5 Best Android App For Lic Agent

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Download the Best Android App For Lic Agent on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonAs a Lic agent, managing client information, tracking policies, and staying up to date with the latest industry trends can be a challenging task. Fortunately, the Android platform offers a range of applications that can streamline these processes and help agents optimize their workflows. This article provides an overview of the best Android applications available for Lic agents, highlighting key features and benefits to help agents make informed decisions when selecting a tool to support their business activities.

We have compiled a list of 5 Best Android App For Lic Agent for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

5 Best Android App For Lic Agent

1. LIC Agent App

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The LIC Agent’s App provides a platform for agents to seamlessly login and access various features. However, it is important to note that the existing LIC Agent Portal User Id and Password is not compatible with the mobile app. Instead, agents are required to obtain login details from their branch office.

Agent sign in is authenticated through an OTP-based process. The app also simplifies the onboarding process for agents, allowing them to quickly access their diary and customer appointments. Additionally, agents can receive policy alerts and greetings, view booked business, and keep track of key renewals.

The app also provides a dashboard for agents to view their business performance and portfolio. Locators for offices and doctors are also included, and agents can track policy persistency. In case of complaints, agents can register and track them through the app.

The app also allows agents to search for customers based on criteria such as policy number, name, sum assured range, date of commencement, and plan code. In all, the LIC Agent’s App offers a range of features to enhance the productivity of agents and improve customer service.

2. LIC Customer

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The Official Android App from Life Insurance Corporation of India is designed specifically for LIC customers, providing them with access to information about LIC products and portal services. Users can view product information, download plan brochures, and calculate premiums, as well as apply for policies and locate LIC offices. In order to use the app, customers can sign in using their registered mobile number or email address.

The app offers several features, including the ability to view policies for the user, their spouse, and children, as well as register for premier services such as online service requests. Customers can also make online premium payments, top-up payments, and repay loans, and can submit loan requests. A doctor locator is included, as well as statements of individual and consolidated premium payments, a premium calendar, and revival quotations. Users can also register complaints, check complaint status, and view claim and loan statuses and history.

In addition to these features, the app provides users with email and SMS alerts to keep them informed about their policies and accounts. Overall, the Official Android App from Life Insurance Corporation of India is a comprehensive tool for LIC customers, offering a wide range of services and information in a convenient, easily accessible format.

3. My LIC

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The Official Android App from Life Insurance Corporation of India is designed for the convenience of LIC’s customers, containing various micro apps that can be downloaded individually. The app functions as a container for three micro apps: LIC Customer, LIC Pay Direct, and LIC Quick Quotes. Users have the option to install these micro apps in any combination they prefer, or all together.

The LIC Customer micro app provides customers access to their policies and policy-related information, as well as the ability to pay premiums and view policy status. LIC Pay Direct is a feature that enables customers to pay their premiums directly through the app, without the need for any additional login credentials. LIC Quick Quotes allows users to obtain insurance quotes quickly and easily, without the need for lengthy forms or paperwork.

The app is intended to provide LIC’s customers with greater convenience and accessibility to their policies and related services. The micro apps can be downloaded and used as needed, without the need for any additional login credentials. The app is available for download on the Android platform.

4. LIC AgentUpdApp

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The app in question is designed to cater to the needs of all LIC agents, providing them with a tool to update the contact details of their policies. Its primary function is to display a comprehensive list of policies that do not have mobile numbers updated.

This application is an effective solution for LIC agents who have a large number of policies under their care. The app streamlines the process of updating policyholder contact details, ensuring that no policy is left without a mobile number.

With the ability to update contact details from a single platform, agents can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual updates. The app’s comprehensive list of policies without updated mobile numbers simplifies the process of identifying which policies require updated information.

Furthermore, this app enables LIC agents to provide a seamless customer experience by ensuring that policyholders receive timely updates on their policies. The app’s focus on policyholder contact details ensures that agents can communicate with their clients efficiently and effectively.

5. KeepIt LIC Agents

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The Must Keep It app is designed specifically for LIC Agents and offers a range of features to assist with policy plans, premium calculations, advisory services, and tracking sold policies and clients. The app includes a suite of software that features various calculators for different purposes, such as LIC Policy Plan quick features, details, status checks, and premium, maturity, surrender, loan, late fee, revival, and date-backing value calculations, as well as BMI and HLV calculators. The app also includes a notes diary and a list of documents required for policy purchases, as well as charts for tracking agency monthly progress and managing clients and policies. Other features of the app include reminders for clients’ birthdays, anniversaries, and premium payments, as well as easy backup and restoration of app data using Google Drive or Memory, and importing/exporting already sold policies data in CSV format. The app currently includes new policies 846, 847, and 848, and feedback can be provided through the About Us screen in the app.