6 Best Android App For Subsonic

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Download the Best Android App For Subsonic on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an overview of the best Android app available for Subsonic, a popular open-source media server. Subsonic allows users to stream and manage their music, videos, and other media files across various devices. With the increasing popularity of Android devices, having an efficient and user-friendly app for Subsonic is highly desirable. This article will explore the essential features of a good Subsonic app and examine some of the top contenders in the market.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android App For Subsonic for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android App For Subsonic

1. Subsonic Music Streamer

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The application efficiently manages all types of media and enables users to access them at any time and from any location. It stores songs for offline usage and supports various audio formats such as mp3, ogg, aac, flac, and wma. The app includes MX Player for video playback.

Additionally, users can use this application as a remote control for music playing on their servers. The application comes with various features such as offline mode, adaptive bitrates, equalizer, and visualizer.

To utilize the app, server software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on subsonic.org.

2. Otter for Funkwhale

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Otter is a music player designed to enable streaming of audio content from self-hosted Funkwhale pods. To use the app, a Funkwhale instance account is required.

For those interested in obtaining support or participating in the development of Otter, the GitHub project or Matrix can be accessed. The source code for Otter is available at https://github.com/apognu/otter, while the Matrix room can be found at https://matrix.to/#/#otter:matrix.org.

Furthermore, Funkwhale can be accessed at https://funkwhale.audio.

3. Music Stash

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The request is to switch over to the substreamer app, which now includes all the features previously available in the Music Stash app and more. The app can be found on the Google Play Store with the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ghenry22.substream2.

Substreamer is a client designed for the Subsonic Media Streaming Server. It allows users to listen to their music with flexibility on both timing and method.

4. DSub for Subsonic

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DSub is a music streaming application that provides access to Subsonic servers. The app enables users to listen to their music remotely, regardless of their location.

The application’s top features include ChromeCast and DLNA casting for audio, lockscreen controls, local gapless playback, wear support, auto support, replay gain, Podcast management, automatic podcast synchronization, playlist management, offline support, Bluetooth and shuffle controls, quick add/remove, pause playback when other apps request audio focus, stuttering playback fixes, drag and drop playlist, chat tab, internet radio stations, bookmarks tab, automatic bookmark management, share tab, admin tab for user management, Tasker support, album/song rating, and more.

DSub’s code is released under the GPL and is publicly available on Github. It should be noted that the system log permission is only utilized for email log sending purposes, and is not implemented elsewhere.

5. Ultrasonic

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Ultrasonic is a client for Android that is designed to work with both Subsonic and compatible servers. It is primarily used to connect with servers and listen to music. Ultrasonic is a lightweight application and is known to function at a fast pace, making it a popular choice among users. It offers both dark and light theme options and provides support for multiple servers.

One of the key features of Ultrasonic is its offline mode, which allows users to listen to their music even when not connected to the internet. Additionally, Ultrasonic offers a bookmarks feature that allows users to keep track of their favorite songs, playlists, and artists. Playlists can also be created on the server, and users can choose to play songs at random or use the Jukebox mode to create a continuous playlist.

Ultrasonic also allows users to engage in server chat, which is a convenient feature for those who like to interact with other users on their server. The application is open-source and can be accessed via the GPL license on Github. Users can report issues related to the application by posting on the Ultrasonic Github page. Finally, the Play store icon for Ultrasonic was designed by Sebastien Gabriel.

6. substreamer – Subsonic Client

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SubStreamer is a free mobile application designed for use with subsonic compatible music servers, such as subsonic, airsonic, navidrome, and ampache. This app allows users to access their music anytime and anywhere, online or offline. With SubStreamer, users can easily view newly added, recently played, and most played albums or create a list of random albums or songs for a change of pace. Additionally, users can play similar songs with a tap and discover new songs and old favorites by genre and time period with SubStreamer radio.

SubStreamer also offers a search function for finding songs stuck in your head, and users can connect their subsonic server with their last.fm account. This allows SubStreamer to access last.fm and provide users with more information about artists, songs, and albums in their collection. Furthermore, SubStreamer can recommend similar artists, songs, or provide a list of the top rated songs in a user’s collection to explore.

Other features of SubStreamer include Chromecast support, full offline support, automatic caching of upcoming songs for smooth playback, easy playlist management, last.fm integration for fetching artist info and recommendations, last.fm scrobbling, Airplay support, and the ability to sync podcasts from a subsonic server for online and offline listening.

SubStreamer requires a subsonic API compatible server (API level 1.13.0) or equivalent.