertise.

Sololearn also allows users to edit code from their mobile without the need for complex installations or configurations. Upon completion of a course, users receive a certificate and can share their new skills on social networks.