5 Best Android App For Medical Students

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Download the Best Android App For Medical Students on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonMedical students often face challenges when it comes to managing their studies and staying up-to-date with the latest medical research. Fortunately, technology has provided a number of solutions to these challenges. In the form of mobile applications, medical students can access vast amounts of information, practice clinical skills, and track their progress. In this article, we will review the best android app for medical students, highlighting its features and benefits.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Android App For Medical Students for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Android App For Medical Students

1. Prognosis : Your Diagnosis

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Prognosis is a medical application aimed at healthcare professionals such as physicians, medical students, and nursing practitioners. It allows users to diagnose and immediately manage key clinical presentations associated with a particular disease. By providing access to relevant facts and succinct explanations behind the underlying diagnostic and management rationale, Prognosis can improve the user’s ability to make informed decisions.

The app offers a wide range of medical specialties that can be played in minutes, each accompanied by a concise yet comprehensive discussion of the diagnostic reasoning and key learning points. The cases are based on the actual clinical experiences of over 200 physicians across 33 specialties. New cases are regularly released to help users stay up-to-date with global endemic and epidemic trends and to brush up on necessary clinical skills.

Prognosis has received several accolades, including the Best App for Health & Well Being at the World Summit Awards in 2012. It has also been referred to as the Dr. House for Doctors by Discover Magazine and listed as one of the top five apps for doctors by the Bulletin of The Royal College of Surgeons of England.

2. Capsule Clinical Learning

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Capsule is a clinical case-based learning resource that aims to enhance teaching support for staff and drive medical knowledge for students. It has been trusted by more than 60 medical institutions and utilized by thousands of learners worldwide to improve diagnostic decision-making skills. The platform offers over 700 realistic scenarios and 3,700 questions, all written and edited by leading UK medical educators and doctors. It is important to check whether Capsule is already licensed in the user’s medical school before downloading.

For students, Capsule offers several features including the ability to access it on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device, browse through all 700 cases in medicine, specialities, surgery, or therapeutics, and create random or filtered quizzes to test their medical knowledge. Users can also view their strongest and weakest areas of knowledge, monitor their progress across all categories in real-time, gain a deeper understanding of clinical cases by reading feedback provided by clinicians and medical educators, learn all MLA content, and share their quizzes with friends.

Teachers can also benefit from Capsule as they can embed it in their medical curriculum, use the presenter mode to take students through medical scenarios in their classroom, view student progress and activity, identify those who are struggling and succeeding, and create and recommend quizzes to their students. Additionally, teachers can create ePortfolios for their students, improve exam results, and enhance student engagement and performance.

3. Touch Surgery: Surgical Videos

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Touch Surgery is a surgical training platform that allows doctors and surgeons to prepare for surgical cases or learn new procedures at any time and from anywhere. The platform has won multiple awards and has been the subject of research by leading institutions that has been published in peer-reviewed journals. Touch Surgery is integrated into more than 100 residency programs in the US and has been endorsed by prominent organizations such as the AO foundation, AASH, BAPRAS, and The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

The platform offers step-by-step simulations of surgical procedures, library exploration straight to smartphones, state-of-the-art 3D graphics for surgical cases, the ability to learn new techniques from top physicians, and access to over 150 free procedures with purchasable procedures also available.

Touch Surgery is an innovative app that provides a user-friendly platform for medical professionals to train effectively for procedures. The 3D simulations and surgical content have been developed in collaboration with leading surgeons and academic institutions worldwide to ensure accuracy and validity. Touch Surgery is the largest and fastest-growing community of surgeons learning and rehearsing operations digitally.

The interactive simulations and virtual patients teach specific techniques for all phases of medical and surgical procedures. This practical approach helps improve engagement for a deeper level of understanding and has been proven to yield better results than traditional methods. Physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals can train and test their knowledge of surgery with clear and informative content at every step of a procedure.

4. MDCalc Medical Calculator

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MDCalc is a medical reference app that has been providing clinical calculators to medical professionals since 2005. The app offers over 550 easy-to-use clinical decision tools, including risk scores, algorithms, equations, formulas, and dosing calculators. It is created exclusively by board-certified physicians for use by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and medical students. Registration for the app is free and takes less than 30 seconds for full, unlimited access.

Clinicians who use MDCalc can now earn AMA PRA Category 1TM CME credits by reading the clinical content for 150+ calculators. The app keeps track of the CME credits earned in a personal dashboard, where users can also redeem credits for certificates and access their receipts for easy documentation. To redeem CME credits, users will need to sign up for a paid CME plan.

MDCalc offers unique features ideal for busy practicing clinicians, such as working offline and in limited connection settings, fast and easy search and filter to discover new calculators, customizable lists for quick access, auto-syncing between the website and app, quick toggle between US and SI units, and error warnings and normal values to help avoid mistakes and improper inputs.

The MDCalc Method for selecting tools is based on in-depth appraisal and validation of evidence and clinical relevance. This results in only the highest-quality tools to help clinicians make better decisions and be more efficient in their workflow.

5. Medscape

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Medscape is a website that offers medical news, drug and disease information, professional education, and CME/CE activities for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide. The platform is personalized to provide relevant information to users based on their specialty. The Medscape app allows users to access all these features for free.

One of Medscape’s newest features is the Decision Point tool, which offers evidence-based treatment options and commentary from trusted experts. It supports multiple specialties, such as Allergy, Cardiology, Dermatology, Hematology/Oncology, and Neurology.

The Medscape app offers over 400 medical calculators grouped by specialty for quicker and easier use. Other useful features include a Drug Interaction Checker, Pill Identifier, step-by-step procedural videos, and current prescribing and safety information on over 8,500 prescription and OTC drugs, herbals, and supplements.

The tailored newsfeed allows users to read the latest medical news and expert commentary in their specialty. The app also provides updates on FDA approvals, conference news, late-breaking clinical trial data, and more. Users can earn free CME/CE credits and ABIM MOC points and monitor their progress with the built-in Activity Tracker.

Additionally, the app provides access to Consult, the largest network for physicians and medical students. Users can sign up for a Medscape account for free when they download the app. If users have feedback for the Medscape team, they can email medscapemobile@webmd.net.