6 Best Android App For Indian History

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Download the Best Android App For Indian History on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonWhen it comes to learning about Indian history, having a comprehensive and user-friendly Android app can be invaluable. With so many options available in the app market, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best. This review will highlight the features and benefits of the top Android app for Indian history, including its ease of use, accuracy of information, and accessibility of resources. Whether you are a student, teacher, or history enthusiast, this app could be the perfect tool for expanding your knowledge of India’s rich cultural heritage.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android App For Indian History for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android App For Indian History

1. Indian History in English

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The India History app is now available on Android devices, allowing users to read in Landscape Mode and swipe left and right to turn pages. The app provides an English-language overview of India’s history, with the aim of improving users’ knowledge.

The app covers the existence of India as a nation, from its beginnings as a federation of kingdoms and dynasties to the present day. Users can learn about various kingdoms, the freedom movement, and the country’s history from the stone age to the present. The app’s content is divided into chronological order for ease of reading.

India History provides detailed information about the country’s great rulers, historical battles, dynasties, and freedom movements. Users will also learn about India’s history, geography, Vedic science and technology, great leaders, rulers, and culture.

The app is designed for easy readability, with a user-friendly interface that provides a real-book reading experience. Users can change the background, font size, colors, and bookmark pages, and the content is available offline. The app also includes reference images for each section of history.

India History is an ongoing project that requires significant effort to maintain historical accuracy. The developers have consulted various historians’ books and literature to create the app, but welcome feedback from users if they find any missing or incorrect information, with historical proof.

Overall, the India History app is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the country’s history that users can read anytime, anywhere to enrich their knowledge.

2. The History of Everything

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The History of Everything is a vertical timeline application designed for navigating, exploring, and comparing events from the Big Bang to the birth of the Internet. The application features beautiful illustrations and animations to complement the events presented in the timeline.

The inspiration behind the application came from a Kurzgesagt video titled Time: The History & Future of Everything, which provided the foundation for the concept of the timeline. The creators of the application sought to provide a similar experience, allowing users to explore the vast expanse of time in a visually appealing and informative way.

One notable feature of The History of Everything application is that it is open source, allowing developers to contribute to the project and make modifications as needed. This approach promotes collaboration and allows for further development of the application beyond its original implementation.

The announcement of The History of Everything application was made via Medium, where users can learn more about the application and its features. With its visually stunning design and open-source nature, The History of Everything is sure to be a valuable resource for those interested in exploring the vast history of the universe.

3. Indian History

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The Indian History Quiz & eBook app provides users with free access to all of its contents. The app offers Indian history in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. It is designed to help individuals refresh their knowledge on history and prepare for competitive exams, focusing on India & World, History, Events, Dynasties, Freedom movement, and general history.

The app also features a Maps section that showcases 50 maps depicting Indian dynasties and timelines. In terms of the quiz mode, the app offers thousands of questions that are properly categorized in multiple sections. Users can review their answers against the right answers and receive detailed reports on their performance. The app works offline, and there are no advertisements in the pro-version upgrade.

The eBook is presented in a fast user interface, designed to work for all screens, including phones and tablets. Additionally, the app offers a voice read-out feature that reads the contents for individuals to listen and study. The creators guarantee success in HISTORY if users could practice all question-answers given in the app.

The Indian History Quiz & eBook app is beneficial for individuals preparing for all competitive exams related to central govt: IAS/UPSC, state govt PSC exams, RRB, LIC, CDS/CISF, and more job-related exams. It is also a useful tool for individuals majoring in B.A (History) or M.A (History) who wish to refresh their knowledge.

4. Ancient Indian History

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History is an academic subject that provides factual and interpretive accounts of past events. Its scope encompasses a wide range of topics, including geographical and settlement conditions, cultural and societal practices, governance and administrative systems, trade and economic policies, interstate relations, wars and battles, and other similar aspects of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern times.

The study of history is a significant part of social science that helps individuals understand the past and plan for the future. This app is specifically intended for students preparing for various competitive exams, such as Civil Services, Banking, Railway, Eligibility Test, IAS, PCS, and similar tests.

To comprehend the contents of this app, prior knowledge of basic history or experience reading NCERT History books is essential. The tutorial is solely based on the NCERT History Old Edition (class 8th to 12th), and important facts, points, and concepts of Ancient Indian history are carefully filtered.

The app’s contents consist of various chapters covering the study of Indian history, ancient Indian history writing, imperialist historiography, nationalist historiography, Marxist school of history, sources of ancient Indian history, geographical background, stone age cultures, and many other topics.

Some of the specific topics covered in the app include the Harappan civilization, Vedic civilization, Alexander’s campaign in India, Maurya dynasty, Chola dynasty, Pala dynasty, and Rashtrakutas of Deccan, and more.

5. Great Indian History – IAS IPS

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The app in question provides users with a collection of multiple choice questions (MCQs) and notes on Great Indian History. The MCQs are classified into three main categories, which include Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History. Additionally, the app also contains notes on Indian History, which may be helpful for users in preparation for competitive exams such as UPSC, IAS, IPS, IFS, IBPS, among others. Overall, the app aims to provide users with an efficient and comprehensive resource for studying Indian History.

6. India and World History in Hindi

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The India and World History application is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage of various historical topics and multiple choice questions (MCQ) to aid in competitive exam preparation in Hindi Language. Users can read and practice various topics on the app in Hindi Language format, thereby increasing their knowledge.

The app is particularly useful for students and individuals preparing for government entrance exams such as UPSC, CSAT, RAS, IAS, PCS, Bank PO, Railways, IBPS and other exams. The India and World History application is categorized into three main sections: India History Notes, World History Notes, and Test-MCQ where users can practice various questions with different options.

The India History Notes section contains detailed notes on India’s history, while the World History Notes section provides detailed notes on the world’s history. The Test-MCQ section is designed to help users practice and prepare for the exams.

The app has a beautiful and user-friendly interface, with bookmarks facilities exclusively for notes. Users can also choose text size for better readability. The app provides all content in Hindi Language, which makes it easy to read and understand.

However, it is important to note that all the content in the application is collected from different sources and the app does not provide any guarantee. The content and images are used for educational purposes only. In case of any issue or violation of rights, users can send an email to samarthsoftsolutions@gmail.com.