6 Best Android App For Bangla

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Download the Best Android App For Bangla on the Google Store by clicking this ButtonThis article aims to provide an overview of the best Android app for Bangla, a popular language spoken in Bangladesh and parts of India. The app features a range of functionalities designed to help users communicate and interact in Bangla, including support for typing, voice recognition, and translation. It is suitable for a variety of user levels, from beginners to advanced speakers, and offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. In addition, the app is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with the latest Android operating systems and devices.

We have compiled a list of 6 Best Android App For Bangla for your consideration, which have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by our team of experts.

6 Best Android App For Bangla

1. D-list.net _Get Listed Digitally

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D-list.net is a platform that allows users to search for anything, anytime, anywhere using the D-list App. The goal is to bring everything into one platform with ratings and reviews, allowing service providers and service receivers to interact directly. The D-list Lite App is a lighter version of the main App that enables users to control their daily chores and tasks seamlessly. It is quick and effortless, taking less time to download and consuming less storage space. The App is compatible with most Android devices and offers search results instantaneously within seconds.

The D-list Lite App includes features such as popular choices of restaurants, movies, doctors, chemists, hotels, taxi services, car rentals, repair services, and more. It also includes a D-list Verified stamp and user ratings to help users choose the best businesses. The NEAR ME feature provides close proximity search, and search results can be sorted by attributes like ratings, distance, or popularity. The App includes an interactive map with directions, business information through SMS and email, and the ability to call any business with just one tap. Users can also browse D-list Social for breaking news and watch their favorite channels through live streaming.

D-list Lite allows users to transact with their favorite businesses in just a few clicks and add their own business listings for free. Users can rate and review businesses they have used and browse through online shopping options to avail of some of the best deals.

2. Bangla Keyboard (Bharat)

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Bobble’s Bangla Keyboard is an Android keyboard designed for Bengali typing. It features fast and easy Bengali typing, with the added bonus of funny stickers that can be used on various social media platforms. Users can convert their text into Bangla by typing in Bengali or using the English to Bengali Translator. The keyboard also includes a voice to text feature and personalized sticker creation.

The keyboard has a collection of fun stickers and GIFs, with the option to explore new free themes or create a custom theme. Users can use emojis and emoticons while chatting and customize their settings.

In celebration of IPL 2020, the keyboard offers an IPL teams theme, allowing users to support their favorite team and send stickers and GIFs related to the event.

To use the keyboard, users must download and enable it as their default keyboard, and can then start typing Bengali/Bangla on various social media and messaging platforms. The keyboard includes features such as switching between Bangla and English predictions, sending BigMojis, and using the voice to text app feature.

The Bobble-Head function allows users to create custom WhatsApp stickers or stickers for other platforms using their own selfie or headshot. Users can also incorporate their personalized stickers into fun sticker templates.

The keyboard includes the latest and stylish font text for use on social media platforms. It does not collect personal information or credit card details, and anonymous statistics may be collected to improve the user experience.

3. Bengali Keyboard

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The Bengali Keyboard is a typing interface that provides a dynamic key layout for those in need of Bengali text. It can be used for messaging, searching, social media, and other applications on Android devices.

To install the Bengali Keyboard app, users need to download and install it on their Android device. They then need to navigate to Settings -> Language & input -> Current Keyboard -> Choose Keyboards & Enable Bengali Keyboard -> Check the Bengali Keyboard. Once done, users can open any messaging app and select Bengali Keyboard from the Choose Input Method available on the Notification bar to use its features.

The Bengali Keyboard app has two special features, including settings such as sound, vibrate, and the option to select an English keyboard layout, as well as help with info on the typing process with examples. Users can swipe left and right to switch between English, Bengali, and Numeric keyboards. It also offers best color themes that fit various screen sizes, clear TEXT View, and is suitable for typing Hindi text.

One of the most notable features of this app is its ability to switch between English, Bengali, and Numeric-Symbolic layouts. It’s an Ad-supported and cost-free application.

It’s worth noting that if someone has trouble with the Bengali Keyboard application, they can clear data/cache in settings.

4. Bangla Keyboard

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Bangla Keyboard is a mobile application that enables users to type Bengali letters with ease. It is an English to Bengali keyboard that works within all phone apps, including social media and messaging apps. Compared to handwriting input or other Indic Bangla input tools, Bangla Keyboard saves time. Users can chat with their friends and family in Bengali and quickly search for and open apps installed on their phone using the App Search feature.

Installation and setup of the application is simple. To get started, users must download the app, open it, and enable Bangla Keyboard in Step 1 and choose it in Step 2. They can customize their settings and choose from colorful Bangla keyboard themes. To change the keyboard quickly, users only need to press and hold the space key.

The application was built in India and boasts several amazing features. Users can type in Bengali faster by typing the letters and selecting Bengali predictions from the list. The app also features a phonetic Bangla transliteration keyboard that works on Android phones and tablets. There is no need to learn Bangla keypad and layout. The Bengali typing app has been rated the best and is easier to use than any other keyboard.

Bangla Keyboard is simple and easy to use. Users can switch between English and Bengali with the language button and also get English word suggestions. The app supports GIFs and emojis and provides a range of color themes to choose from.

5. Bangla Keyboard 2021 😍😃😍

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The Bangla Keyboard prioritizes fast and easy Bangla typing. It offers both a direct Bangla typing pad and phonetic avro style typing, as well as a Bangla suggestion word dictionary. This keyboard serves as the default keyboard on android phones/tablets for typing Bangla and English together, and allows for easy switching between the two.

Users can use the Bangla Keyboard for easier Bangla messaging, including sharing Bangla text and numbers such as cricket scores and internet MB. The keyboard also makes it easy to use numeric keys while sending mobile banking transactions using USSD. All keystrokes are not saved on the phone, ensuring 100% safety and security.

The features of the Bangla Keyboard include the ability to write Bangla directly from the alphabet, support for phonetic avro style and voice typing, and 1200 emoji icons. The keyboard allows for both Bangla and English to be written at the same time, offers word correction and suggestion, and works completely offline. Users can also choose from different themes and the app size is only 4 mb.

Other features of the Bangla Keyboard include the ability to write Bangla posts on Facebook, search Google in Bangla, and send SMS/email in Bangla. The keyboard also allows for easy Bangla messaging with preferred messaging apps. The Bangla Keyboard is completely free and ensures data security by not saving any keystrokes.

6. Ridmik Keyboard

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Ridmik Keyboard offers a range of features for Bangla typing, including a phonetic keyboard, national and Probhat layouts, emoji, voice input, themes, next word suggestions and a number pad. Users can customize the keyboard height in landscape and portrait mode separately, and access a clipboard with recently copied texts. The app also includes new text editing options, and supports Arabic and Chakma language add-ons. Users can move the cursor using the space key when switching languages, and enjoy a number row that can be set to large or small size.

Ridmik Keyboard is committed to user privacy and data protection. The app has never collected any personal data in its 8-year history, and takes user security seriously. Any permissions required by the app are solely for the benefit of users.

The app requires permissions for voice input, internet connectivity, and contact suggestions, which can be disabled in settings. It also requires permission to read and write to the user dictionary, and to write data to external storage (SD card) for new learned words and suggestions.