6 Best Android App For Japanese To English

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Download the Best Android App For Japanese To English on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to learning a new language, having a reliable translation app on hand can be incredibly useful. For those looking to translate Japanese to English on their Android device, there are several options available in the app market. However, determining which app is the most accurate and efficient can be overwhelming. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the best Android app for translating Japanese to English, including its features, user interface, and overall performance.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android App For Japanese To English for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android App For Japanese To English

1. Google Translate

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Google Translate is a mobile application that offers a variety of translation options. With the ability to translate between 108 languages by typing, users can easily communicate with people from different parts of the world. The app’s Tap to Translate feature allows users to copy text in any app and tap the Google Translate icon to translate. This feature supports all languages.

The app’s Offline feature is useful for users who may not have access to the internet. With the ability to translate with no internet connection, users can translate 59 languages offline. Additionally, the app’s Instant camera translation feature allows users to translate text in images instantly by just pointing the camera. This feature supports 94 languages.

For users who require higher quality translations, the app allows for the taking or importing of photos. This feature supports 90 languages. The app also enables the translation of bilingual conversations on the fly, supporting 70 languages. Users can draw text characters instead of typing using the app’s Handwriting feature, which supports 96 languages.

The app’s Phrasebook feature allows users to save translated words and phrases for future reference. This feature supports all languages. Users can also login to sync their Phrasebook between the app and desktop. Furthermore, the app’s Transcribe feature continuously translates someone speaking a different language in near real-time, supporting 8 languages.

2. FluentU: Learn Languages with authentic videos

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FluentU is a language learning platform that aims to make the process of mastering various languages more engaging and fun. It offers real-world videos as a way to help users understand and learn Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, English, Italian, Russian, and Korean.

With FluentU, users have access to a diverse range of videos that include music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks. The platform caters to all skill levels and interests and does not limit users to mundane textbooks.

The videos are transformed into interactive learning experiences that incorporate quizzes, vocabulary lists, and personalized suggestions based on the user’s progress. FluentU’s approach to learning is aimed at making the process more engaging and convenient by bringing language education straight to users’ devices.

3. 三省堂国語辞典 第七版 公式アプリ| 縦書き&辞書感覚の検索

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The Sanseido Kokugo Dictionary 7th Edition Official App is a best-selling Japanese language dictionary app available on Google Play that combines the sensation of a paper dictionary with the functionality of an electronic one. This dictionary has been popularly known as Sankoku for over half a century since 1960 and boasts a circulation of over 10 million copies, making it one of Japan’s representative national language dictionaries.

The app is available for ¥1,720, a 46% discount from the book’s price of ¥3,190. There is also an app available for those who already own the Sanseido Kokugo Dictionary 7th Edition book.

The app has achieved the top spot in the Google Play Books & Literature Sales’ New Arrivals rankings, and is compatible with 130 models, mainly Nexus devices. In the App Store, it ranks 3rd in the Dictionary/Thesaurus Top Sales and 4th in the Dictionary/Thesaurus Top Paid Apps.

The Sanseido Kokugo Dictionary, also known as Sankoku, is known for its clear and simple explanations of everyday language. It was edited with the policy of explaining in simpler terms and making it understandable for junior high school students, making it a usable dictionary for people of all ages, including senior citizens and Japanese language learners.

4. English Japanese Translator

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Greenlife’s Me Talking Translator is a language learning app that offers features like voice speech translation, text chat translation, image translation, and an offline dictionary. With over 10 million downloads and 120,000 reviews, it is an ideal tool for students, tourists, and business travelers. The app supports sentence translation in more than 50 languages, including Japanese, English, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, French, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Hindi, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Czech, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Using Greenlife’s talking translator is akin to reading a Japanese book to learn pronunciation and improve language skills, especially for those wanting to learn Japanese. The app provides features like sentence correction, transcription, and transliteration for many languages. Additionally, it offers a conversation feature for tourists and business visitors, a word-a-day feature, crossword puzzles, a phrasebook, and flashcards to help users learn new words and check their progress.

The app is also useful for those with poor network connectivity or no data, as it has an offline dictionary. It allows users to translate chat or type text, speak, take a picture to translate, and copy and paste the translation in WhatsApp, Messenger, email, SMS, or WhatsApp. The app also offers a translation history feature and two-mic conversation feature, which enables users to speak in their language while the other person speaks in the foreign language.

5. Japanese Translation

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This Japanese translation app boasts over 1 million downloads in Japan and offers translation from Japanese to 33 languages and vice versa. The service has been popular for over 15 years due to its high translation quality.

The app offers fast and accurate Japanese translation with the ability to edit translated text and refresh all texts with one tap. The Re-translation feature shows the quality of the translation. It is also easy to copy, clip, and share translated text with options to save to Clip and share with various social media platforms. Additionally, the app supports Android Wear and tablets.

The app supports multilingual translation including languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The application uses translation engines authorized by KODENSHA and Microsoft Translator API authorized by Microsoft.

Overall, this app provides a comprehensive and convenient solution for Japanese learning users seeking accurate and fast translation options.

6. Japanese-English Translator

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This software is a free translator that can proficiently translate from Japanese to English and English to Japanese, covering both singular words and full sentences. The translations are immediate, and the words are entirely legitimate, improving its reliability. This application can be beneficial to people who intend to learn a foreign language, including travelers, students and language learners seeking to advance their proficiency level.

Its interface is straightforward, making it easy to operate. The software’s favourites list and history function allow users to browse through their translated data without internet connection.

The software boasts several features, including the translation of singular words and phrases. Its voice input feature enables users to speak and translate with ease, eliminating the need to type. Furthermore, the software also provides a favorites section where users can save their preferred translations for quick access. The history feature records all the previous translations, allowing users to refer to their past translations easily. Finally, users can customize the interface setting to their liking, enabling them to select their preferred font size, background, and other settings.