6 Best Android App For Nature Lovers

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Download the Best Android App For Nature Lovers on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonFor nature enthusiasts, having a mobile application that caters to their passion can enhance their experience and deepen their knowledge. While there are several Android apps available, finding the best one can be a daunting task. This article will explore the features and benefits of a top-rated Android app that caters specifically to nature lovers. Whether you’re an avid hiker, birdwatcher, or simply enjoy exploring the outdoors, this app is designed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to nature in your area.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android App For Nature Lovers for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android App For Nature Lovers

1. Audubon Bird Guide

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The Audubon Bird Guide is a comprehensive field guide to over 800 North American bird species that’s available for free download. It’s designed for all experience levels and helps users identify birds, keep track of sightings, and locate new birds in the area. With over 2 million downloads so far, it’s a trusted and popular guide among North American bird enthusiasts.

The app developers thank users for their feedback on the latest update and plan to incorporate many suggestions and fixes in upcoming updates. They are currently working on restoring user-created sighting lists, improving search and browsing performance, and making other usability and stability fixes. Users can contact the developers directly for app help or feature suggestions.

The Audubon Bird Guide’s key features include Bird ID, which helps users identify birds they’ve seen by inputting observable characteristics. The field guide features over 3,000 photos, eight hours of audio clips, and range maps to provide comprehensive information on North American bird species. With the redesigned Sightings feature, users can keep track of all the birds they see and share photos with other users. The app also provides real-time bird sightings from eBird and news from the National Audubon Society.

Existing users can log in with their NatureShare account to migrate their data into the new app, and the developers plan to restore and add new community features in future updates. The National Audubon Society aims to protect birds and their habitats through science, advocacy, and education.

2. iNaturalist

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iNaturalist is a nature app that enables users to identify plants and animals in their surroundings. The app boasts a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who can assist in expanding the user’s knowledge of nature. Additionally, by sharing their observations with the community, users can contribute to research quality data that scientists use to further their understanding of nature. The app is a joint venture between the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

The app offers several features, including the ability to discover new species in both near and far locations. Users can record their observations and share them with the community. They can also receive suggestions and identifications from the community on what they have seen. Furthermore, users can discuss and assist others in identifying what they have observed. The app also allows users to follow projects made up of smaller communities and fellow citizen scientists who are passionate about a specific location or species.

For additional information, visit the iNaturalist website at http://www.inaturalist.org.

3. 10000 Nature Wallpapers

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10000 Nature Wallpapers is a free app that offers a large selection of high-quality wallpapers and backgrounds for Android devices. The app is updated daily with new HD wallpapers and supports almost all HD screens and mobile devices. With a collection of 10,000+ breathtaking nature wallpapers, the app offers a refreshing look to your phone’s home screen. The wallpapers are available in 1080p (Full HD), Ultra HD (UHD) or 4k resolutions and are optimized for popular screen sizes and manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, HTC, Xiaomi, One Plus, and ASUS.

The app offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to browse photos and set them as your background. All photos are HD wallpapers and compatible with most devices. You can add wallpapers to your favorite section for easy access later and share the app with your friends. The app also allows you to save pictures in your gallery for offline use and automatically crops images for a seamless experience.

The app offers 30 categories of wallpapers, including Animals, Autumn, Aurora lights, Beach, Birds, Butterfly, Caves and canyons, Desert, Drops, Flowers, Fog, Forest, Fruits, Insects, Lakes, Landscape, Leaf, Mountains, Rain, River, Sunset, Waterfall, Winter, and Underwater. To use the app, simply open the wallpaper you like and choose Set Wallpaper from the menu.

4. iBird Pro Birds North America

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iBird is a birding app that offers luxury features that set it apart from other birding apps in the market. One such standout feature is that iBird provides both illustrations and photographs for every species, allowing users to see how the bird looks in real life and the important identification markings. Additionally, iBird contains a detailed field marks layer that can be turned on or off to highlight the bird’s identification characteristics. It also offers a comprehensive birding search engine with over 35 characteristics that can be searched, along with a unique AI-based photo recognition feature – iBird Photo Sleuth – that can identify a bird from any photograph.

The iBird Pro field guide for Android offers all of these features and more, making it a powerful guide to all species of birds of North America. It is one of the most popular apps for teaching ornithology, whether you’re an experienced birder or a novice. With over 1 million downloads, iBird sets the standard by which all birding apps are measured.

The latest version of iBird Pro is now compliant with the 2018 American Ornithological Union standard and includes additional changes such as a new Share feature that lets users share content of a species page using any Google share app. The app also features a Birds Around Me function that narrows species to those within a radius surrounding the user’s GPS location.

5. AllTrails: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails

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AllTrails is a mobile application that offers an extensive collection of hiking, biking, backpacking, and running trails around the world. It allows users to log their outdoor activities with a built-in GPS activity tracker and discover camping and backpacking spots through the AllTrails community. With the app’s trail maps, users can easily find dog-friendly or kid-friendly trails, plan their mountain biking or horseback riding trips, and explore national parks or new trails in their area. Moreover, the app has the largest collection of GPS trail maps, topo maps, and downloadable offline maps for trails, making it easier for users to navigate their way through the outdoors.

AllTrails has a community of hikers, cyclists, and trail runners that share reviews and ratings of the trails they have explored, helping other users find a hike, mountain bike ride, or trail run that suits their fitness and experience level. Users can filter the trails based on their preferences, including dog-friendly or wheelchair-friendly walking trails. The app also allows users to record their outdoor adventures using the GPS activity tracker and share them with friends on social media.

AllTrails Pro is a premium version of the app that offers additional features, such as offline maps, off-route notifications, Lifeline safety contacts, real-time map overlays, and custom topo maps. With AllTrails Pro, users can experience an ad-free journey and contribute to protecting the environment, as 1% of their subscription fee will go directly to environmental charities.

6. PlantNet Plant Identification

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Pl@ntNet is a smartphone application that allows users to identify plants through photography. The app serves as a citizen science project, collecting and analyzing user-submitted photos to further the study and preservation of plant biodiversity. Pl@ntNet can identify a variety of plant types, including flowering plants, trees, grasses, conifers, ferns, vines, wild salads, and cacti. While it can identify cultivated plants, its primary purpose is to inventory wild plants.

To ensure accurate identification, Pl@ntNet requires as much visual information as possible. Photographs of flowers, fruits, and leaves are the most useful for distinguishing between species, but other details like thorns, buds, and hair on the stem can also provide helpful clues. Full plant/trees photos are also beneficial, but not always sufficient for reliable identification. Currently, Pl@ntNet can recognize around 20,000 species, and the app is continuously growing thanks to user contributions.

The latest version of Pl@ntNet (released in January 2019) includes several improvements and new features, such as the ability to filter recognized species by genus or family, differentiated data revision that prioritizes users with the most experience, re-identification of shared observations, multi-flora identification, and selection of favorite floras for quick access. The app also offers the option to map observations and provides links to various factsheets. A web version of Pl@ntNet is also available.