6 Best Android App For Bluetooth Receiver

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Download the Best Android App For Bluetooth Receiver on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonIn today’s world of wireless technology, Bluetooth has become an essential part of our lives. With the rise of Bluetooth-enabled devices, the need for a reliable and efficient Bluetooth receiver has also increased. In this regard, Android smartphones have become an ideal platform for users to connect their devices wirelessly. To address this requirement, numerous Android apps have been developed that offer Bluetooth receiver functionality. This technical document aims to review and identify the best Android app for Bluetooth receiver, analyzing key features, user interface, and overall performance.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android App For Bluetooth Receiver for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android App For Bluetooth Receiver

1. Bluetooth Loudspeaker

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Bluetooth Loudspeaker is an Android app that allows users to transmit their voice to a Bluetooth speaker, turning their device into a microphone and the speaker into a remote loudspeaker. It can also function as a volume booster or megaphone to amplify the user’s voice.

With the 6.0+ version of the app, it now supports background mode (Android foreground service) when using the microphone. Users can exit the app to the home screen and continue transmitting their voice to the Bluetooth speaker. To stop, they can return to the app and click on the same button (blueMic / lineOut).

The 5.x version of the app includes a built-in mp3 music player, allowing users to sing along and output to the remote speaker. Bluetooth Loudspeaker can also connect to a Bluetooth audio adapter (receiver) and line out to old Hi-Fi/amplified speakers, outputting the user’s voice to the speaker.

To achieve the best voice output quality with less background noise and echo feedback, the app supports wired headsets as a voice input (with both mic and headphone). This allows users to place their Android device in their pocket and use the wired headset mic to transmit their voice to the remote Bluetooth speaker, making it hands-free.

The app is useful for a variety of purposes, such as singing karaoke, boosting voices during lectures or conferences, or as a tour guide’s megaphone.

2. Bluetooth Audio Device Widget

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An app is now available to make connecting Bluetooth audio devices easier for Android users. The app offers a widget that can be used to connect Bluetooth audio devices and play music without having to navigate through the phone’s settings. The widget displays the state of connection through a Bluetooth icon, with blue indicating a connected device and gray indicating a change of state. It also provides information about connected Bluetooth profiles and supports enhanced reading of battery levels from certain devices, including Apple Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The app allows for adjustments to the widget size and supports A2DP and Headset profiles for audio devices. It also enables users to save volume levels for different Bluetooth devices and restores the saved volume level upon connection. The app requires some permissions to function properly, and users are advised to check the application web for help and FAQs in case anything does not work as expected.

Some of the app’s highlighted features include easy connect/disconnect of devices and Bluetooth profiles, information about connected profiles, battery status, and widget customization. Other features include opening the app after connecting, disabling Bluetooth adapter after disconnecting Bluetooth device, and setting volume levels after connecting Bluetooth device. The app also supports quick settings tile and auto-resume of playback for Spotify and YouTube Music.

However, the app does not support playing music from a phone to two connected Bluetooth devices or Bluetooth Scanner. Users are encouraged to give feedback about the app and write reviews or ratings if satisfied with the experience.

3. Bluetooth connect & Play

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This app is designed to automatically start playing music from a specific player of the user’s choice when a Bluetooth connection is established between their phone and car. Unlike other auto-play options, this app allows users to select the specific player they want to use, such as a podcast or a specific music app. Users can also choose which player should be used when entering their home or car, or when putting on headphones to head to work out.

The app is useful for individuals who experience issues with Bluetooth receivers that do not play or target the stock music player. By giving users control over what happens when Bluetooth audio connects, they can ensure that their music or podcast of choice starts playing automatically.

It is important to note that the app assumes users have already paired their Bluetooth device to their phone using the device manufacturer’s unique approach. The list of devices that the app displays is a list of already paired or bonded devices.

The app starts a music player by package name and broadcasts play to start the player, but not all players support this feature.

4. SoundWire – Audio Streaming

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SoundWire is a software application that allows users to stream music or audio from their Windows or Linux PC to their Android mobile devices. It can be used as a remote speaker or wireless headphones, a way to listen to music and movies from the computer anywhere around the house or over cell networks, or as a wireless extension of live audio from a PC-based music system. The software supports audio mirroring and can stream live sound from any music player on the PC or laptop, such as Spotify, YouTube or iTunes, over WiFi directly to an Android device.

The app has low latency, which means it can be used to listen to the soundtrack of a movie or YouTube video while watching. SoundWire can also work as a baby monitor or listening device with a computer that has a built-in microphone, or to stream a live DJ set over WiFi to another part of the house or anywhere else over 3G/4G. Before using SoundWire, users must install and run the SoundWire Server application on their Windows/Linux PC or laptop, Raspberry Pi is also supported.

SoundWire has a number of features, including live audio capture and streaming, excellent sound quality, true low latency, easy-to-use interface, compression option that reduces network usage, and ability to stream audio from PC to PC running x86 virtualized app. The app works on all Android versions back to 1.5, allowing users to put their old phones to good use.

5. BlueTerm

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The VT-100 terminal emulator enables communication with any serial device through the use of a bluetooth serial adapter. This is made possible by the RFCOMM/SPP protocol which emulates serial communications over bluetooth.

It is necessary to possess a bluetooth serial adapter in order to utilize this application.

The application is open source and additional information, as well as the source code, can be obtained from the following websites: http://pymasde.es/blueterm/ and http://openjungle.cc/.

The developers express gratitude towards all individuals who provided feedback.

6. AirBubble

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AirBubble is an AirPlay audio receiver that can be used to stream music from iTunes, iOS, airfoil, and other AirPlay clients to an Android device. It operates in the background and can be configured with a network name. Additionally, it can be started on boot and supports audio focus to mute or lower volume on external sounds. AirBubble also supports tethered USB or WiFi connections, although rooted devices may be required in some cases.

However, this version of AirBubble is fully featured but will exit 30 minutes after each app start. To remove this limitation, users must purchase and install the AirBubble License app.

AirBubble has several limitations that must be noted. It does not support video playback or play in sync with other AirPlay receivers. Moreover, it does not work with RaopX on MacOS X and the raop module for pulseaudio on Linux. Finally, it is not yet compatible with GoogleTV.

AirBubble can be used in several ways. For instance, it can be used to stream iTunes music to an Android device using Hyperfine Remote for iTunes. It can also be used as a wireless speaker or headset, or to repurpose older or broken Android devices as dedicated networked speakers.